Riccardo Patrese, Nigel Mansell, Williams, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, 1991

Mexican Grand Prix revival “being studied”

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In the round-up: The son of the world’s richest man is looking into reviving the Mexican Grand Prix.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Mexico eyes return of Formula One racing (Reuters)

“A Mexican entertainment company hopes to bring back the globally popular Formula One motor races to Mexico after a two-decade hiatus due to the high price of hosting the international events.”

Turkey hopeful of 2012 GP reprieve (Autosport)

Ferruh Gundogan, Director of SMEs Department in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce: “Certainly we are hopeful about the 2012 Turkish GP, but it depends on the result of ongoing negotiations.”

Analysis: McLarens Rear Wing Vapour Trails (ScarbsF1)

McLaren… have been almost alone in creating a DRS wing with a large flap, this creates the opposite characteristics of a small flap wing. Less DRS effect is created, but the wing can create a larger amount of downforce when DRS is not activated. Thus their rear wing is steeper and more heavily loaded at the wing tips.”

Hungarian Grand Prix video edit (F1)

Official video review of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Six-Wheel Appeal (Williams)

“[Jonathan] Palmer gave the car its only competitive outing at that [Goodwood] Festival of Speed and took the hillclimb record, which stood until ’99 when Nick Heidfeld beat it in a McLaren-Mercedes MP4-13 with tyres straight from the blankets ?ǣ and then by only a couple of seconds.”

On track for new era in 2012 (IndyCar)

Tony Cotman: “It’s a lighter car, it has more horsepower and it has a lot less drag than the current car, so naturally on the right day it will go quicker and that’s something that the fans have to look forward to. I think it also will provide a different type of racing with different engine manufacturers, too. I will be interesting, it will be exciting and it will be a bit of a change.”

Keep Formula 1 Free To Air in the UK (UK government)

Petition on the UK government’s official e-Petitions site to keep F1 on free-to-air-television.

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Comment of the day

Prisoner Monkeys does not believe Pirelli’s choice of tyres for the rest of the season indicates they are favouring Ferrari:

Likewise, the traditional mis-season political furore ?ǣ this year?s subject, off-throttle blown diffusers ?ǣ and the subsequent changes made to the regulations have resulted in no discernible change in performance from Ferrari. Furthermore, Pirelli did not alter the composition of the hard tyres between Barcelona and Silverstone. In the six weeks between the Spanish and British Grands Prix, Ferrari clearly developed their car enough to use the harder tyres more effectively. If anything, Pirelli?s decision to discontinue use of the harder compound robs them of a potential weapon in the 2011 title fight.
Prisoner Monkeys

From the forum

Senna_ asks if the characteristics of the Red Bull contributes to Sebastian Vettel’s perceived inability to pass?

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On this day in F1

Louis Rosier won the non-championship Sables d’Olonne Grand Orix on this day in 1953, driving a Ferrari 500.

The event was run over two heats with the overall result being declared on the aggregated times from the two races.

Rosier did not win either of the heats: the first went to Jean Behra in a Gordini, Rosier finishing third behind Louis Chiron.

Maurice Trintignant in another Gordini won the second heat. But second place was good enough for Rosier to win overall by 27 seconds from Chiron, Stirling Moss coming third in a Cooper-Alta.

Image ?? Williams/LAT