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2011 Italian Grand Prix

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208 comments on Rate the race: 2011 Italian Grand Prix

  1. Race was pathetic. Again no fight for win and Vettel just walked away with it. Absolutely pathetic race.

  2. LMAO- fans at the track shouting “NO MORE SKY”

  3. adamf184 (@adamf184) said on 11th September 2011, 14:48

    7 for me. Pretty good but no battle for the lead. Again Hamilton provided the majority of the interest. Great battle between him and Schumi. Impressed with Hamilton keeping his cool and good to see Schumi doing well up there. Shame LH got put on the grasss and lost to Button.

    Fair play to Vettel the last few races have answered the few lingering doubts I had about him. He definitely up the with the best now. Shame its making the battle for wins in the races a little boring.

  4. maxthecat said on 11th September 2011, 14:51

    I’m sorry but anyone saying Schumachers moves where fair is deluded. Absolutely 100% Lewis would have got a drive through for half of that. In fact he has, makes me seriously wonder what goes on on the stewards room.

    • gwenouille (@gwenouille) said on 11th September 2011, 14:52

      Awww, come on !

    • Yeah, I can’t believe that there wasn’t at least an investigation. Ross Brawn came the closest you will ever hear to telling his driver to cede to a competitor, that should tell people something about what he thought about Schumacher’s repeated manoeuvres, the worst of which was a chop putting Hamilton on the grass.

      • Totally agree we you.

      • Icemangrins said on 11th September 2011, 15:07

        well, on any other day we wouldn’t have seen Ross advising Schumi how to drive. It was FIA who passed the message to MGP pit wall and Ross had to complete the formality.

        Absolutely 100% Lewis would have got a drive through for half of that.

        This is just an exaggeration. Usually drivers get reprimanded for such actions and in dire consequences, these moves warrant a penalty. 90% of the moves were made to take a better angle to attack the apex. If he didn’t, He would have to take a wider angle at the exit and we would seen a repeat of the Valencia accident (MSC-Vittaly) and yet again, you guys will be all over MSC. There is no win-win isn’t?

        • It was FIA who passed the message to MGP pit wall and Ross had to complete the formality.

          If that’s true I would question even more why there was no official steward’s investigation, plus it would only underline that Schumacher’s driving was considered unacceptable.

          • Icemangrins said on 11th September 2011, 15:50

            It wasn’t necessary as there were no incidents. That’s my conclusion in plain English. I also guess this will be raised in the GPDA meeting ** MSC is not part of the GPDA I guess ** so somehow he will get the message and nothing changes.

          • icemangrins (@icemangrins) said on 11th September 2011, 15:58

            voted 7 for the race and my favorite driver was Sebastian… great courage on the restart and pufffff….. he was gone

          • @Icemangrins

            It wasn’t necessary as there were no incidents.

            There were no accidents, not no incidents.

            I find it counterproductive that there is what amounts to a parallel stewards decision alongside the official one. Either an incident is worthy of official investigation or it isn’t, and that should be the end of it. This way we have the FIA intervening, but the driver can point and say that the stewards were OK with it. Not a clear message to drivers, teams or fans.

  5. gwenouille (@gwenouille) said on 11th September 2011, 14:53

    I think we will see Vettel win DOTWE for the 1st time this year…

  6. David-A (@david-a) said on 11th September 2011, 14:56

    Seven out of ten, phenomenal performance from Vettel, complete with gutsy pass on Alonso. The race still had that great battle between Lewis and Michael, with superb defending from Michael, and a smarter, more calculated approach from Lewis. The race did get duller after that though.

  7. Dull, dull, dull. I was feeling generous so gave it a five.

    • Agreed, clearly the most boring race of the season. Normally there’s at least a little bit of a fight for the lead.

      4/10 from me.

      • “Normally there’s at least a little bit of a fight for the lead.” The first three cars going side by side into the first corner, and Vettel regaining the lead with a gutsy move around the outside of Alonso with two wheels on the grass and everything. I thought that was very exciting, but it was over quite quickly i will give you that.

        • redlight said on 12th September 2011, 12:30

          Seems some people want more from F1 than world class, heart-stopping overtaking moves. Seems some poeple want Wacky Races every weekend.

  8. UKfanatic (@) said on 11th September 2011, 14:59

    7.0- Again fair racing no mecahnical problems in the lead fair result. About the champ the reds are to fast. Despite everything said here, since melbourne they were even faster than last season and more reliable so they deserve it but that doesnt mean that this championship is the least interesting since 2002 despite very interesting racing. About Vettels greatness talks, I cant consider Vettel as one of the greats just because i reckon that their car is much faster than the competition adn in ratio stronger than other dominant cars in the past maybe more than the 2004 Ferrari.

    • David-A (@david-a) said on 11th September 2011, 15:35

      Their car often hasn’t had a huge advantage, but through mistakes from the Mclaren drivers, they haven’t maximised the pace of the car like Vettel has and Webber hasn’t, which has been pretty close to RB since Germany.

    • The car haven’t been that dominant. More often then not have they found themselves out there on the track with half a race still to go being the 2nd, at times even 3rd fastest car. That is not dominant, the others have just made a lot of mistakes and not capitalized on their opportunities where Vettel has got the maximum out of the car nearly every race. That is why they lead. Not because they lap every other car on the track and win by huge margins like Ferrari and Schumacher did when they were really going for it. The result is the same, but in terms of car performance they are not nearly as dominant.

  9. Hatebreeder (@hatebreeder) said on 11th September 2011, 15:01

    Good race. outcome probably wouldve been different if the safety car hadnt come. but most of the race was michael bein followed by Lewis and most overtakes were DRS aided. so not a lot of fun frankly. last 5 laps by lewis were nice. if only there was 1 more lap! lewis couldve passed! :(

    • bosyber said on 11th September 2011, 15:07

      Hm, Vettel did overtake Alonso w/o DRS, didn’t he? And for the lead. I do think that should count for something, even though it was so early on that from that point onwards it was settled. Well done by Vettel to make it happen, once again getting things under control.

  10. Ok race, was annoyed for most of it by mb and dc carrying on about schumacher but when the Brit Hamilton does similar two in three races, it’s a determination to win. He runs more cars off the road and causes more incidents and accidents than any other driver, but the German is cheating, the brit is determined.

  11. Matthew said on 11th September 2011, 15:05

    Congratulations Schumacher on your win in the Italian grand prix!!!!! Oh wait it was the other german F1 sport killing driver that won!! Boring a!! Let some one else win vettel, please for god sake!!! Boring, boring and more boring!!!! Might as well just say vetted here you go ( the f1 championship is yours) now let us see something good! Who will win the second championship challenge! My vote is we all pray to the tire gods that vettels tires are made of glass for the rest of the season!!!!!!

  12. sorry but thats it for me after 34 years im done with f1.

    drs is ruining the sport, im sick of watching easy drs passes so i just wont bother watching any more f1 untill the abomination that is drs is removed!

  13. In schumi`s interview with the beeb-he was asked about things coming together his performance and things boding well for the future,he never mentioned next year,however,only the next few races-does anybody know his contractual situation for next year? any clauses etc….

  14. Honestly, I think HAM was just a bit unlucky today. His only real mistake was being caught napping on the restart.

    After that, the Mercedes superior top speed ensured it was going to be very difficult to overtake. MSCs tyres were starting to go off when HAM got his opportunity to pass (confirmed on the radio), but was run on to the grass. BUT benefited from that, got past the pair of them and that was the difference today.

    I thought at the time it was a mistake by Mclaren to pit HAM as late as they did for his first stop. One lap earlier and I think he would have stayed aheaad of MSC and been in the battle for 2nd.

    BUT is doing very well for Mclaren now, but he’s only 9 points ahead of HAM, despite the latter apparently having a poor season.

    • gwenouille (@gwenouille) said on 11th September 2011, 15:24

      Button had 2 DNF that cost him about 20/25 points (on course for 4th both times i think)
      That wasn’t the case for HAM.

    • Button also owes much to Webber punting Massa and then crashing out, taking two very quick cars who had passed him at the start. He had had a poor start. But Button has a bit of luck deficit to this point, so give him his due.

      It is strange that McLaren left both of their guys behind Schumacher so long, losing about 1s per lap, without pitting. And creating a potential pile up as they crowded up behind the Mercedes. The harder tire had no trouble making it to the end in stint 3. Indeed, Hamilton was reeling in the Ferrari massively toward the end. As it was, Hamilton’s tires were so shot at the end of his first stint that he came out behind Schumacher again, which basically finished his race right there.

  15. 8. It died a bit 2/3rds of the way through but apart from that it had everything. I don’t care that Seb marched off in the lead at a track he perhaps shouldn’t have because it was such a good drive that it was fun to watch and so much was happening further down the field.

    • When exactly did you watch Vettel’s drive post lap… 4? The instant he’s in front that’s it for his weekend and I sure as hell wouldn’t put my sponsorship on his car expecting people to actually see it on TV. I’d love to see some numbers with regards driver time on camera because I’d wager Vettel wouldn’t be in the top 5 at least.

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