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Codemasters to release free online F1 game in 2012

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Codemasters will launch a new, free online F1 game in the first quarter of next year.

F1 Online: The Game will allow players to both manage a team and drive the cars in a season of F1.

The full 2011 season including all the drivers, teams and cars will be recreated. They will be able to create their own team, design its livery, and manage the commercial, research, production and race crew side of the team.

The game will use Codemasters’ Unity game engine and be available for PC and Mac formats.

David Solari, the vice-president of Codemasters Online, said: “Formula 1 is a proven major games brand that resonates with players on a global level and is recognised as one the biggest sports licenses in videogames.

“As the worldwide gaming market evolves, 2012 is the perfect time to extend this series to the free-to-play market.

“Building on the commercial and critical success of our high-definition Formula 1 games, this is an exciting opportunity to bring our passion for the sport and our expertise in racing to a new audience.

“With a bespoke design for accessible browser play, F1 Online: The Game is a perfect complimentary experience to the HD series and will appeal to a broad spectrum of Formula 1?σΤιΌΤδσs millions of fans worldwide.”

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Codemasters will release F1 2011 on September 23rd for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Buy / pre-order F1 2011 for Sony PlayStation 3
Buy / pre-order F1 2011 for Microsoft Xbox 360

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  1. I’m waiting for iGP Manager (linked on my name) which comes out this year. It looks like it will be the motorsport equivalent of football manager and it’s also online multiplayer.

    The F1 online game will probably be all about the licensed content and graphics, with gameplay given a back-seat. I am still excited to see it but I don’t have my hopes high.

  2. RedBaronRacing
    12th August 2011, 13:45

    Amazing! I’ve been hoping for a decent F1 Management game for ages. Could this be the promising start I’ve hoped for?

    Team management, I believe, is ripe for exploitation as a game design concept. Just look at the popularity of the Championship Manager franchise.

  3. Like John, I’m also looking forward to iGP Manager.
    I was a beta tester and thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

  4. Free sounds good.

    But if its like other freemium games out there, you will have a choice of grinding your way threw it to level up/make progress, or pay a few quid and get it unlocked automatically, a bit like farmville, but with cars, and no cows, potentially groundhogs in canada though!

    1. Or it like Quakelive ofcourse.

  5. Sounds fantastic! I wonder how detailed and realistic the racing part will be.

  6. releasing a game based on the 2011 season in 2012? rubbish idea.

  7. it looks great!
    Why cant they get the video games out before october?
    They need to concentrate.then move onto another project.
    Release the video game with the beginning of the season.

    1. Release the video game with the beginning of the season.

      With zero data on car performance? That would make for a completely unrealistic game.

      I think they should wait until the season’s finished before releasing the game so they have as much data as possible.

      1. Alternatively, make a game that covers several years of Formula 1 and then release download packs for each new season.

  8. This is one way to isolate and irritate loyal fans like myself that have bought f12010 and already pre purchased f12011 for ps3! Also people on xbox! Personally I feel gutted as we should also get some payback/reward for our loyalty!

    Yes, I do have a computer but I only use it for work as it is a laptop and 6 years old!

    1. Looks like this might be just about right to run it on that age old laptop pc to play a bit of team management in F1 atmosphere then.

    2. Ugh… read the blummin’ article, have a look at the screenshots. I fail to see what your argument is.

      This is a free online F1 mostly-management game. This isn’t a free copy of F12011 for PC owners. The games are completely different. We should be incredibly thankful to Codemasters for putting out free content, let alone an entire game.

      It’s also browser based, and by looking at the graphics, it should be able to run on a PC a few yars old, so long as it has a semi-decent graphics card in it.

      And if you have an old PC that you only ever use for work, then this game probably isn’t aimed at you anyway.

  9. in my experience, free-to-play games aren’t worth it until you pay for the “premium service” which is actually the full game as intended. additional microtransactions quickly drive the price through the roof. i’m also appalled by the way “patches” and “maps” are now called downloadable content and cost as much or more as the game.

  10. I tested GPRM/F1CM about year and half ago. That was/is fantastic had so much potential but when will they ever finish it??

    If they managed to get it done then it would be amazing

  11. mike.vonmoltke (@)
    13th August 2011, 14:51

    I tried the 2010 F1 game when it game out and was hugely dissapointed, I was excited when i heard it was codemasters making the new game and not EA Sports. But the problem I have with this game is that its just too arcadey. The this is that when you cater to a huge audience, the main priority is to make sales. And its going to be very hard marketing something that is too sim-like.

    A kid or someone younger would really love this game because of the new cars and tracks that are represented. But for someone who really loves F1 and understands more technical details – this is just too arcadey. Hopefully they will get better with time. It if for this reason i love LFS, sure its not the most expensive or most graphic intensive game but it gives me what i want from a racing game, real physics and feel.

    I guess the best solution would be too have two modes, arcade and sim mode – one for the kids, and one for serious rating. But it usually takes a while to get the right modelling right, and i can imagine that their main focus is on the updates for the next racing calender.

    Im not bashing CM or anyone – just my 2 cents.

    1. You can adjust the difficulty setting and car set-up.

      I sometimes suspect people don’t realize that is possible.

      1. mike.vonmoltke
        13th August 2011, 21:20

        I agree, but its more like turn this setting on or off , high / low – just a bunch of relative settings. Can you adjust say toe,camber,tyre pressure, differential setup, gear ratios, front/rear wing angle? doubt it, its too complicated for arcade users.

  12. Senna will revive in 2012 : )

  13. seems like pitstopboss.com with a 3d graphics engine

  14. i try to enter my details and it does not work some about not having a valid password

    plz help

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