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Paul Ricard circuit names new director

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In the round-up: The Paul Ricard circuit, which is expected to return to F1 in 2013, has a new director.


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St??phane Clair, called at the head of the Paul Ricard Circuit (Paul Ricard)

“From September 26th 2011, St??phane Clair will be the new director of the Paul Ricard Circuit.”

F1 accused?s lawyers want case dropped (FT, registration required)

“Brussow and Petri, a Cologne law firm representing Mr Gribkowsky, said on Wednesday that state prosecutors had acted improperly in presenting a one-sided and ‘far-fetched’ case against the 53-year-old banker, leaving parts out of some witness statements and not questioning ‘other important English and Italian witnesses… who helped to arrange the payments to Mr Gribkowsky’.”

Vitaly Petrov Video Interview (YouTube)

Virtual lap of the new Baltimore Grand Prix Circuit (YouTube)

The new street circuit IndyCar will be racing on this Sunday:

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Who wants to buy the worst F1 car ever?

Currently the car is owned by a well-known italian tuner car, willing to sell it to a real enthusiast. Contact me if you know someone really interested!

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I’m planning to run a special F1 Fanatic Live for the inaugural IndyCar race in Baltimore this weekend, register your interest here:

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On this day in F1

Jim Clark won the Oulton Park Gold Cup, a non-championship race run to F1 rules, on this day in 1962.

Clark shared the podium with Graham Hill, driving a BRM, and Jack Brabham in his own car.