Felipe Massa, Jenson Button, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Belgian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Belgian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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170 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Belgian Grand Prix”

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  1. 9/10. The race it self probably wasn’t worth it, but for the scenery Spa provides it just makes up for it easily. And with some scary passes, Webber on Alonso through Eau Rouge and Vettel on the outside of Alonso through Blanchemont. Great stuff!

    1. 8/10 for me. It’s funny that any pass on Alonso is like the overtake of the year. It’s a joke, my respect for Webber and Vettel. I think that Alonso drove a great race. At the first part of the race he was really fast and aggresive. He overtook Hamilton (no DRS) and he fought with Massa to the limit. Ferrari was awful on the hards…and Ferrari was awful with the strategy.

  2. Younger Hamii
    28th August 2011, 17:29

    8 For me & i said this to myself before Clicking on this Article.A Great Race,Spa never disappoints but what ruined it for me today was DRS and Lewis crashing out but nevertheless,A Great Race overall a lot of Racing which comes with Crashes,Scraps & Overtakes,which was made a bit too easy by DRS

  3. I had very high expectations for this race : the promise of an exciting race, with good battles, maybe changing weather conditions, and the opportunity for McLaren to beat Red Bull, and get closer in the championship.

    Unfortunately, the race didn’t happen that way. The race was dry. McLaren completely missed a chance to shine (though the podium for Button is a consolation). The Sauber drivers (whom I like), and Senna didn’t performed very well. And Red Bull scored a 1-2, killing further any suspense for the championship.

    The race itself is a a disappointment. Yes, there were a lot of battles, but they were anticlimactic. One thing to blame : the DRS, and where it was put. Overtaking at the straight was way too easy. Only a couple of drivers managed to defend their position a the Combes chicane. And a steady weather didn’t help. The promise of interesting pitstop strategies wasn’t kept. The result : the faster men were in front, and the slow drivers couldn’t really shine. I think Button matched Red Bull’s pace, but due to his low starting position, he couldn’t challenge the leader.

    But even if this race is a major disappointment, the race wasn’t dull : there were some very good moment. Webber’s overtaking of Alonso inside Eau Rouge will probably go into my top 3 overtakings of the year.

    Final mark : 7/10

    1. Very insightful.

  4. It was a great race, but we really needed some rain. Second-best of the year, with Canada first.

  5. 7/10.

    The first part of the race was really entertaining (and obviously mad, since Kobayashi was up to 3rd at one point), but was pretty tame in the second part.

    Just to add to the DRS-bashing, it robbed us of some brilliant battles. To add it to what is already one of the best overtaking spots of the year was madness. In my F1 DRS would not exist.

  6. 9, it just lacked that extra little super-memorable moment…

  7. Not the classic I was hoping for but a solid race non-the -less

    Great drives from Schumacher and Button but very disappointing for Alguersuari and Senna

    I have to agree that the DRS tainted today’s race, way too easy to overtake on Kemmel

  8. I was extatic with the first few laps with Rosberg leading, thought it was brilliant that he’d managed to do that, absolutely loved it even though i knew it wouldn’t last. Ah well, was fun.

    1. Like with Schumi in Canada, it’s great to see them up at the front but disheartening when you just know there’s nothing they can do against DRS.

  9. themagicofspeed (@)
    28th August 2011, 20:10

    gave it a low score, because as a Ferrari fan it annoys me to see alonso lose a promising chance of a win due to crappy strategy once again from Ferrari.

    On lap 24, the situation was that Vettel was struggling with his tyres, and Alonso was quite significantly quicker. Alonso’s tyres were only a couple of laps from blistering at this point, (on L26 his times dropped off and this co-incided with blisters forming on his front tyres) and had he pitted, he may well have got back ahead of Vettel when the latter pitted. But, Vettel pitted first, and Alonso waited until Lap 30 to pit, by which time he was slower than Vettel and had no chance of reclaiming the lead at Vettel’s stop as he had already pitted. Not only this, but it allowed Webber to close on him and ultimately pass him.

    As a result, he lost 2nd and 3rd places to drivers who had he pit earlier, would likely have been behind him.
    Who the hell writes Ferrari’s strategy?

    With 2 laps to go, i turned the channel over as it wasnt even worth watching anymore. Alonso had his race ruined by the team (in my opinion), and Massa spent the afternoon going for a gentle drive and waving through everyone and everyone who came along wanting to pass. He would have had nothing to lose by putting up a decent fight for it, after all its not like he’s in the WDC fight.

  10. Impressed by Schu, depressed by Vet, excited by But, exasperated by Ham, disappointed by Senna.
    Great race, though.

    1. I did initially feel disappointed about Senna, but after so long out of race conditions I can forgive him. He kept out of trouble after the first corner.

  11. 10/10 until the SC. 8/10 thereafter.

    I’m not complaining about the SC, it was needed. But it just all seemed a little less frantic afterwards. Though we did get that nice overtake from Vettel on Alonso on lap 18. That was nice.

    1. As many of the drivers changed their tyres at the same time which put everyone nearly on the same strategy.

      1. Thats a good point Wasif, it really did get a lot of them straigtened out where before there were different strategies on the book.

  12. 9, should have given it 10 but still there were some good racing spoiled by the DRS.I guess this circuit wouldn’t need one.50% move over DRS could have happened naturally & the other 50% would have been great to watch.I think they could have had shorted the length of the DRS by another 150 m.

  13. My heart missed a beat when it looked like Alonso and Webber were going to try and go through Eau Rouge side by side.

    1. You bet.The thing was both were experience to know what the other will do.I shouted like hell! It was one of the best move of the season thus far.

  14. Good race, voted 8. Not as good as China or Germany in my opinion, gave those 10’s. Still a great race anyway. I did however think the DRS was too powerful here, in fact I thought it was in the wrong place. It would have been more effective on the pit strait. I thought the cars needed a bit of extra help down there, but needed none on the run to Les Combes. There is talk of this race being shared with a revived French GP in years to come. I for one hope this doesn’t happen, give France its own individual slot. Spa is my favourite race of the year, what a shame it would be if we could not see the drivers tackling Eau Rouge every year…

  15. I am amazed that two (2) people voted the 2011 BGP as a “1”. What did/do they want? Armed conflict in the pits? Fire? Flood? Carnage? Lewis as the only finisher? Must be a buncha high school (drop-out) kids on this forum …

    BTW, if LH isn’t a loose cannon, exactly who is? Andre DeCeaseris (Spelling questionable) comes to mind …

  16. Good race, I gave it an 8.

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