Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Hungaroring, 2011

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Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Hungaroring, 2011
Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Hungaroring, 2011

The Hungarian Grand Prix was the fourth most popular race of the season so far.

Here’s what F1 Fanatic readers made of round 11 of the championship.

MlRacing put much of the excitement down to strategy:

It was a very interesting race strategy wise, but not action packed like China, Canada, Monaco.

Some periods of the race even looked a bit boring, which wasn?t necessarily the case, but it was basically just waiting to see who made the right call(s).

Many others, including Damon Smedley, appreciated the thrill of the racing in close proximity:

The start was fantastic and my heart was pounding as Hamilton and Vettel were battling.

The rain shower in the middle of the race made for some great racing between the McLarens, but it?s a shame Hamilton made the mistake of trying to spin the car into the traffic, because the resulting penalty cost us a classic finish.
Damon Smedley

Debaser91 had some advice for Lewis Hamilton, as many readers felt his poor strategy cost him a win:

In future in changeable conditions when Hamilton?s race engineer comes on the radio and asks him what he wants to do regarding tyres, if I were Hamilton I would ask them to get onto Button and ask what he thinks and then follow his lead.

2011 average race
ratings so far

China 9.241
Canada 9.095
Germany 8.43
Hungary 8.344
Britain 7.96
Malaysia 7.775
Monaco 7.684
Spain 7.319
Turkey 7.306
Australia 6.751
Europe 3.871

MJ4 would like to see Sauber change their strategies to avoid “Kobayashi trains” becoming a regular feature:

I find it utterly disappointing that while Sauber has a truly combative and overtaking-oriented pilot, their recent strategies invariably force him into hopeless defensive situations.

However Stefanauss argued that the team were simply sticking to their strengths on an unpredictable track:

It?s clear they?re often going this way because it?s in the characteristics of their car to be easy on the tyres. And it has often paid off. […]

Given the track’s rollercoaster evolution… the outcome could not be a real sign of regress in the pecking order after all.

Ben Curly saw the result in terms of the championship:

If Vettel continues to be on podium in every Grand Prix, it’s over. For anyone else to stand a chance, Vettel would have to regularly finish outside the top three, preferably outside the top ten. That seems unlikely, if not outright impossible.

And even if Vettel gives us this gift, we still need one driver to stand out and be considerably better than the others. If Alonso, Hamilton, Webber and Button continue to share the points, none of them will be able to bridge the gap.
Ben Curly

And finally, Matty55 simply seemed very happy with the race:

I?m so glad that F1 is in a period where most races are really exciting and that we have so many great drivers racing against each other.

Hope it stays this way for a long time!

Was the Hungarian Grand Prix up there with the best of the year? Have your say in the comments.

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

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