Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011

Penalty for Maldonado, Hamilton gets reprimand

2011 Belgian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011
Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011

Pastor Maldonado has been given a five-place grid penalty for hitting Lewis Hamilton’s car during qualifying.

The stewards handed Hamilton a reprimand for his involvement in the incident.

Both drivers were found responsible for ‘causing a collision’ with the other driver and were penalised under article 16.1 of the sporting regulations.

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  1. Too lenient.

    1. Boooo! Hamilton needs a grid drop to!

      1. For doing what?

        1. not been following?

          1. I’m shocked that Maldonado hasn’t been disqualified. As usual it looks like the FIA are scared of making a big decision, and just want to sweep this under the carpet.

            From TV pictures it is clear that Maldonado swiped Hamilton. Something I’ve never seen before in F1.

            And also, what is Hamilton being reprimanded for?? Is it too much to ask for the FIA to give us some explanation of their decisions? I can’t believe they simply announce the penalty and don’t release any other information.

          2. Clear? Maldonado just kept to the racing line. Hamilton was the one who was twitching across the track. He was in front of Hamilton, and going a lot faster.

          3. And moved across….

            I am fine with the decision that they were both responsible. But to hand out such weak penalties for causing a collision on purpose, not only that but on a slow down lap because they are too hot headed to know better… Yeah, way too lenient.

        2. For having Nigel Mansell as the steward

        3. Ben Wilkinson
          27th August 2011, 17:56

          good thats what i was hoping for. but hamilton is unlucky to be reprimanded.

          1. I think it’s fair! It looks like that both are spending too much time playing codemasters f1 2010….. generally it’s like “Fight fire with fire”… finally Hamilton got opponent as crazy as he is!

        4. Well what’s a reprimand? A warning to improve your conduct in future?

          Hamilton’s had that many reprimands before, what’s the point in giving him another warning?

          I agree Pastor had more of the blame, but Hamilton hasn’t learnt yet.

          1. Reprimands used to mean nothing, but right now 3 reprimands mean a grid penalty. I think that’s Hamilton’s 2nd.

          2. Its only Hamiltons first since they put in the new rule about 3 reprimands = grid penalty

          3. Ah, right. My mistake.

      2. no hamilton should get the reprimand coz he did turn to swerve in front of maldonado but maldonado should be disquilified and banned for two races his was stupid and recklessi would refuse to let him race

        1. UKfanatic (@)
          27th August 2011, 23:38

          as you can see Hamilton was very aware of maldonados position if not he would have made those gestures, why does he has to ruin both the start of maldonados lap but the rest of it dont know yet why hamilton swerve into maldonado

          1. the session was over then if u actually were watching it properly. Maldanado was a disgrace and deserved to be banned from the race. Hamilton did not swerve over on Maldanado

          2. The session was….OVER!!!

          3. Well, Hamilton did swerve…. I guess Lewis didn’t expect another driver to be as hot headed as he was/is.

        2. Geez that’s just about the clearest footage showing that Maldonado is an insane idiot. He just slams from right to left for no good reason.

          What an utter disgrace that this nut is allowed to race.

        3. It’s rather a racing incident, the flag light shows blue to give way to be overtaken.

          But Maldonado misjudge the pass, as Hamilton is simply driving normally.

      3. Agreed. I would like to see the telemetary on this and make a call about how many weaves were done by who.

        Starting to just read the articles and not the comments, you guys would stand up for Hamilton if he’s swiped your mum and then rear-ended your dad in a carpark.


      Start from 0.30. At 0.33 Maldonado is far to the right of Lewis. Then he turns left for the crash at 0.34. If a certain steward wasnt on the panel today, Pastor would be looking at some very harsh penalty

      1. look ealier in the video, hamilton slows – maldonado avoids, hamilton jinks – hamiltons stays nice and close up to .33 and possibly jinks again (at about .43) also at the start of the video you see how hamilton overtaking maldonado actually impedes maldonados lap time (that might seem like a haters viewpoint, but technically he did impede him, he couldnt take the final turn how he usually would and lost time on what could have been his best timed effort)

        1. In qualifying drivers are allowed to overtake each other. Maldo ran very wide on the final chicane to allow Hamilton up the inside. The slight contact there was Maldo’s fault because Hamilton had the racing line and was ahead.

          By your logic every car should go out one by one because if they are near each other they impeding each other.

          1. EXACTLY

        2. I think the problem will be less with the stewards than Sir William. He is likely not to have liked that loss of control from Maldonado – it could have cost him a few tens of thousands of pounds in repair costs.

        3. Well pastor with out doubt was holding up lewis in the last corner, so lewis took the advantage, fair play even coulthard and brundel thought so on bbc commentary. Further more that move in no way impeeded pastor but the 4 ish seconds he would have needed to progrees to the next session, i dont know why lewis has had another reprimand, i just cant see it, i think the FIA should explain why, and only a 5 place grid drop, i would have disqualified him from the race as a minimum as it was just dangerous out down right unsporting!!!!!!!!! #

          1. i dont know if you can trust the judgement of two british comentators. :P however, as much as i dont like hamilton, i reckon maldonado was the antagonist. Lewis’ first move in the final turn was sneaky, but well within the rules. Maldonado took a bit of a cheap shot

      2. If you look hamilton is actually moving left when maldonado is moving left on him because lewis gets closer to the white line

        I admit lewis might have turned right slightly at the start but when maldonado moves towards him lewis is trying to move away from him

        Its clearly maldonado’s fault

        1. maestrointhesky
          27th August 2011, 23:35

          Mad-donado actually ends up on the grass after the move. That’s how far left HE was moving. Soft judgement in my opinion. He should have had a ban! I’m not sure what you can get banned for if this doesn’t fit the bill. Premeditated and vengeful. I guess the reprimand for Lewis was for the previous contact but I can’t say I agree with it! Nice to see Hamilton was calm and controlled directly after the event on the radio.

        2. The track is not straight. He could be going straight or even slightly right and still be getting close to the white line as the tracking was moving right (towards Hamilton). In fact, at the point of contact he was not over to the edge. So, there is no logic in your argument.

      3. I think silly driving by both drivers. Hamilton swerved as well, contemporarily to Maldonado, although the latter is more to blame.

        1. Didn’t he just turn right to get to the standing water? He then stopped when he realised there was a car alongside him. Most people seem to be forgetting that this was AFTER Q2 ended and he was just cruising back!

          Seriously, I’m a williams fan and have been generally impressed by Maldonado this season. Can’t say his actions today have kept up with that.

          1. Obviously not. Lewis jinked to scare Pastor.

    3. How many times will lewis receive reprimands before they penalise him?

      1. According to the rules, three now (since Silverstone, wasn’t it?). Doesn’t say anything about what they hand out reprimands for.

      2. Lewis has been penalized before – both fairly and unfairly. But this one was on Maldonado. Look at the onboard from Lewis’ car. Maldonado ends up on the grass to the left he came over so far.

    4. Agree re Maldonado.

        1. ouch! looked quite dangerous. can brake fingers this way.

        2. I watched it on BBC, and watching this for Hamiltons ‘car-cam’ shows how dangerous and spiteful Maldonado’s actions were. He should have his race and super licence suspended till at least the end of the season. There is no place for petulance like this in F1.

    5. Indeed. Maldanado should be suspended.

  2. Fair enough!

  3. Isn’t that Hamilton’s 3rd this year? Wasn’t that meant to be a penalty of some sort in itself? Or is that only cautions, I forgot the technicalities of it.. :(

    1. Yes, but this one, like the one for the yellow was a bit silly as there wasn’t much he could do, but they felt like making a point, I think.

      I would really like to read the stewards reasoning here, 5 place drop sounds way too lenient, and the reprimand is either silly, or entirely too lenient too, depending on the facts.

    2. Yes.. There should be a rule which imposes a penalty if a driver has a certain no of reprimands the season..say a 5 places grid drop penalty for 3rd reprimand.. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.. Any driver can make the same error the next race and get just the same reprimand..

    3. its only hamiltons second reprimand of the season.

  4. Uhm, people have been handed 5-place grid penalties for far less… It wasn’t just a racing incident, was it?.

    1. No, DSQ was a minimum required really.

      If Hamliton had not been able to start Q3 because of it, it would of effectively been like Maldonado giving Hamilton a eight place grid drop.

      1. Agreed, DSQ for what was blatant cheating. Presumably Hamilton’s reprimand was for muscling Maldonado out of the way at the last corner – which seems pretty harsh, but perhaps it was diplomatic to share the blame somewhat.

    2. DSQ might’ve been too much to ask, but surely a 10-place drop wouldn’t have been? It would only have converted to an 8-place drop, while sending out a very clear message.

      1. I think a DSQ was perfectly appropriate for it. Come on, the FIA is banning DRS for it being dangerous through Eau Rouge and then silently watches this happen?

        So much for the “making roads safer” campaing then. I think Hamilton getting a reprimand is OK, if only for waving his hand at Maldonado.

        1. Schumacher got DQ from the session in 97 for hitting someone on purpose. And give Schumacher credit, he had a lot more at stake than ego.

          Pastor… Should not be racing tomorrow, at the very least.

          1. Schumacher got DQ from the session in 97 for hitting someone on purpose.

            But there’s a difference between that case and this one.

            A lot of people believe Schumacher deliberately collided with Damon Hill at Adelaide in 1994 to win the World Championship, though it was never proven. When he did it in 1997, he hit Villeneuve to try and take him out of the race and win the championship – which would make it a cold, calculated, and above all else, premeditated decision.

            Maladjusto, on the other hand, did his in the spur of the moment. He obviously felt Hamilton’s move at the chicane had robbed him of a good lap time or a shot at another lap, and in the heat of the moment, he launched an attack on Hamilton some two hundred metres down the road. The difference between Maldonado and Schumacher is that Maldonado’s move was not premeditated. He did something stupid in anger. His penalty would have been much greater if Lewis Hamilton was unable to take part in Q3, but the damage barely affected him (Vettel’s lap time was down to the improving track conditions).

          2. For someone who rides so pedantically on the don’t make assumptions train, you sure do make some big assumptions.

  5. Vinicius Matheus
    27th August 2011, 17:00

    I think both should have got 5-place grid penalties.

    1. seconded, Why?

      1. watch the replays and you will see why

        1. dfektor stop trolling. You obviously have a problem with Hamilton. It is quite clear that after Lewis finished he wouldn’t try to hit Maldonado… He heard on the radio that he had a good time + he wouldn’t risk destroying his car for no reason.

        2. I’ve seen the replays and Maldonado clearly drives up behind Hamilton ‘for no reason’ then swerves around him and swipes into him as he passes. If that was on a normal road, you’d have no doubt Maldonado was trying to ‘give a lesson’ to Hamilton by cutting him up. And we know why Maldonado would do that: aggrieved that Hamilton got past him at the bus stop chicane.

          Motive and evidence. Should have been a disqualification.

      2. Probably because Lewis made the first move after La Source

        1. He was about to follow the racing line and then noticed Maldonado approaching at speed in his mirrors. Hence the awkward movement from Hamilton.

          1. That’s how I interpreted it also.

          2. i thought HAM was trying to scare MAL by dogding right quickly…

    2. Vinicius Matheus
      27th August 2011, 17:19

      Both Ham and Mal were into red-mist mode, Hamilton swerved twice before being hit by Mal on the straight, thats dangerous driving by Ham too. Also he bashed Mal wide on the the last chicane.

      1. Dude, I’m sorry for going into “red-mist” mode, but just what the hell are you on about huh?? Hamilton swerve bla bla yap yap who gives a damn??? SESSION WAS OVER. What was Maldonado thinking trying to pull off a close overtake??
        Bashed Mal wide on last chicane? I call your attention to a word called Racing. Something that takes place in F1. WHILE SESSION IS ON, please note.

        1. Vinicius Matheus
          27th August 2011, 17:30

          While in qualifying you’re not supposed to be racing nobody, see Alonso in that he backed off three times because he got too close to the car in front during his fast laps.

          1. Sorry, but you really couldn’t be more wrong.

            If you are faster than a car in front you are perfectly in the right to overtake them. Alonso backed off to give himself room for a clear lap with no traffic because, shock horror, overtaking people actually takes time and leads to a slightly slower lap (not as slow as staying behind them though).

            Maldonado went wide at the bus stop chicane which allowed Hamilton through. Hamilton was ahead and Maldonado should have a) seen that and b) not try and turn into him (which is why they kissed bumpers).

            Not sure why Hamilton twitched on the run down after la source, but I think he was looking at Maldonado in his mirrors and try to figure out what the hell he was doing – no malice. Maldonado on the other hand appears to have deliberately turned into him.

          2. Please watch the BBC footage of the incident at the Bus Stop:


            Hamilton was entitled to make the pass, as he was on his flying lap and made a fair move. Maldonado, quite frankly, was asleep.

          3. Phil, it was qualification session not qualification racing. In qualification you try to get, shocking, the best lap time not racing anybody. Everybody is racing against the clock. That why everybody try to have a clean lap. But sometimes you have bad luck and come up to slower cars, which are going as fast as they can. And they are not supposed to jump out when a faster car is approaching. And also, drivers in faster cars must RESPECT the others efforts, which your fellow countryman is missing by far.
            Bottom line: the guilt is divided, and both should received same penalty.

          4. you can race, but no impede another drivers qualifying lap. hamilton is lucky he has a top 2 car on the grid, so caught maldonado fast, but in passing him, he impeded maldonados qualifying lap, maldonado probably lost .5 of a second in the pass.

          5. Maldonado’s lap was already ruined by Barry and the car in front, Hamilton was still on a hot one at that point.

            In any case it’s perfectly fine for a faster driver to overtake during qualifying, but as has been said they dont usually because it wastes time, but with that being the last lap of the session Hamilton had no choice but to go for it, it’s not like he could have backed off and gone again.

    3. Hamilton did nothing wrong. Maldo had the WHOLE right hand side of the track yet squeezed Hamilton to the left AFTER the session had ended!?

      1. Well said, thats what I was thinking. People all saying Lewis twitched, or made a wiggle, whatever, what the hell was Maldonado doing at that speed that close, after the session was finished…???

      2. Not true, he jinked to scare Pastor.

        He isn’t a saint in this.

    4. Thirded, why?

  6. I was expecting something harsher for the stupidity..

  7. If Pastor gets a penalty, then it’s been determined he was most at fault.

    If that’s the case, I feel this completely fails to relay to drivers just how completely unacceptable retaliatory contact is. I strongly believe the punishment does not fit the crime.

    1. Well the stewards haven’t said anything. I presume that they don’t see the incident as retaliation from Maldonado.

      1. Well the stewards haven’t said anything. I presume that they don’t see the incident as retaliation from Maldonado.

        I’m convinced Pastor didn’t intend to hit Hamilton. I think he was understandably (but through no fault of Lewis’, I might add) annoyed and wanted to make a point to Lewis about what he considered to be Lewis disrupting either the end of his lap or the beginning of his new lap. His problem was that he decided to do this by ‘cutting-up’ Lewis on track in an obvious display of aggression but he misjudged things and made contact.

        Now any form of retaliatory aggression on track should be frowned upon but when you actually make contact, intentionally or not, you are putting the other driver, the marshals and even the fans in danger just to make a point. That’s not only unprofessional, it’s completely idiotic and has absolutely no place in professional motorsport let alone motorsport’s supposed pinnacle. That is why I find this penalty to be so incredibly unfitting of the action it’s been applied for.

        1. Agreed 100%.

          This was retaliatory intimidation from Maldonado after Hamilton had pulled a hard but fair pass on him at the last corner.

          When I saw this I honestly thought that Maldonado’s super-licence could be taken off him. I honestly can’t believe he’s only got a five place grid drop!!

          1. I think its about time the stewards looked at Mansells behavior in this incident…Mansell = Fail

        2. Fully agree with that MAG. When drivers complain about dangerous driving, this is exactly that.

          Recently we had a cas of a driver pushing another off the lane on the highway (annoyed at her not letting his big car pass, luckily no one got hurt). First time someone really got punished, the guy got 12 years behind bars in the end.

          Should be a DSQ for Maldonado IMO. Lewis not sure, Reprimand is OK, I guess as he did do that stupid hand signal.

    2. I’m totally with you on that.

    3. Agree totally, weak decision, weakened further by the reprimand for Hamilton. Next they’ll be reprimanding him for turning up at a GP and provoking other drivers by taking to the circuit.

    4. Best to wait for the details (if any are going to be forthcoming) before jumping to conclusions.

      My immediate thought was that Hamilton had swerved into him, but looking at it again it looks likes he twitches before Maldonado even gets alongside. I actually think that Pastor was aiming to get alongside him so that he could have a good shout or show Lewis a particular finger – unfortunately it all went a bit wrong.

      Any bets on Williams using this as an excuse to finally get rid of the abysmal Maldonado, while keep some or all of his sponsorship money? Despite rare flashes of competence, he’s been pretty below par – and that’s being nice. I bet there’s something in his contract about bringing the team into disrepute or something being grounds for dismissal.

      1. Williams will not keep Maldonado’s sponsorship money if they don’t race him. I think Williams are content with Maldonado’s performances this year. He has shown some good signs of pace, and if Hamilton didn’t take him out in Monaco, he would be ahead of Barrichello in the championship standings.

        1. The Last Pope
          27th August 2011, 20:29

          Good Joke.

          1. Maldonado can’t race. He is blind to other drivers and goes backwards in every race. I cringe every time I see someone trying an overtake on him because even if Maldonado does open his eyes and see them he will then block in terrible ways, slamming open doors and such. His defensive driving is abysmal. And now we find he has anger issues too.

      2. When was the last time Williams tested a driver? Do they even have a third driver?

          1. I think Sam Michael told the press they plan to get him the rookie test again this year and expects him to make it to F1 soon.

    5. Couldn’t agree more Mag.

    6. Completely agree.

  8. Venezuelan F1 Fan
    27th August 2011, 17:03

    What?!?! How did Maldonado get a five place grid drop!!! Are the stewards blind??? Pastor did nothing. This is a disgrace.

    1. Blah blah blah, British Bias, blah blah blah ;-)

      For what it’s worth, I suspect Hamilton’s reprimand is for the wheel-bashing at the end of the qualifying lap. I’m not entirely sure that Maldonado can get away with a 5 place grid drop. I mean you get 10 for using an extra engine FFS….

    2. Hello Venezuelan F1 Fan.

      I’d be interested to see why you think Pastor did nothing. Would you please explain why you think this is a disgrace? I’d love to understand why you think this.

      1. I also would like to hear why you think that? It was the most disgraceful thing I’ve seen in F1 over the last 10 years.MAL just can’t do that what ever the reason.

      2. I’m no mindreader, but I think our man here is Sarcasm King. I hope, right?

      3. Venezuelan F1 Fan
        27th August 2011, 17:19

        @ Magnificent Geoffrey and BBT.

        I strongly believe Hamilton’s actions at the Bus Stop chicane and La Source were far more severe than Pastor’s actions. Lewis brake tested Maldonado and on another day, Maldonado’s car may have gone airborne.

        1. Venezuelan F1 Fan:

          I strongly believe Hamilton’s actions at the Bus Stop chicane and La Source were far more severe than Pastor’s actions. Lewis brake tested Maldonado and on another day, Maldonado’s car may have gone airborne.

          Thank you for replying and explaining yourself.

          In response, I’d like to say that I feel Pastor was in an unfortunate position into the Bus Stop. He was clearly looking to make a clean start into a final flying lap. Lewis was finishing his flying lap, came across traffic and knew he couldn’t afford to lose time behind traffic when he probably wouldn’t have time or the clear track to produce another hot lap. So, in this instance, Pastor was a victim of circumstance and it was unfortunate for him.

          However, while he understandably may have been upset with Lewis the fact he has been given a penalty clearly suggests to me that the stewards believe that what he did to Lewis was not only deliberate but deliberately aggressive. I can’t draw any other conclusions from this but to assume Pastor was acting in an aggressive and completely unnecessary manner. If that’s the case, that is completely unacceptable and I believe he should be punished further than a 5 place grid penalty. Any moral highground he had from losing out at the Bus Stop was completely lost by doing what he did on the way down to Eau Rouge. If he was angry at Lewis, he should have waited until they were both back at the paddock and gone up to Lewis and confronted him directly, like a man. If he had done that, I’d have had sympathy and respect for him. However, he didn’t.

          As for Lewis supposedly brake-testing Pastor into La Source, I don’t remember seeing that myself on the replay, so I cannot comment on that myself.

          1. Could be, but just casually, for the history of great aura of respect and correct driving Lewis built around himself, inside and outside the races….. and please do not answer that he is young, coloured, hit anytime by the press etc….

          2. He had no hope of starting another flying lap as the flag was about to start waving 1 second later, so there’s no excuse.

        2. Unfortunately there is nothing in SPA called as Bus Stop Chicane anymore. Like the neutered the Chicane, they should neuter Maldanado for standing up against being bullied by another driver who thinks he is entitled to push around other people at free will coz he is driving in car at sharp end of the grid.

          Maybe Luca Di Mcxx is right, we should get rid of these slow cars and teams, who are unnecessarily trying to get in ways of the McLarens,Red Bulls and the Ferraris.

          And all the lowly drivers simply bend over and baulk their own qualifying laps, their own position fighting dices when they see front running cars in the mirrors, they should simply leave the racing line, get on the marbles and lose their cars in gravel traps and armcos else, face the neutering process during investigation.

          1. I loved your last album.

          2. Actually the real PDiddy is an educated and intelligent man.

        3. Lewis brake tested Maldonado

          Nothing from the footage indicates that happened, the stewards could tell very easily if he did – from the information they get from the teams – and if he had, you can bet they would have come down on him like a ton of bricks.

          So don’t go making up obviously false nonsense just to have a got at someone you don’t like.

          1. Actually I think our Venezuelan friend may have a point. Watch this video at around the 30 second point and you can see Hamilton slows considerably out of La Source. Okay it’s not brake testing but be aware that English may not be a first language…


          2. yes john t, he slows down because the session is over!

          3. Good point jleigh. You are probably right but I feel the crazy Venezuelan dude may not be as crazy as we thought! Yeah, he seems slightly biased ;) but perhaps Hamilton should’ve got a penalty. I don’t know but the stewards have more footage than us so can make better calls.

          4. John T, a slow getaway out of a corner on a wet track, when already having seen the checkered flag is quite something different from brake testing someone.

          5. Bit OTT Keith. He’s obviously making it up but that’s taking things a bit too far

    3. It was such a clear case of retaliation. You are just blind to your fellow contryman’s stipidity. He should have been disqualified at the least and given a 3 race ban.

      1. As to Lewis in Monaco, Canada, etc…

        1. There were no cases of retaliation in those races.

        2. Hamilton got ample penalties in Monaco. In Canada he took himself out of the race. And those were all part of badly judged overtakes during a race.

          Something completely different from coming back at someone AFTER the session and squeezing them like Maldonado did.

      2. Here

      3. You forgot to mention he should have his balls cut off….

    4. I seriously belive you’re one of the usual F1Fanatic readers playing a joke on all of us :P.

    5. I’m sorry man, but Lewis didn’t do anything there, he was racing Pastor at the final chicane and Pastor let him pass… It was totally Pastors fault.
      And I’m Venezuelan by the way, but this is clearer than water.
      So… Fair punish for Maldonado, don’t understand the reprimand though

    6. You’re quite right, it is a disgrace. A disgrace that petulant actions such as Maldonados can escape with such a lenient penalty.

  9. if it was maldonado’s fault, why has Hamilton got a reprimand?

    1. Every time Hamilton goes to see the stewards he gets a reprimand. It’s written in the sporting code. I thought everyone knew that?!!

      1. Hardly. This is the driver who has more penalties this year than anyone else:

        1. Sure but possibly because Lewis gets to see the race stewards so often (and with reason) they don’t want to appear to give him too many penalties and upset the Lewis fans. Other than Ant the other BBC commentators and most of the British Press could only see the faults of Pastor. This then becomes, for most people, the de-facto judgement. From the videos I think both drivers were to blame and I think both drivers should have got a penalty – possibly Pastor more so.

    2. FIA doesn’t like him

      1. ah, fair enough!

    3. Probably for the ‘hot’ lap incident and not the crazy contact MAL caused.

      1. That might be an explanation, but I can’t really see that being any blameable incident at all.

        1. It could be seen as blocking Maldonados quick lap.

          1. which was already ruined by Barrichello going off at Blanchimont?

          2. Maldonado was caught in traffic and then went wide. He made a mistake and lewis justifiably took the overtake (which is only just an overtake, it’s just taking the normal racing line).

          3. MAL was slowing down to get space from BAR and start a new lap.

          4. @Sato, they were never going to be able to start another lap, the flag dropped before Lewis got to it.

        2. From that inboard Hamilton video, you can see he made a hand signal at Maldonado (not the thing to calm down in a situation like that), I guess that might have been the reason for finding Hamilton was not completely without blame for this escalating.

    4. koby'sleftfoot
      27th August 2011, 17:15

      I’d guess that although Maldonado lunged at Hami and clearly deserves a penalty, Hami also flicked his car towards Mal (Hami seems to move off the racing line), not expecting Mal to be lunging at him and contact was made, hence he deserves a reprimand.

      It looked to me like Hami’s move was just a gesture like Petrov Vs Alonso on the in lap post Abu-Dhabi GP 2010, which would been nothing if Mal hadn’t been throwing his car at Hami like a nut.

      1. Hamilton turned towards the racing line and then twitched away from Maldonado.

        What we really need is an explanation from the stewards.

        1. Yes, Hamilton was minding his own business until Maldonado came charging from behind.

          1. bullcrap, watch the replays, hamilton was slowing, maybe brake testing, then jinking towards maldonado, then possibly jinking again to cause contact (maldonado was maybe jinking back at the same time). hamilton is far from clean in this incident. many are saying the jinking action was to get on the driving line, but watch the replay and watch the cars infront he is already following the driving line, it was a deliberate jink toward maldonado (why would he jink to get on to driving line and he would know maldonado is their if he is using his mirrors – he even admits in post rast interview he says he saw maldonado coming, and then lied then he didnt move). im sure the stewards watched the replays and understood that too.

          2. @ dfektor

            Presuming you are actually capable of rational thought and are not just trolling, why would Maldonado drive right behind Hamilton after Q2 had finished? He had a lot of track and no reason to race. I suspect you know full well he was ‘hassling’ Hamilton, annoyed because he’d overtaken him (because he was so slow – as Hamilton was entitled to do). It’s just blatantly obvious. Anything Hamilton does in response has to be mitigated by that fact, and from Hamilton’s onboard he really doesn’t seem to move anywhere except following the ‘race line,’ just about the only track left to him.

      2. What nobody else seems to mention or question, is why the hell Maldonado was that close or ‘overtaking’ that fast when the session had finished anyway???

  10. Giving him a 5 grid penalty when hes effectivly at the back anyway is the worst thing the stewards could have done, this wasnt a racing incodent, the session was over, it was just pure malicious, Maldonado needed to learn a lession, now, he know he can get away with disgraceful behaviour.

  11. wow i cant believe pastor maldonado still going to race tomorrow, he should be banned for at least 1 race.

    1. absolutely agree. Thats a very lenient punishment given what happened earlier in the year to Mucke

  12. Lewis might of done nothing with the contact, the reprimand could of been for the contact/him barging past at the bus stop chicane.

    Why are people presuming the ins and outs of the penalties before the press statmenet is released?

    1. Agree with your assessment.

  13. The facts are…
    Both were given a telling off by the stewards.
    Pastor received a harsher penalty, and rightly so because of the more dangerous swerve.
    Hamilton did swerve at Pastor twice, so im glad he has also been reprimanded (again!).

    1. No he never swerved twice, there was a small twitch, after that, the circuit bends right, Hamilton was just following the line, watch from the rear shot on the BBC site. Pastor squeezed him.

    2. For starters Hamilton didn’t swerve, he simply turned to the right which is acceptable because the “straight” bends to the right.

      He had a classic twitch moment – something we’ve all done when we suddenly notice something and in Hamilton’s case that was Maldonado – then gets out the way and just follows the track round.

      For once I think Hamilton is an innocent party.

      1. This is exactly how I see it as well. I’m not a Hamilton fan but I was a Maldonado fan until this incident. Ham was following the dry line on the circuit and Mal hit him. We have the video, it’s clear cut.

        1. I’m glad I am not the only one who saw it that way.Maldonado supporters must be watching very selective footage to be so vehement in defence of the indefensible.

      2. We need onbaordshots to see who turned first.
        Then we can probably see both were to blame

  14. I have to say i, like coulthart, was expecting Maldonardo to be Disqualified.

    1. I think most were having that way of thinking for something so blatently and outright dangerous.
      For me the sad thing about this besides the incident itself, is yet again the sport is in disrepute. And the continuing inconsistancy of the FIA/Stewards penalties.

  15. I’m struggling to understand what Hamilton got a reprimand for. Maldonado went wide at the chicane and left a car width and a half for Hamilton to drive through but then attempted to close the door when Hamilton was alongside. From the pictures I’ve seen after the finish line Hamilton was driving in a straight line and Maldonado cut across him. I think the Maldonado penalty is far too lenient as it was after the qualifying was over.

    1. Hamilton receives a reprimand for swerving at Pastor twice, that’s what i think!

    2. completely agree, maybe the FIA just needs a bit more cash and sees hamilton as a good target?

      1. Of course, he wants to stay on the dry line and he is also just following the racing line there, you’ve clearly never driven Spa.

        1. exactly. because he wants to do another flying lap.

          1. Of course, Hamitlon wanted to do another flying lap!

            ..that’s why he slowed to let Maldonado past..

            Maybe your theory would have a shred of credence if the qualifying session hadn’t just have finished.

        2. Dry line for what? They were given the checker flag already…
          It is both fail. Both should get a penalty not just Maldonado. Hamilton had no need to look for the dry/racing line and he saw Pastor in his mirrors exactly the same way Button saw Hamilton in Canada…
          Both immature drivers

          1. The dry line is better also on an outlap, more over, it is the normal racing line, so not much of a stretch to think anyone would want to be on it. Why Maldonado felt the need to close up on Hamilton? We can only guess.

      2. to follow the racing line yes, Maldonado is turning left in a right hander!

      3. Please look again.
        The angle is misleading and it’s a shame it seems to be the only footage being shown.
        Watch them both in relation to the white line & grid slots; Hamilton is turning right because wow, it’s a right hand turn.

      4. So you are saying that after the session is over he should have been paying more attention to his rear view mirror before following the racing line?

    3. For blocking Maldonados quick lap, likely. Doesn’t matter how many championships or green sectors you have, if you’re on a hot lap and catch a slower car also on a hot lap, tough.

      1. The session was over, no?

        Besides he was hardly in the way.

        1. I was refering to the previous incident at the Bus stop, unless I’m mistaken I think they were both on hot laps.

          Just to clarify, I’m not saying Hamilton had no right to overtake Maldonado, but at the apex he blocked the Williams’ exit from the corner, which usually gets some sort of penalty.

          1. It impossible to overtake a car and not hinder its speed or line through a corner. Therefore by your logic overtaking in qualifying is not allowed.

          2. Maldonado’s lap was already ruined by Barrichello and if Hamilton gets reprimanded for then so should Barrichello.

            There’s also an argument that Maldonado, having already had his lap ruined by traffic, should of moved over to let Hamilton past so I don’t believe that was the case.

          3. I’m not agreeing with the penalty, just trying to come up with some justification for it.

            If I do think about it logically;

            I agree, it’s not possible to overtake a car without blocking his natural line through a corner.

            Blocking a drivers natural line through a corner during qualification is grounds for penalty.

            Ergo, overtaking should not be allowed during qualifying.

            I don’t agree with any of that, but it makes sense. Also didn’t see the Barrichello incident, so I’ll have to profess ignorance on that one.

          4. Daffron

            It impossible to overtake a car and not hinder its speed or line through a corner. Therefore by your logic overtaking in qualifying is not allowed.

            by your logic there’s no such thing as overtaking on a straight

      2. No, if you’re on a hot lap and you catch a slower car, which then goes totally wide at a corner, allowing you through on THE NORMAL RACING LINE that’s not tought, it’s a justifiable overtake. They only kissed because Maldonado tried to turn in when Hamilton was already ahead of him, totally his fault.

        1. Maldonado wasn’t ‘totally wide’, he was going for a late apex, which involves taking a wide entry. He would have comfortably done so if Lewis hadn’t jumped underneath him.

          There is no normal racing line through there, there’s at least 2.

          1. Then surely Maldonado needs to take into account the fact there is someone just behind him on a hot lap, as he decides to go for a late apex?

            You can’t take the apex differently (and much much slower) and say the other guy, who’s taking the racing line for a hot lap, impedes you.

          2. Being on a hot lap himself, Maldonado needs take nothing but what is in front of him into account, hence why he didn’t defend the corner, as he likely expected Lewis to do what I imagine most drivers (including Jenson as we saw earlier in the session) would have done; slow right up and get a good exit himself.

            It’s known as ‘slow-in, fast-out’ and is basic racing, which allows a better exit and higher speed down the next straight. The stewards likely concluded that Hamilton should have recognised this and held back, though in Lewis’ defence it’s likely he thought Maldonado was yielding the apex completely, as he’s probably used to Williams’ doing that.

          3. But he still had no chance of starting another hot lap as the flag was about to come out.

          4. @MuzzleFlash – your argument makes no sense to me and seems to contradict itself. If Maldonado was taking the slow in, fast out approach to the corner, then he was clearly not on a hot lap at that point. He had backed out and was preparing for another attempt.

            Hamilton was on a hot lap and had not backed off, so if anything your logic dictates that Maldonado impeded a driver behind him who was on a hot lap.

            For what it’s worth, I don’t think either driver impeded the other. It was a racing (or should that be qualifying) incident.

          5. Simon,

            I’m not arguing, I’m raising any point from either side of the discussion which I feel may be pertinent. I’m not a fan of either driver or team and as such don’t feel the need to impress any angle.

            I imagine I’m with the majority here who feel Hamilton should not have been reprimanded and Maldonado should have been given a 1 race ban or forced to start from the pitlane, and just trying to make haphazard guesses at the stewards logic in the absence of any explanation from them.

    4. Because the FIA guys are cowards.

      No reprimand towards Hamilton would’ve effectively mean the penalty given to Maldonado was just not enough, as he’d be entirely to blame.

      Giving a reprimand to Lewis makes it all look like “too close to call, but Maldonado’s just a bit more responsable for what happened”.

      1. I think you’re spot-on with this. Typical bad stewarding from literally a bunch of amateurs (plus one driver)

  16. Reymo1991 (@)
    27th August 2011, 17:09

    The 3 reprimand rule was only inforced at the british GP, the document also said that they would start counting the reprimands toward the grid pen from the british GP onwards ,so hamilton only has 1 out of 3

  17. It’s thirty years I watch Gps. I never saw before a driver waiting for another one, let him pass and then drive into him, on the straight (I’d say 140 kph…).
    To me Maldonado should have been disqualified for a couple of races.
    Hamilton did nothing. Just passed a driver that was much slower than him.

    1. Hamilton swerved at Pastor twice, after going through La Source…
      How on earth can you miss this, are you completely blind?

      1. Blind to your imagination I presume…

        1. Watch the video’s… it’s clear cut!
          Why do you think Hamilton got the reprimand, if he was supposedly innocent in all this?

          1. Yes it is clear cut, i.e 100% Paster, watch it from behind, Paster gets along side and drives toward the barrier, in fact when the cushion of Hamilton’s car is not there he actually drives onto the grass and nearly hits the barrier because of the direction he is taking.

            Hamilton is just taking the correct line (moving away from the barrier, if he doesn’t he will hit it), its Pasters line toward the barrier that makes in look a bit like Hamilton moves towards Paster from the front angle, but you can’t see the impending barrier from that angle.

            There is a bit of fish tail out of the corner on Hamilton’s car, as you would expect in the conditions but its nothing to do with the accident.

            Suggest you watch it again. :-)

          2. There is no fish tail… Hamilton made the first swerving manouevre, that’s clearly evident in the video for me and quite clear to the stewards as well.

          3. Well the don’t agree with you.

          4. Who’s the?
            I presume you mean ‘they’?
            In fact, they do agree with me, hence why Hamilton was reprimanded!

          5. Probably for bumping wheels at the Bus Stop

      2. I saw it again and I was wrong. Anyway it’s Pastor driving on Lewis on purpose. Lewis didn’t appear to be willing to cause any incident, in my point of view.

      3. Ever been on the motorway only to see the car in front decide to change lanes only to notice at the last minute there’s already someone there and twitch back into their lane?

        That’s what Hamilton did. He turned towards Maldonado, spotted him, and twitched away. As for the second “swerve” one has to turn right when the track curves to the right and Hamilton could hardly of been expecting Maldonado to squeeze him.

  18. harsh on lewis and lenient on maldonardo – he should have been banned from the race. its a question of safety and sporting conduct. this was not a racing incident so the normal penalties are by definition too lenient. lewis legitimately took the inside of the corner in the session and after la source moved well over once he realised maldonardo was coming past.

  19. Hamilton should have received a grid penalty as well. This does not look like a fair punishment. He swerved to his right twice.

    1. Maldonado, got along side slowed to keep the same speed and then drove into Hamilton.

      Hamilton did not swerve twice at all, that is just wishful thinking on your behalf, he move away from the barrier that moves out from the left there yes but that is it.

      Maldonado should of been banned for a race. With a further suspended ban for the rest of the season.

    2. Exactly like that, if not for this, for being ANY time a protagonist in racing (and not) accidents…

  20. Schumacher got a 10 place penalty for almost causing a collision last year. At least Pastor should have been thrown to the back of the grid (24th).

    1. My thoughts exactly. And to think Schumi’s swerve didn’t end up in a collision, either.

    2. Indeed. I can only assume that the stewards were convinced by Maldonado’s explanation of why he didn’t intend this, so it was just an avoidable accident he caused, not a wilful drive-in.

    3. Agree. It makes absolutely no sense.

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