Start, Paul Ricard, 1987

Belgium and France to share F1 race from 2013

2013 F1 calendarPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Paul Ricard, 1987
The 1987 French Grand Prix begins at Paul Ricard

The French Grand Prix is set to return to the F1 calendar at the Paul Ricard circuit, according to a report in L’Equipe.

The race will return to the calendar on alternate years, sharing a slot with the Belgian Grand Prix.

This means Spa-Francorchamps will only feature on the calendar in alternate years.

The French round will return to the calendar in 2013 at Paul Ricard, which last held an F1 race in 1990. The track held 14 world championship races beginning in 1971.

Thanks to Gwenouille for the tip.

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2012 F1 calendar

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  1. Jack van den Berg-Hider
    28th August 2011, 16:17

    I really cannot get my head around the need for there to a European Grand Prix and especially that Grand Prix to be held at one of the most uncharacterising and pretty muchn boring track. Who really wants to watch a race where all you see is concrete, boats and really boring racing. I’m 18 and I can run F1 better than Bernie. Although he is from Bungay. Hmm. But I can see the logical solution to this problem being that the Europeam GP is held at Paul Ricard. Spa is saved and Valenica is scraped.

    This decision as well as the Sky deal, will surely ruin F1 in England. I for one shall be not watching next year.

  2. Accesibility issues for Spa… Well I’m sorry but that sounds like a load of BS to me, I have been to Spa 2 years ago and yes the roads aren’t that great, but then so what, it’s not like you’re commuting there every day for your job, you go there once a year at the most for the GP, so people should stop worrying about great facilities and accesability, if they want that then they should visit Abu Dhabi so they can fall asleep thanks to a boring track hosting a boring track, I watch F1 for the beautiful tracks such as Spa hosting great races, that’s why I love the sport, not because a track has easy access or an airconditioned paddock…

  3. Wait.. why was this necessary again? To axe (every two years of cause) one of the oldest and most loved race circuits in F1 in favor of Paul Ricard?..
    Paul Ricard might not be a bad circuit compared to the standard of the current F1 tracks around and i am glad to get the French GP back, but it will be a total disaster when they alternate it with Spa.
    Who will ever like that circuit then? I won’t because i know what i could have if they went to Spa instead.
    I know Belgium have trouble raising the money, but mind you. Sometimes Bernie needs to do what is best for the sport, not for his bank account.
    F1 needs to get money from somewhere, but lets just keep it real here. F1 needs its roots and history. There are certain things that is more important to F1 then money and ticket prices. And that is Monaco, Monza, Spa and Canada.
    Why not give tracks a discount for their popularity and then raise the feed for the non popular races. And official pole could solve that. The track that gets the fewest votes have to pay the most for being on the calender. That way Bahrain and Abu Dhabi would have to spend all their money to pay off Bernie to stay on the calender and we could keep the classic circuits, even if they get in economical trouble.
    First the BBC news, and now this.. What is next?

  4. Bernie owns Paul Ricard what a coincidence, just trying to grab more money for himself

  5. Lucas Alexander Munro - Mr. Veloce of Britalia - Yours With Wings
    28th August 2011, 21:16

    I think if this was going to happen, Bahrain should be get rid of on the calender, Bahrain & Turkey are far less superior in F1 popularity than Belgium & France.

  6. This have to be the dirty things Bernie ever done! Well should he change his mind after today’s race? Why not alternate it with Valencia to replace the European GP.Spain don’t need two GP for any reason.In Spain you will only find Alonso fan (which is not bad) but in Spa you will find only F1 fans (which is what we need)

  7. I understand the financial reasons, and I like Paul Ricard as a circuit, but why not Magny Cours? It is so underrated.

    Spa is well, ii should always be there. The mark of a great driver is being able to win at Spa, it’s one of the big 3 in my book, along with Suzuka and Monte Carlo.

  8. There is only two drivers circuit on the calender Monaco & Spa. Both places you need courage to drive.Will be sad not to see the later everyear.

  9. This is a disaster!!!

    How is Sps in-accessable??? Its central for ALOT of european countries and is a great race to attend!!!!

    Spain doesnt need two races, and is a hell of alot harder to get to than belgium!!!!

    Bernie is just Too two faced, a few weeks ago when asked on live TV what was happening with the television rights he said ‘I see no reason for any change to the status quo’ two weeks later and Sky has half the calender on subscription channels!!!

    Greed will come back and Bite his ass!!!!!

    Went to Spa this weekend (2011) and OK I left straight after the race, (mainly cause I was right at the bottom of the camp site) but I drove straight out and was on the E42 within 20 minutes! Home in 6 hours!!! Getting to Spa was a breeze, straight of the main road on friday night to the camp site!

    Its a great fixture and cant be bumped to every other year!!!

  10. I have just got back fom SPA- one of the best tracks on the calendar and talking to the local folks there they have no intention of giving up their race or sharing it with the French. Negotiations are ongoing so let us see what happens. Spa was totally packed this year so if they report losses again then half the people at the track over this last weekend must have got in without a ticket by cutting the fence. There were more folks there this year than I have ever seen and I have been at every race there since 2005. So something is not right with the numbers and what is being told.
    I just hope they get it sorted because I will not on principle support a race at a track owned by Mr E.

  11. HounslowBusGarage
    30th August 2011, 12:16

    I remain to be convinced by Paul Ricard – and that’s ignoring the loss of Spa.
    Here’s a pic of Paul Ricard,r:1,s:20&biw=1217&bih=799, it looks like a kiddies fun park without the tricycles.
    There are no facilities, access roads are pretty pathetic (A route five miles south, E route 12 miles north).
    No land for parking and it can’t expand to the right of the pic because it’s hard against the runway of Le Castellet airfield, or to the left because there’s a public road. Even at the far end of the pic, there’a D road within 100 metres. The only development area within possible boundaries is into the scrub/woodland at this end of the pic and the environmentalists are going to fight that.
    Magny Cours might not have much five-star accommodation or restaurants nearby, but it’s ready built, fully developed and waiting . . .

  12. Would it be prudent to mention Bernie is only a figure-head and a non executive employee of CVC, who own the rights to Formula 1. He sold his controlling stake some time ago, but remained as part of the terms of the sale.

    I just came back from Spa, it was packed,so ‘circuit access’ and tickets prices are not the issue.

    The issue is Formula 1 must balance the need to retain historic tracks which are central to its appeal with the need to make money to support the teams in the franchise, and to make money for the owners and its shareholders.

    The reason the ‘crap’ races are not under the spotlight is because the funding comes in regardless of the viewing numbers/ attendance in that country. Spa/ Silverstone/ Monza/ Monaco etc are already given relatively lower fees in order to try and keep the on the calendar because CVC realises the eurpean govt.s will not cover the losses like the Chinese govt do.

    The reason the Spa event is under threat is because it doesn’t have a successful business model:

    Spa francorchamps pay CVC (not Bernie) $25 million per year to host an F1 race.

    100,000 spectators* $150 average entrance price =$15 million tops. When the Shell sponsor money and govt subsidy doesn’t cover the difference, Spa gets dropped. Same as Turkey, the same reason Nurburgring/ Hockenheim alternate every year, the same thing is happening down in Melbourne too.

    Sad, because Spa is one of the best, but this is the reality. Bernie has nothing to do with it. And try actually paying to attend an F1 event, then it will be worth listening to you all moan about expense. When all said and done, CVC is trying to service a valuable product it bought with debt that’s in demand for the benefit of its shareholders, you would do the same in that situation.

    Ow and Maldonado is one lucky man after seeing that qualifying stunt again on tv yesterday, i thought he have had his super licence suspended.

    Rant over

  13. What will the circuit layout actually look like at Paul Ricard? It looks more like a fairly bland test track on Google Maps…

  14. I somehow missed this article when it first appeared, while it would be good to have a French GP back I wouldn’t want it at the expense of only having Spa, one of the best circuits in F1 in my opinion, every other year.

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