Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011

Penalty for Maldonado, Hamilton gets reprimand

2011 Belgian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011
Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011

Pastor Maldonado has been given a five-place grid penalty for hitting Lewis Hamilton’s car during qualifying.

The stewards handed Hamilton a reprimand for his involvement in the incident.

Both drivers were found responsible for ‘causing a collision’ with the other driver and were penalised under article 16.1 of the sporting regulations.

2011 Belgian Grand Prix

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  1. I think at the end we do not have enough information to clearly know what happened, so we need to trust the stewards judgment. Just a quick note on Hamilton and his behavior in general. This guy is very strong : he manipulates information and has a great way of communicating so (almost) everyone swallows his words. Remember Schumi was the same. Dont get me wrong, he is one of the greatest drivers I’ve ever seen, but he should evolve to get to a more honest way to communicate and behave and more people outside of the UK will like him better. When on the radio, as he knows millions of people are listening he just issues manipulation statements. Same in interviews.

  2. Maldonado no perdio la vuelta por culpa de Hamilton tenia 4 sec por debajo ya. Hamilton es el unico corredor en la f1 actual los demas son buenos chofeures, suerte maƱana.

  3. I honestly think these discussions will be less argumentative if the stewards give us more information on the factors the took into consideration and how they arrived at their decision. Just like they did with Button and Hamilton at Canada. Telling us Hamilton was reprimanded gives room for asummaptions on what exactly he was reprimanded for. The move by Maldonado was dangerous and unsportsmanship and should have been given a harsher punishment considering the fact that the session was even over!. Come on! how can changing a gearbox or engine recieve a harsher punishment than such a potentially lethal unsportsmanship move? If Hamilton did something wrong, he needs to be punished accordingly and viewers told what he did wrong and why he was punished.

  4. Wow. Nearly 400 comments, can’t be far off a record?

    I’ve just watched the incident back on YouTube. Initially I though Hamilton could have been at fault but on closer inspection, Maldonado’s line into La Source is pretty dreadful so he should be more than aware that Hamilton, or indeed any other driver, is going to be poised to take advantage. Stinks of Maldonado clutching at straws and trying to retain a line he had lost.

    I fail to see why Hamilton would even get a reprimand. He did have a coming together at La Source but he would have fully expected Maldonado to yield.

    Regarding Maldonado’s punishment, I think it’s proportionate enough. He’s a rookie. However, if it happens again they should come down on him like a tonne of bricks.

    1. Yep, that is close to a record. Keith can help us on that…

      I don’t think being a rookie is an excuse in this instance. Rookies make mistakes and cause problems for other drivers and that is fair enough for a rookie argument. This was a deliberate attempt to ruin qualifying for another driver and putting lives at risk. That is my books has nothing to do with a being a rookie and needs a severe punishment to send a message that if you have an issue with a driver, settle it outside the track!

  5. I don’t know what some of you were watching but the replay I was watching, I saw Maldonado pull out come along side Hamilton turn his car at Hamilton which made Hamilton twitch away from Maldonado, then Maldonado moved just ahead and just turned his car sharply smashing into Hamilton.

    As for those of you saying Maldonado was following his racing line, The Flags were Out and Qualifying was OVER

    Stewards reprimand for Hamilton just goes to show that they are out to get Hamilton for every thing they can.

  6. It’s so funny the majority of the comments try to make anyone who thinks Hamilton was just as guilty seem crazy.

    This is from james allen’s website. Note a rival boss’ comments.

    “Close inspection of the replays show that as Maldonado drives past him after their contact in the final corner of their Q2 laps, Hamilton moved to the right on two occasions, but on the second occasion Maldonado drove into him. It is for this deliberate action that Maldonado has been punished.

    One rival team boss said that Hamilton was equally at fault in the incident and his body language afterwards indicated that he felt he might be in for a penalty. He even talked about the possible scenario that he could be starting the race near his team mate, Jenson Button, who is 13th on the grid.”

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