Allianz becomes Korean Grand Prix sponsor

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In the round-up: the Korean Grand Prix finds a title sponsor for 2011.


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Allianz to sponsor 2011 F1 Korean Grand Prix (The Korean Times)

“Allianz Life Korea, one of the country?s leading life insurers, said Friday that the Seoul-based outfit will sponsor the 2011 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix, which will be held in Yeongam, South Jeolla Province, in October.”

F1 2011 | Developer Diary #2 (YouTube)

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Comment of the day

Ted Bell isn’t impressed with Pirelli’s desire to bring back qualifying tyres:

[Gilles] Villeneuve was my hero.

I saw him race when he was at the top of his game. His ability to control the car was something else. He would get more out of a less than great car than others who were in superior machines. How unfortunate he refused to let up in qualifying at Zolder when it was vogue to have the “big slicks” that lasted but only a lap or two. That pursuit of being fastest in the end left a chapter of Grand Prix history unwritten.

Lying about his age to lengthen his race career and the need for a more competitive Ferrari were aspects of his persona that came unrealised. My guess is that had he lived he would have established many of the f1 records in performance.

I read this morning that the Pirelli people are suggesting a new tyre that would last for only a lap. It is painful to think that history could repeat itself if this pursuit continues. I lost my hero that day and hope that the lesson would never be forgotten.

Even Bernie suggested that more tyres are needed for each Grand Prix. Figure out a better method Pirelli. Racing isn?t better from how ridiculous your tyres perform. Your softs and super softs and really extra super softs are nothing more than a path down the wrong branch of the tree of technology.

History seems certain to repeat itself. I hope not for the memory of Gilles Villenueve.
Ted Bell

From the forum

TheWittyWeasel asks if anyone is going to the World Series by Renault race at Silverstoe next weekend, which features an F1 demo run.

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