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170 comments on Rate the race: 2011 Belgian Grand Prix

  1. Palle (@palle) said on 28th August 2011, 15:15

    I felt very sorry for Lewis, but it wasn’t Koba’s fault. Lewis didn’t know where Koba was and turned into his path.
    Wittmarsh to Button after the race: “Now maybe You understand why we called You in somewhat early in Q2 yesterday!”
    Schumi clearly driver of the day, but also fantastic drives by Button and Webber after his usual lousy start. Vettel was – it turned out – controlling the race superbly – like an old experienced Champion.

  2. bosyber (@bosyber) said on 28th August 2011, 15:17

    I don’t know if KOB or HAM or anyone was at fault for that incident, and I don’t think I needed to see KOB get a penalty for it, he anyway had to pit to get his nose fixed I think. I am just really annoyed that it helped kill much of the fight at the front.

    And then the Ferrari turns out to still lack pace on mediums, and their reaction shows they already feared as much. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them concentrate on next year now.

  3. A great race weakened spoiled a little by all the stupid errors from rookies who clearly aren’t in proper control of their cars; Senna, Maldonado, Kobyashi…

  4. UKfanatic (@) said on 28th August 2011, 15:35

    Good race but again how can we give 7 and 8 and 10 when the pole sitter wins, really not helping the championship exicitement either.

    • tete said on 29th August 2011, 0:55

      not so much .Alonso was struggling with the tyres.
      why any of you haven’t talked about alonso’s passes on rosberg,massa,webber and your boy hamilton among others at the beggining of the race,with the same tyres under the same conditions? button’s pass on alonso were due to tires, alonso struggling on hards while button on softs.

  5. What is with people rating races like this 9 or 10 out of 10? Is this the only motor race you’ve ever seen? Because there have been many, many races in F1 history, and even just this year, that were better than this race. Giving a race 10/10 means that that race was an absolute timeless classic, a race that will be talked about for years to come. This was not one of them. 6/10 at best.

    • Agree…having to go to the harder tire was a real let down,this is more of a problem then DRS

    • SimBri said on 29th August 2011, 0:42

      I don’t think we should take the rating thing too seriously. If you really, really enjoyed it, give it a 10. Maybe the people who did that enjoyed it more than races you or I or anyone else would call a classic. Anyway people should be consistent with what they gave the earlier races. Maybe an end of season rating of all the races where you rank them 1-19 would be a good way to see people’s relative opinion of the races (I know the season’s not over but I have a pretty good idea which will be bottom of my list – clue, it’s in Spain)

      Are great races recognised as ‘absolute classics’ straight away anyway? Title deciders (e.g. Brazil 08) can be but for others I’m honestly not sure – any thoughts anyone?

  6. John H said on 28th August 2011, 15:49

    Not bad but DRS ruins yet more potential exciting battles. It’s not F1 and it saddens me everytime I see it used.


  7. budchekov (@budchekov) said on 28th August 2011, 15:50

    Meh, gave it a 6, nothing really going on at the sharp end, pity it wasn’t a wettish race.
    @ Lewis just can’t stay out of trouble…..

  8. th13teen said on 28th August 2011, 16:10

    8/10 for me, because it was a thrilling battle from the begging with no clue of who was going to take the win untill about half distance, which is pretty good in F1 standards!
    The DRS was far too long BUT those pesemistic people out there need to realise its there first year of DRS, and the FIA will learn from waht works and what does not. I have always said DRS is good because if the overtaken driver can’t reovertake, he is obviously not a fast enough driver!
    Shame about lewis Hamilton!

  9. JohnBt said on 28th August 2011, 16:14

    Rate the race at 9, but DRS showed no mercy once again. Spa has always been fantastic and the best for racing.

    Good race from many drivers, will be hard to pick driver of the day.
    Vettel deserved the win but many will not agree as he took advantaged during the safety car period. Nando must have be gutted with the mediums, should he have done three options and finished off with mediums. Webber is a happy man today.

  10. Mads (@mads) said on 28th August 2011, 16:25

    9/10. The race it self probably wasn’t worth it, but for the scenery Spa provides it just makes up for it easily. And with some scary passes, Webber on Alonso through Eau Rouge and Vettel on the outside of Alonso through Blanchemont. Great stuff!

    • marmad said on 28th August 2011, 19:22

      8/10 for me. It’s funny that any pass on Alonso is like the overtake of the year. It’s a joke, my respect for Webber and Vettel. I think that Alonso drove a great race. At the first part of the race he was really fast and aggresive. He overtook Hamilton (no DRS) and he fought with Massa to the limit. Ferrari was awful on the hards…and Ferrari was awful with the strategy.

  11. Younger Hamii said on 28th August 2011, 17:29

    8 For me & i said this to myself before Clicking on this Article.A Great Race,Spa never disappoints but what ruined it for me today was DRS and Lewis crashing out but nevertheless,A Great Race overall a lot of Racing which comes with Crashes,Scraps & Overtakes,which was made a bit too easy by DRS

  12. Dan_the_McLaren_fan (@dan_the_mclaren_fan) said on 28th August 2011, 18:10

    I had very high expectations for this race : the promise of an exciting race, with good battles, maybe changing weather conditions, and the opportunity for McLaren to beat Red Bull, and get closer in the championship.

    Unfortunately, the race didn’t happen that way. The race was dry. McLaren completely missed a chance to shine (though the podium for Button is a consolation). The Sauber drivers (whom I like), and Senna didn’t performed very well. And Red Bull scored a 1-2, killing further any suspense for the championship.

    The race itself is a a disappointment. Yes, there were a lot of battles, but they were anticlimactic. One thing to blame : the DRS, and where it was put. Overtaking at the straight was way too easy. Only a couple of drivers managed to defend their position a the Combes chicane. And a steady weather didn’t help. The promise of interesting pitstop strategies wasn’t kept. The result : the faster men were in front, and the slow drivers couldn’t really shine. I think Button matched Red Bull’s pace, but due to his low starting position, he couldn’t challenge the leader.

    But even if this race is a major disappointment, the race wasn’t dull : there were some very good moment. Webber’s overtaking of Alonso inside Eau Rouge will probably go into my top 3 overtakings of the year.

    Final mark : 7/10

  13. 1/10

  14. mantolwen (@mantolwen) said on 28th August 2011, 18:31

    It was a great race, but we really needed some rain. Second-best of the year, with Canada first.

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