Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011

Hamilton and Maldonado come to blows on track

2011 Belgian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011

Update: Maldonado handed penalty, Hamilton gets reprimand

Lewis Hamilton and Pastor Maldonado were involved in a controversial exchange during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.

Maldonado drove into the side of Hamilton’s car at the exit of La Source at the end of Q2.

Hamilton had passed Maldonado at the final corner of the previous lap, barging alongside the Williams which had been held up by cars in front of him.

After they crossed the line Maldonado drew alongside the Williams and swerved into the side of the McLaren, knocking part of the front wing off.

Speaking in the press conference Hamilton said: “I’ll have to look at it afterwards.

“But I think I was at the end of my Q2 lap. At the chicane as I was just finishing there were two Williams just sitting there going very slowly, I think they were just about to start another lap, but there was already a red light. So I had to try and get past, which I did. And I lost quite a lot of time there.

“Then as I was coming through the exit of turn one I saw Maldonado approaching quite quickly. He came past, he came around me, and I didn’t move anywhere but he happened to swipe across me.

“I don’t know whether it was intentional or not but I guess we’ll see shortly. I just said I’m going to sit here and wait for the stewards to call me up rather than go back to the brand centre.”

After repairs, Hamilton was able to participate in Q3 and take second on the grid: “The front wing was quite badly damaged, my sidepod, and I thought my front suspension was damaged. I think the front toeing is probably a little bit out.

“Fortunately the guys did a great job and put it back together.

“I just think once the flag is out and the red lights are on there’s no need to be racing. There should never, ever be an incident and unfortunately there was.”

The pair previously collided in the Monaco Grand Prix. Maldonado retired from the race due to the incident and Hamilton was given a post-race time penalty.

Update: This is what Maldonado had to say about the collision: “He slowed down a lot at the end of the session, so I tried to go past him. I then felt contact at the back of my car. I don?t really know what happened. It was a difficult moment.”

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  1. Hamilton moved across the track into Maldonado. Maldonado still shouldn’t have been baiting him, but Hamilton was not innocent in this.

    1. I completely agree. Maldonado goes to pass then points his car in a direction, which doesn’t change until the incident a further 1-2 seconds later.

      Hamilton initially swerves when Maldonado attempts the pass, and then it the one who turns into Maldonado.

      Having said that, Maldonado didn’t need to be pointing his car there and Hamilton was taking the racing line. However Maldonado was ahead at this point and not squeezing Hamilton to the point where there was no track left (at least a cars width was available at the time of incident).

      Hamilton, having being half a cars length behind had every opportunity to see Maldonado was ahead and could have come off the throttle slightly, or waited before turning to the racing line, as there was still plenty of track width available.

      Reprimand for both drivers is likely to be the outcome I would expect.

      1. That’s just nonsense. Maldonado clearly drove up behind Lewis after the chequered flag (end of racing) and swiped at him. Whatever the eventual outcome and response of Hamilton (which seems minor compared to Maldonado’s) the initial aggression out of ‘competitive play’ would receive a match/race ban in almost any sport.

      2. re-watch the incident hamilton is actually moving accross the track and swerves back as maldonado comes up along side him as you do when your pulling out and at the last minute see a car that was in your blind spot. Maldonado effected this action and saw it through to its cowardly end. You got a problem with any other driver no matter who it is deal with it off the track. How many times did we see the greats fighting with each other after on track incidents….maldonado should be sent home!

        1. Totally agree with that interpretation. Maldonado is a rookie non-entity, why the hell does he think he has the right to such petulance? I hope he gets at least a one race ban.

    2. I think Pastor was more to blame for the swipe but I will say Hamilton was not completely innocent here.

    3. Ahhh somebody actually speaks sense! I’m getting pretty sick of the media in general taking the default position of blaming anyone but Hamilton.

      1. i dont know where you live mate, but where i do hamilton is to blame for all, even the financial crisis xD

      2. You’ve turned it completely upside-down, The default position is Hamilton is to blame for everything unless proven otherwise. At Monaco he was even initially blamed on Brazilian TV for the pile up involving Petrov etc.!

      3. hamilton is a hot head and a swerve at and away from another car if that is what everyone is referring to and saying happened is totally different than deliberately driving into another car, this isnt about maldonado or hamilton its about the incident and i’m afraid its unacceptable behaviour. petulant and immature and the last thing we need is immature drivers speeding round circuits at high speed. Though it would lead to more spectacular racing ….lol

      4. Sorry but when Lewis was driving in a straight line up a straight and someone turns onto him its hardly his fault…. Or is that the laws of reality also favouring Lewis?

    4. At the point at which the two made contact, Maldonado was steering towards Hamilton.

      1. Can we get a video linked on here?

        This is the best I can find http://youtu.be/Wzixd6oewTw

        I’d say it was maldonado’s fault but Hamilton was a bit eager to take the racing line, looks like he moves a bit early from that camera. I think both drivers are trying to show each other who’s boss really. Pastor was slow the previous lap and Lewis jumped ahead, then Lewis was slow and Pastor attempted to jump ahead to show he’s not a pushover… except Lewis didn’t just sit back and let him

        1. the racing had FINISHED, WAS OVER, DEFUNCT ENDED and anything else you can think of for not happening, whe Maldonado hit Hamilton.

      2. Is that from onboard video?

      3. yes but lewis, had ruined not one but 2 of maldonados laps. first one at chicane which was 50/50 and probably just about acceptable on lewis part.

        then ruined next lap by going to slow into hairpin. Does lewis know that there are other drivers outside the top 3 teams? on recent performances it appears not.

        either warn both, or give pen to both. you cant give pen for one and not the other. as his reaction was a consequence of lewis actions. Just penalising pastor will tell you its ok to do what you like in qualifying if you drive a mclaren, ferrari or red bull.

        1. You do realize Hamilton was trying to set a time when he passed Maldonado? Welcome to ‘racing’.

          1. at last a voice of reason, this is as you say racing, if a car is in front of you and is slower you over take it…as hamilton did on his lap and maldonado failed to do on his….. as you say sir WELCOME TO RACING.

            jees next you will be asking fo one car at time on the circuit.

        2. You do realise that Maldonado was going slow through the chicane and actually interrupted Lewis’ lap and hit Lewis. The follwing lap was an in-lap as the chequered flag had come out. Lewis moved initially but then realised Maldonado was there so he moved back, and then Maldonado tries to shove Lewis off, no matter how you see it Lewis had nowhere to go. Maldonado has no quality and needs to be sacked!

        3. Wasn’t the time over in that lap already?

      4. 100% ACCURATE.

      5. koby'sleftfoot
        27th August 2011, 16:52

        At the point at which the two made contact Hamilton was also steering towards Maldonado.

      6. Keith, sorry to put in an editorial comment, but a mistake slipped into the text here:

        …Maldonado drew alongside the Williams

        should probably be drew alongside the Mclaren/Hamilton

    5. Hamilton was not innocent in this.

      But is he guilty enough for a penalty?

      I think not.

    6. Ben Wilkinson
      27th August 2011, 15:31

      RUBISH hamilton stayed in one place and pastor carved him up, compleatly maldornados fault!!!

      1. Um, we’re referring to Hamilton’s lunge on Maldonado at the Bust Stop. Maldonado’s sideswipe was clearly retribution for something, and that something was the aggressive dive down the inside on the previous lap. Maldonado evidently felt he’d been wronged, and/or robbed of a competitive lap time, and so decided to take it out on Hamilton.

        Or are you another Hamilton fan who thinks Lord Lewis can do no wrong?

        1. @ prisoner monkey…..the dive up the side of maldonado was during a qualifying lap while the cars were in effect competing for a grid place. Maldonado however attacked after qualifying and not at a time when they were competing for position and THAT is the big difference,

          1. I don’t see much difference between what PM writes and what you write bob.

        2. at the Bust Stop.

          Now there’s a good name for a corner.

          1. PM is letting the American race broadcasters get to him. I only hear that when I watch a Indy or Nascar race. Also watching all the video again. Hamilton is right and maybe you guys shouldn’t be so quick to judge just because of past incidents. Let’s all ignore the fact that Hamilton has been racing very well the past few races and probably has a calm head at the moment on his shoulders. This isn’t Monaco and I don’t know what kind of depth perception some of you have but I’d hate to drive around you if you cant tell Hamilton was in a straight line after Q2 had just ended and then hit by a car cutting across the front of him. I’m sure some of you have experienced being cut off on the motorway, not much different here for Hamilton.

          2. Australian, I think.

      2. remarks like that gives the people who say the media blame ‘everyone but hamilton’ fuel. Hamilton clearly moved s they cam round the first corner, not deliberately in my view, but then carried on in a straight line when ralising someone was beside him. Maldonado however drove straight into the side of hamilton a little further down the road, blatently and deliberately.

    7. Yes. Hamilton is always the one involved in these situations, as the big number of reprimands he has shows.

    8. I think the race stewards saw it the same way I did.

      How many reprimands can Hamilton get before he cops a race ban? Although they are probably scared to do that just in case Hamilton calls ‘racism’ again.

  2. I still can’t see how Hamilton moved towards Pastor, but I’ll be happy if someone can point it out to me. An onboard from both cars would solve all (once again)…

    1. I definitely feel that Lewis moved towards Pastor but I think now that’s only because Pastor hit him from behind first.

      1. even if he moved, there’s no way Lewis was the one to blame in the incident.

        1. That sentence makes little sense. Even if Hamilton swerved into Maldonado, there’s no way he’d be to blame? Get real!

          1. se. Even if Hamilton swerved into Maldonado, there’s no way he’d be to blame? Get real!

            It depends why he moved. Was it because he was first hit by Pastor for example? If so, then he hardly deserves any blame at all.

          2. It makes sense. Lewis moved, fair enough. But Maldonado was the one looking for the crash, not Lewis.

            If Lewis moved or not is totally irrelevant. There was half a track on Maldonado’s side, the crash was totally his fault.

        2. Hamilton had to move slightly – there is a corner in front of him! He pulled back as far left as he could, then Pastor drove into the side of him. Don’t really see how it can be seen any other way.

          Disgusting on Pastors part.

          1. Hamilton still had a car width of track to drive into.

            Also, one thing that people seem to be forgetting. Why didn’t Lewis apply the brakes?
            It wasn’t a racing situation where that would’ve cost him time.

            It’s a very logical reaction for any driver to do, especially one who’s a F1 World Champion…in an F1 car that can stop on a dime.

            Maldonado may have been deliberately trying to ram him, but Hamilton was playing a game of chicken, which is a bit naughty, and not the kind of example F1 should be setting.

          2. Venezuelan F1 Fan
            27th August 2011, 15:51

            No way man!!! Lewis drove into Maldonado. Hamilton deserves to be banned from F1 forever but Pastor didn’t do anything wrong!!!

          3. @ Venezuelan F1 Fan

            Prize for comedy comment of the year!

    2. With you on this one, Damon. The camera angles we had to look at weren’t particularly brilliant. If I see some onboards I can draw my conclusion.

      1. I can’t believe people actually see Hamilton having any fold at this.

        I have no idea what Maldonado was trying to do but it was a very silly move.

        1. simple, he ruined 2 laps for pastor. first one was okish. but then to go slow into turn 1 was pointless and showing for 2nd race running a lack of care for other drivers.

          What Pastor did was very wrong. but with right reason.

          1. Yes obviously Hamilton should feel bad about Pastor because he was caring about his own time and not Pastor’s(you do realize Hamilton was also in flying laps don’t you?).
            What was he thinking trying to do fast laps for his team and self instead of helping Pastor get into Q3. He obviously lost his mind.

          2. The reason he went slow into turn 1, was because the flag was out. Neither Ham or Mal were on timed laps.

          3. …are you really saying that Hamilton shouldn’t have been driving slowly *after* the chequered flag?

    3. I’ve discussed this w u on Twitter, I think I was wrong. Hamilton was probably already forced offline and may have corrected a slide, but Maldonado was so far offline that he drove off circuit. He’s a very naught boy.

      1. and needs his bottom spanked

        1. If Max was still in charge…

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzixd6oewTw

    Hamilton moved first… And collided with him the turn before. I don’t think this is clear-cut at all and both deserve a spanking.

    1. Hamliton was a head at the bus top chicane, so that was Maldonado’s fault as well, should have been watching his mirrors.

      On the run down to Eau Rouge Hamilton seems to have had a little twitch as he was moving to the racing line (which was dry).

    2. I don’t care how stupid Lewis in the 10 seconds before it. There is no excuse for cutting a driver off like Pastor did.

    3. I don’t think Hamilton didn’t move at all, but looking at that video, you get the impression he goes to the right a bit. But the track goes to the right aswell.

      In any case, Maldonado clearly collided with Hamilton, not the other way around. Maldonado was behind and rammed Lewis on the side while passing him.

      1. This is correct, it looks from that camera angle as if lewis turns right but he actually just follows the track. Pastor just runs over to his racing line.

      2. I think you are right there Fer no.65. Lewis seems to want to follow the line into the corner, but then backs out of it as he sees Maldonado next to him.

        Maldonado moves next to him and then cuts him short moving left, where the normal racing line is to the right.

    4. He didn’t collide with him the turn before, he just overtook him.

      1. “Hamliton was a head at the bus top chicane, so that was Maldonado’s fault as well, should have been watching his mirrors.”


        Maldonado was already angry before the chicance because Barichello ruined his lap. Then Hamilton comes up on him to finish his lap, has every right to overtake, and does it safly.

        Maldonado furious at what just happend, drives into Lewis. On his in-lap, he didnt need to be anywhere near Lewis, he had like 70% of the road to his right, as the road goes right.

        Needs punishing serverly, he has a history of being hot-headed.

        1. Exactly.

          Why the hell was Maldonado anywhere near him….

          Maldonado’s lap was ruined by Barichello blocking him. He tried to do the same to Hamilton but Hamilton was not going to be blocked.

          He’s just a sore loser.

      2. He didn’t collide with him the turn before, he just overtook him.

        There was a contact.

        1. whatever happens when the session is on we can discuss. if two drivers collide once the session has finished is just something else

  4. I’m going to wait and see what the stewards say about this. I know what I think happened, but I’ll wait and see what evidence comes out of the inquiry to say anything about it here.

    1. I should have taken that approach but I like Pastor it seems I just couldn’t keep my impulses under control :P

    2. That’s the most sensible thing I’ve read about this whole thing. All the knee jerking going in is quite nauseating.

      1. Gets pretty tiring, doesn’t it? I like hearing peoples opinions but you really do get so many disproportionate responses.

        1. It’s completely transparent when people use incidents like this to have a go at drivers they don’t like.

          1. It’s quite amazing how such a clear incident can be misconstrued due to all the Hamilton haters. Here are some of the top arguments:

            1. Hamilton ruined his race in Monaco
            2. Hamilton ruined his lap in the bus-stop chicane (despite the fact that it was more Barichello’s fault)
            3. Hamilton swiped at him first (but didn’t make contact).

            Seriously people, ***. The session was *over*. Why was Maldonado anywhere near him, let alone contending for the same piece of race track. Just ask yourselves people. Who approached Hamilton from behind after the session was over?

          2. That’s exactly why I didn’t bother to comment until now. Previous races or even previous laps have nothing to do with the incident and it’s completely obvious what happens, regardless of each drivers skill, success or previous penalties.

            Revenge is very improper on a race track!

          3. And sadly things like this always bring forward hordes of people like that.

            Poor blog administrators having to filter the really obnoxious ones out.

        2. Well, I know I’ve been guilt of that myself. Even with this and other things today. I think it might be better for me to avoid posting my live reactions online through Twitter and the live blogs and stick to commenting on events after things have calmed down.

          1. I do also try and take a calm view well after the event…not always easy though!

    3. Keep in mind, booting Maldonado out/revoking his license may also mean the end of Williams, this could be a fairly serious decision!

      1. What about Hulkenberg?

        1. No money! That’s why he’s not racing this year.

      2. I doubt that will happen. Considering that Stefan Mucke of GT1/Le Man’s fame got away with this in Silverstone earlier this year…


        1. Nice example.

          And here you are what i call retaliation, on the nascar truck series early this week:


          1. now that is retribution at its ugliest and what did nascar do……dont bother fixing the car

  5. I don’t like knee jerk reactions and never have so please forgive me if I do sound a little OT here but the most annoying thing about this (if it was deliberate by Pastor) is that there will probably be a lack of punishment. I should really wait to see what happens but I do hope if Pastor is found guilty that he gets something more substantial than a DSQ or grid drop for this race. On every motor racing ticket sold I believe are the words “motor sport is dangerous” and to drive into a fellow competitor deliberately under any circumstances never mind just a petulant rage is completely unacceptable.

    1. removal of his super license? I personally think this or a minimum of a 3 race ban

      1. If he did it deliberately, revoking his super license should be the only option. No place in F1 for people like that when far more talented drivers are fighting for a drive.

        1. ? if he you banned every driver that has weaved towards someone on a slow down lap half the grid would be missing!! and that includes lewis, fernando and michael.

          1. Maldonado however took the swerving thing one step further

    2. Yes. If it was indeed deliberate, how is it any better than Piquet in Singapore? It could have been a much bigger accident as they weren’t going slow.

      1. i think it’s worse than Piquet in Singapore

        1. Well Piquet crash on purpose with (i believe) little/no intent to harm/damage anyone but himself and aid his team.

          What happened today was (again, i believe) an attempt by Maldonado to gain some revenge through his actions. Perhaps he didnt mean to actually make contact but to show Hamilton his displeasure, perhaps he knew exactly what he was doing. I dont know what he was thinking, but if your cutting someone up in whats pretty much the widest part of the track, I firmly believe he had some intent to do it.

    3. There was a request to have Stefan Mucke’s license withdrawn following a similar incident at Silverstone in a GT race earlier this year.

      Unfortunately it’s not the first time Maldonado has been irresponsible. He had a four race ban after ignoring yellow flags and injuring a marshal in one of the lower formulae.

  6. i don’t understand people trying to defend Maldonado here, probably Hamilton haters. Mature response from Lewis

    1. Geordie Porker
      27th August 2011, 14:55

      +1 – after some of his child like finger pointing in the past, this is a welcome relief and regardless of anything else, for HAM fans like me, this is a very welcome outcome to these events: a mature, considered response

    2. That swerve into Maldonado was real mature…

      1. my first view of it also saw a swerve towards Maldonado. After viewing it many times again, i think it’s clear Lewis was simply taking up the racing line, and then quickly moved back off it to the left when he realised Maldonado was being overly racy

      2. In the replay if you look at the distance between hamilton and the grass on his left, it stays constant. Hence he is following the curve of the road. Maldonado has 70 % of the road and should turn right to get past hamilton cleany, instead he goes straight on, Hitting Hamilton. He could have avoided hamilton since he was the only one who could properly see the other (because he was behind)..

      3. Geordie Porker
        27th August 2011, 15:58

        cduk – I understand what you mean, but as I’ve said elsewhere, Hamilton’s “swerve” is HUGELY accentuated by the fact that he changes his mind and turns back *away* from Maldonado.

        Without seeing some new angles or some sort of telemetry based re-creation, I don’t think anyone can be absolutely clear on where the fault lies, but I can’t help think Maldonado carries at least 90% of the blame for this because the checkered flag is out so there’s NO NEED TO OVERTAKE Hamilton – and given that he wanted to, you have to say that he did it whilst leaving over 50% of the race-track to his right at all times….

  7. Ugandan Discussions
    27th August 2011, 14:48

    I am really waiting what the stewards’ decision is going to be. If Maldonado was trying to settle the Monaco score by giving Hamilton payback, then by all means he should be disqualified from this race.

  8. Hamilton gave Mal. a cheeky love kiss during a hot flying lap when he had track position. Mal. gave Hamilton an aggressive bite when both cars were on a cool down lap after the session had finished. It is absurd to defend a man who is bald at 20 odd, wears braces and hasn’t scored a point all year….jokes aside, I feel Hamilton was not to blame. Race ban or grid drop for Mal please FIA.

  9. Without telemetry I don’t think any of us can say what happened, both looked a bit twitchy. Wouldn’t have happened in Maldonado didn’t feel a need to pull alongside on an in-lap either way. Madness all round.

  10. Both drivers are at fault, and should both receive penalties.

    Maldonado did come alongside Hamilton, and turn towards Hamilton away from the racing line.
    Hamilton made an initial flick while Maldonado was very close behind him, causing Maldonado to react. Hamilton then started to turn towards the racing line (even though the session had finished), as Maldonado was turning towards him. If Hamilton didn’t want a collision, he had at least a car width of track to drive into, but he didn’t.

    Very stupid actions on the part of both drivers.

  11. Is this whats been missiing in F1 since we lost the likes of senna etc.It may not be ‘sporting’, but it does spice things up.

  12. First and foremost, look for a MOTIVE!!!!! Lewis had no beef, he did what he needed to do to get his q3 position, so he would have no motive to do anything snide to pastor. He must have seen the queue of cars coming into the bus stop so he knew he’d have to get tight, which he did successfully and got his time in. Therefore he had NO REASON to swipe, turn in, aggravate or do anything else bad to Maldonado or a Williams. It was purely a rage moment from pastor, and his intended ‘kiss’ turned into a full on crash because he can’t drive….

    1. Why did he make that initial flick towards Maldonado?

      As for Hamiltons motive, maybe he felt that Maldonado caused him to lose time on his qualifying lap.

      1. He didn’t flick towards Maldonado, he flicked away…

      2. DavidS, get a grip on yourself, what you call a flick towards Maldonado was Lewis making a lazy turn back to the dry section after the session was over, he was not expecting to be overtaken let alone buzzed at high speed by any other cars as they were all on their in-lap. Seeing Maldonado he jinked left on a wet track and had to steer right to correct back to straight ahead having given room to the passing car only to have the passing car dive across and hit him. Sorry if you don’t like Hamilton or are in love with Maldonado but the only thing Hamilton is guilty of is relaxing at the end of the session.

    2. Lauda on RTL Germany would have you believe HAM wanted to slow a bit and show MAL his fist or something to make clear to next time move aside quicker. Not sure where he got that, but there’s your motive. If you believe it.

      1. Lauda will soon be eating his words about that.

      2. Lauda should check himself into a loony house.

  13. Here’s an interesting couple of photos of the incident:


    1. The track curves, Pastor went straight…

      However, pictures are like statistics… They can prove anything.

      1. Well they certainly prove that Mal was in front when HAM hit him.

    2. Why is it we always get crappy blurry pictures for stuff like this, I thought we were meant to be in HD? :P

  14. I didn’t watch the qualifying, I have no idea what happened between Hamilton and Maldonado but I’m sure they’ll find Lewis guilty somehow.

  15. If you watch a video you can actually see that Hamilton actually swerves towards Maldonado twice, the second time as Maldonado is swerving towards him.

    1. Yes because on a slowing down lap he was probably confused as to why someone wanted to go round. So he didn’t know whether to get off the racing line or stay on it, and that, my friend, explains the twitching. Your comments have been popping up on all articles, I’m guessing you’re Venezuelan?

    2. I disagree, I think it looks like Hamilton is sweaving the first time because he suddenly realises Maldanado is on his right and quickly turns to the left. Then he just cruises towards the racing line without any sudden movement as Maldanado crashes into him. That being said Hamilton could’ve avoided Maldanado but I doubt Hamilton is the type of driver you can bully into changing direction. I suspect Maldanado will be banned for the race but that is it.

    3. No he doesn’t, he’s moving right because that’s the way the track goes, ig he didn’t he’d take to the grass, numpty!

  16. From my initial impressions of the video it looks like hamilton twitches to the right as if he suddenly sees maldonado and thinks twice about joining the racing line as Pastor is there. Maldonado then drives away from the dry racing line into the side of Lewis. I can’t wait to see the telemetry though. If Maldonado is guilty he should at the very least be excluded from tomorrows race.

    1. thats exactly how I saw it!

  17. Lets have a vote )

  18. Before jumping to conclusions, I’d like to read Maldonado’s response and see some onboards…But even if Maldonado’s to blame here, it makes one think why Hamilton seems to be involved in almost every controversial inciedent on track…

  19. does anybody know or recall of any similar incident/accident after the red lights went on?? is it possible to to get a grid or time penalty if the matter under investigation by the stewards is ON TRACK but OFF SESSION???

  20. from the few replays I saw, I saw Hamilton twitch his car towards maldonado after the hairpin. that said was Maldonado took it a step too far.

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