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Rate the race: 2011 Italian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Italian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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2011 Italian Grand Prix

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208 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Italian Grand Prix”

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  1. Upsetting start with Liuzzi losing control but fortunately no-one injured. So disappointed for Petrov and Rosberg. Cracking first 5 laps, and many interesting laps with battles happening all down the line… until about lap 30. Then it was more or less cut and dried. Excellent drives by Jaime and Schumicheal. As always Jenson cheekily wandering through to the front end, and Lewis, predictably getting hotter than his exhaust.
    All in all an entertaining race, as it should be. But Mr Webber, what a silly boy. You should have known better mate.

  2. I would give this race a 7.

    Congratulations to Vettel for putting it together and coming out on top, once again.
    At the start of the race it was clear to me that his car was much faster than those around him. It was just a matter of time before he got to the front and put a cushion in place.

    Hamilton is definitely the bad boy of F1 right now. Even in races where he is calm and more calculated he still gets the brunt of criticisms. I agree with those that say that if Brawn had to intervene then MSC was doing something unacceptable. However, I like the fact that no penalty was given and Hamilton was forced to think about how to overcome such obstacles. In the future, more teams will be more closely match and Hamilton has to find a way to match instinct with calculation and come out on top. In the end I think he drove well to accomplish what he wanted to. Kudos for that! If he had tried Button’s banzai move on MSC and touched, the results would have been far more damaging for him.

  3. 8 for me. Second half was a bit dull admittedly and if we’ve had a couple of more laps it might’ve been exciting to see Lewis vs Fernando and Senna vs Di Resta.

    Since when do you see 5 WDCs actually racing in the Top 5? Would be good to know from those stats boffins if this has happened before!

    Vettel deserves more credit now with his great overtake and stunning race pace. For those who kept up with live timings he was lapping at least 0.6-0.8s faster than anybody else when he pulled away from Alonso. And he pitted later than the others for tyres. Undoubtedly driver of the weekend in “RBR’s weakest track”. He can quite easily win all of the remaining races (as he could have done last season) and be the first driver other than Schumacher to win more than 9 races in a season.

    Great race from Alonso outperforming his car once again and is now amazingly 2nd in the WDC standings in what is definitely the 3rd fastest car out there.

    Schu did brilliantly again with his start and to stay at the sharp end as long as he did.

    Great overtaking again from Button, though another case of what could have been if he’d had a better start and problems getting up to pace early on in the race.

    Hamilton was rather lacklustre. Clearly caught napping on the restart which spoiled his race with being stuck being Schu for so long. Little tentative with overtaking Schu in comparison to Jenson. Seemed content just to get to the end of a race.

    DRS seemed to have done its job – that is to get closer to car in front to cancel out the turbulent air yet not make it to easy to drive past a car because of it.

    Agree with the above comment that it’s perplexing that people think the season is boring because Vettel is winning all the time. That’s like saying watching the Premier League/La Liga is boring when Man Utd wins all the time when not looking at individual matches and the drama/tension they create. Having watched F1 for the last 15 years I can say that this is better racing-wise than last season when overtaking was near impossible.

  4. Schumacher made a show!!

  5. 8. Some gutsy driving out there today. Ha my heart in my mouth watching Vettel and Alonso! Great battle between Hamilton and Schumacher. Good performance again by Button. Shame about Rosberg I was looking forward to seeing how his strategy would work out against Schumacher’s. Very high rate attrition today as well.

  6. themagicofspeed (@)
    11th September 2011, 16:58

    Schumacher was brilliant in holding back Hamilton. The way he handled it was just like “sit down, little boy, and watch how its done”. Schumi is still the boss, and so is Ross Brawn, that strategy worked a treat, after both of them stopped Schumi was still in front. He would have stayed ahead longer, if Hamilton hadn’t thrown his toys out of the pram because the master was p***ing all over him in a slower car. My driver of the day – obviously Schumacher.

    As for the rest of the race, it was as has been said, typically 2011 (boring). It was 10/10 for me, until the restart and then it just went downhill to 0 by the flag. Another dissapointing performance from the Ferrari car, but near faultless by Alonso, who pushed that utter total dog to 3rd place. As for Massa, he drove another unremarkable race having survived Webber trying to take him out.

  7. For those interested the FIA’s Sporting Code Appendix L, Article 2, para c states

    c) curves, as well as the approach and exit zones thereof, may be negotiated by the drivers in any way they wish, within the limits of the track. Overtaking, according to the circumstances, may be done either on the right or on the left. However, manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers such as premature changes of direction, more than one change of direction, deliberate crowding of cars towards the inside or the outside of the curve or any other abnormal change of direction, are strictly prohibited and shall be penalised, according to the importance and repetition of the offences, by Penalties ranging from a fine to the exclusion from the race. The repetition of dangerous driving, even involuntary, may result in the exclusion from the race.

    1. Interesting when applying this rule to Schumacher vs Hamilton. Schumacher cetainly ‘changed direction’ more than one once, however I’d argue that it was not ‘abnormal change of direction’ as he was moving back to the racing line which would surely be expected. Ambiguity at it’s best.

  8. This was an incredibly boring race, always has and always will be DRS

    1. did not work correctly and was simply a persesion race with a few exciting moments. the further on in the race the more prosecsion like it became! Bring on Singapore!

  9. The racing between MSC and HAM looked fair and exciting. Whether or not the penalty would be applied whether the roles were reversed is not a discussion we need to have as we have no idea of knowing whether or not either statement is true. In any case, Hamilton defined it as ‘racing’ and that is exactly what it was. I see no foul play.

  10. Something I think we saw today is just how unnecisary & just how bad for the racing the DRS actually is.

    There were a few occasions where it made passing too easy but we saw with the Schumacher & Hamilton fight that it was ineffective & that was the best battle for position of the race.

    Had DRS been more effective in that situation we would have seen Lewis fly by easily & we’d have lost out on the thrilling scrap which we saw today.

    For the good of the sport & the good of the racing the DRS should be dropped for 2012.

  11. The crowd abd being a dry race made me rank an extra point for this race. simply amazing !

  12. I’ve gone for 9…and that’s not just because I was there!

    I will admit that the race had a pretty uneventful last third but the two thirds prior to that were great. Schumacher and Hamilton provided great on track action, Webber provided some high drama and of course the first lap first corner pile up is always welcome, thanks Liuzzi!

  13. 6, the winner was never in doubt after the pass. Okay MSC ruined HAM’s race and JB did a good job. The race was okay but there have been a lot better this season.

  14. Firstly i gave it a 8. First 3/4 of the race was brilliant plenty of action and even after that there was still the Senna charge for the last 10 laps and Hamilton closing on Nando.

    My favorite moment of the race and season was Schumacher and Hamilton

    Forget just for a minute all this rubbish “Schumi drove dangerously and broke the rules and ruined Hamiltons life”

    What we saw for 25 laps was the best wheel to wheel war between 2 drivers in a very long time, Possibly Alesi V Mansell in Japan 94 is the only time i recall being so enthralled in a fight like that. With DRS this should never have happened but Two world class drivers put on a display that is being unfairly tainted by all this bad felling towards Schumachers driving, Not helped by the BBC. This was where we missed someone with James Allen or Murray Walkers enthusiasm in the box compaired to DC’s

    1. agree, but i think the only reason we actually had that battle was because maclaren chose the wrong gear ratios. to be bouncing off the rev limiter at the start of the race, when the car is heaviest, is inexcusable. without this low limit of top speed, ham’s overtake would’ve been a formality.

  15. And Button showed his superior racecraft to Hamilton in his Schumacher pass. Well done JB

  16. 9 for me.

    Watching Hamilton and Schumacher race wheel to wheel like that can be put up there with Arnoux/Villeneuve’s battle. One of my more favourite races of the year, even though McLaren didn’t win…

  17. 8 Good race but I do think the later part became a bit boring.

  18. torn between a 7 or 8 and went for 7 in the end. good start, tedious middle section (i wandered off to do some image processing). had to rewind about 20 mins to see why ham was back behind schumacher, then caught up on fast forward until 5 laps to go.

    seb’s dominance is starting to turn me off f1, much as ferrari / schumacher did in the 0’s

    1. had to rewind about 20 mins to see why ham was back behind schumacher

      So you left the race in the very narrow window between Hamilton passing Schumacher on lap 13 and being re-passed by him one corner later?

  19. I gave it a 6. The first few laps were interesting and the battle between Hamilton and Schumacher was exciting for a while. With the depleted field, the end of the race was a little dull because everyone was quite spread out.

  20. I enjoyed the race, as I do every race, but the mid-point became a bit less exciting once Hamilton and Button passed the very solid Schumacher. No amount of new regulations could or should change that. All I ask for is a few more onboard shots (perhaps of some lower-down-the-order teams) and more side-on shots, so that the viewers can really appreciate how quickly these cars travel.

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