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Hamilton: “I was ahead and got hit”

2011 Belgian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Update: Hamilton has changed his view of this incident: Hamilton accepts blame for Kobayashi crash

Lewis Hamilton blamed Kamui Kobayashi for the crash that put him out of the Belgian Grand Prix.

Speaking after the crash he said: “I’m not really quite sure, to be honest. I hit the wall pretty hard.

“It’s a bit unfortunate, the team were in a good position.

“As far as I was concerned I was ahead of whoever it was I was racing and I got hit by them and that was my race over.

“That’s motor racing. There’s been a lot of races we haven’t finished this year so that’s just another one of them.”

Hamilton said his car had poor straight line speed which made it difficult to pass other cars:

“I think we were struggling. For whatever reason we were massively slow on the straights. Massively, massively slow.

“And I guess that’s what put us in that position. Everyone was just pulling away from me on the straights.

“I think we probably had a little too much downforce on.”

However he reckoned a top-three finish was possible:

“We were in a good position, we were still able to challenge. I got past one of the Ferraris, I think we could have at least got a podium.”

The stewards have taken no action over the collision.

Update: Here’s what Kobayashi had to say about the crash: “Regarding the accident with Lewis Hamilton, which happened when I was running in fourth, I knew perfectly well he was faster than me so had no reason to fight with him.

“After he overtook me it was not my intention to get my position back, so I stayed on my line and didn?t expect him to move over.”

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  1. You can count me as Ham’s hater in certain way. I think he’s really fast but need to know the limits.

    Lewis makes this move almost every race. He pushes opponent towards the grass making him to back off. First time i’ve noticed it was Italy ’08 (or ’09 i’m not sure now). On the main straight he pushed several drivers to the grass and only Webber didn’t move. They collided, Mark took escape route and Lewis was ahead after.
    Stewards didn’t punish Hamilton then giving him carte blanche to such moves in the future.

    In recent history such move was pulled by Buemi on Heidfeld in Germany. Buemi was punished btw. I think Lewis should have been penalized also.

    I think Witmarsh’s position that Kobayashi should have backed off is just nuts. Mirrors are not just pretty sparkly things. They are installed for a reason.

    1. Do you mean Monza 2008 in the rain? I noticed Hamilton’s agressive defensive techniques too in that race.

  2. This seems very similar to when Button squeezed into hamilton in canada, this time lewis was in Buttons position and Kobayashi in Hamiltons, but the same result, Hamilton retires. Just a racing incident i guess. Hamilton unlucky.

    1. Hammy needs a Mirror adjustment,and a MRI after being knocked out.

  3. Hamilton being one who likes to push limits, pushed it too far today..Kobayashi had the right to stay where he was..Its called racing for a reason

  4. kobayashi and hamilton are both quite aggressive drivers im not suprised this happened :) well done to button though :D

  5. I think Lewis could have avoided this incident. I’m very disappointed. But Koba could have braked earlier as well. It was a racing incident.

    1. Kamui said to Japanese reporter that it might be very strange for him to brake at that time while he just simply went straight.

  6. Niki Lauda set things straight.
    In my point of view Lewis should have checked his mirrors. Kobayashi had every right to take a look at the outside, perhaps he wanted to put pressure on Lewis that he’s still there. It’s part of racing.

    Racing incident 100%.

  7. It’s never Hamilton’s fault, is it? He never admits blame. In this instance it was a racing incident, but if it had ended Kobayashi’s race Hamilton should have got a penalty for Monza. You just can’t take the racing line when a car is there, and Kobayashi wasn’t being over-aggressive, he was perfectly entitled top be there.

  8. Lewis crashed and after that the race was boring, for me :P

  9. Can people just relax, it was a racing incident. Thats it.

  10. i just think hamilton just didn’t see kobayashi

  11. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    28th August 2011, 15:43

    Hamilton moves to the right to defend the inside but then diagonals towards the corner turn in point, cutting Kobayashi off. But of course, Kobayashi could’ve slotted in behid Hamilton.

    1. But why should Kobayashi slot in behind? He clearly thought that he had a chance of re-overtaking Hamilton and thus was well within his rights to stay on the outside.

      1. Although he says he didn’t want to fight for it, so maybe he could have taken a bit more space. But he also wasn’t being silly expecting HAM to leave him some space either. Sad for both.

      2. SennaNmbr1 (@)
        28th August 2011, 22:08

        True. I was just highlighting where each driver could’ve done something different.

        But I don’t like all this coming back over on to the racing line to take the corner. THere isn’t enough side visibility these days for them to do that. Rubens did it to Ralf in Melbourne and sent him flying.

  12. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    28th August 2011, 15:43

    Hamilton moves to the right to defend the inside but then diagonals towards the corner turn in point, cutting Kobayashi off. But of course, Kobayashi could’ve slotted in behind Hamilton.

    1. SennaNmbr1 (@)
      28th August 2011, 15:44

      So true, I said it twice ;)

  13. I’m a Hamilton fan, but i’m not going to say that it was Kobayashi’s fault, because it wasn’t.. it was simply a driving incident, i don’t understand why most people find it necessary to blame a certain driver. Hamilton simply did not see Kobayashi, and it was for position so Kobayashi had every right to fight for it.

    1. I am not a Hamilton fan and I must say that he changed his trajectory twice, once defending, and twice moving on the racing line, where Kobayashi was.

    2. I wish I could say as an excuse/reason if I caused an accident “I simply didn’t see them”.

  14. It was clearly a racing incident.

    I hate all this modern ‘blame culture’ why does anyone have to be to blame?

    One thing that is beyond doubt is it robbed us of a more exciting end of the race.

    1. Agreed, in recent years it’s become Formula whine.

  15. Looking at how much ppl blame Hamilton for everything and how he is always the wrong-doer… he should quit F1! Make all you guys happier. Let’s see just how much it affects the sport.

  16. If i have to put blame on anyone it has to be lewis, it was clearly him who moved into Kobayashi’s path. Kobayashi had nowhere to go, and Lewis just didn’t see him. Simple as that.
    I would like to see lewis admit it was his fault, but to his defense it was a mistake that was very easily done. He had to both look for the apex and his turn in point while checking his mirrors. Not easy.
    He should just have left enough space on the outside, so in case Koba was there he would have somewhere to go.
    But in my opinion, no need to penalize anyone, it was just a racing incident. No need for further action.

  17. If Hamilton is blamed for this incident I don’t see why Button can’t be blamed for Canada.
    Neither can I see why Glock can’t be blamed for Monza(When Vettel won for STR).
    Point is Hamilton will always have the blame whatever the outcome.
    Personally, it was just a racing incident, something you can blame on those very wide wings plus the extra width from Kobayashi’s front wing damage.

  18. Dimitris 1395 (@)
    28th August 2011, 17:03

    Clearly a racing incident for me…

  19. Total racing incident – both drivers will feel a bit sheepish in the morning it was unnecessary but one of those things that happens in racing

  20. I think everyone was surprised to see Kamui still alongside Lewis after the DRS pass. Every other DRS pass we saw the overtaking driver just wheeled past and had plenty time to get back on the racing line. Lewis just got caught out by this and understandably just didn’t expect Kobayashi to still be there.

    That said, Kamui had every right to be there, he didn’t turn in early and was on the outer edge of the track, what made the contact was Lewis moving over to the racing line.

    This gives credence to Lewis’ argument that he was just slow on straights, a set up error putting on too much downforce for a dry race. This is what caught him out, he didn’t expect Kamui would be able to come back at him as Lewis had his DRS open. Just an unfortunate racing incident. Neither did anything ‘wrong’, Hamilton should have just kept his eye on Kamui and take a tighter line into that turn.

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