Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011

Schumacher: “I did exactly what I was supposed to do”

2011 Italian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011
Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011

Michael Schumacher brushed off criticism of his defensive driving against Lewis Hamilton in the Italian Grand Prix.

Schumacher said his driving was within the rules: “I felt I did exactly what I was supposed to do and as far as I understand there was no request for me to see the stewards so I guess everything is in order.”

During the race Hamilton repeatedly complained to his team that Schumacher was making move defensive moves than he was allowed to, saying “He’s moving all over the place” and asking “I thought he was only allowed to move once?” to which the team replied: “Understood, Lewis. The FIA are aware.”

Schumacher was reminded by Ross Brawn to ensure he left room for Hamilton at Ascari, where Hamilton eventually passed the Mercedes.

After the race, asked if Schumacher’s driving had been fair, Hamilton said “Yeah, that’s racing.”

Hamilton added: “It was a good race. I got some points and I finished, so I can’t really complain.”

He also explained how he ended up behind Schumacher following the safety car period: “At the restart Michael was on the outside of me and I was looking at him in my mirrors.

“And then before I knew it the guys had gone so I missed the opportunity to slipstream Sebastian [Vettel].

“I got caught napping but once we finally got pas t I was able to chase down and I had fun chasing Fernando [Alonso].”

He said his car’s straight-line speed made it hard to pass the Mercedes: “We just lost a little bit on the straights and that’s why I couldn’t pass Michael.”

2011 Italian Grand Prix

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  1. Schumacher did a fine job of defending with maybe just a couple of instances where his moves might have been deemed illegal, but I have to wonder whether it was worth spending so many laps looking in the mirrors; if Schumacher had let Hamilton past straight away, I suspect they would have both been much further up the road than they finished; Schumacher might have even beat Alonso too.

    1. A good point.

  2. It’s an honor, respect and sportsmanship thing.

    Yes its also a race and in racing you race to win maybe in your 17th year you will learn this…

    Schumacher did a top job and no rules were broke.

    1. Glyn Roughsedge
      11th September 2011, 23:26

      How patronising.

      Of course rules were broken but you choose not to see it.

      MSC has always been a cheat and has always been let off.

      I hope he soon retires.

      1. You choose not to see that MSC’s moves were fine.

      2. Broken in your own none sense rule book.

  3. Cheat if you say so..

    It wasn’t even looked into and Lewis himself said it was all above board, but yes you know better. haha :)

  4. I haven’t enjoyed a battle so much in a long time. And it wasn’t even a battle for the lead. To keep no other than Lewis Hamilton behind you like that for lap after lap is brilliant.

  5. Lewis is a sniveling toady and needs to have his dxck knocked in the dirt. 16 year-old-teenie-tarlets can handle more disappointment that LH. By a man in a man’ sports. Groomed from conceptions like “The Boys From Brazil.” I’d rather be deaf than listen to his comments, on ANY subject, e.g.., WX, price of gas … Jeezus

    Baja CA, Mexico

    1. Don’t sugarcoat it Tony, let us know how you’re really feeling.

    2. “That’s racing” … yeah, how can we listen to that :-p

      I think it was very interesting to see, and good to know that it is possible to defend in a world with DRS, if you set up your car for it as MSC decided to do. Smart move. McLaren/HAM didn’t take this scenario into account, and were powerless.

      I think HAM was too cautious which stopped him racing properly and just try something else instead of always the same, telling MSC exactly what he was up to, and MSC of course reacted appropriately by keeping him behind. He must have laughed after their first pitstops.

  6. Michael done a fabulous race at Monza today, it seems I was wrong Michael has still got his magic, I don’t understand why Lewis Hamilton spoke on his radio about Michael’s moves on the track, is this a sign of jealousy from Lewis do he expect every driver to stop and let him pass, or has he forgotten Michael is competing with the races and also wish to gain points and positons, stop gripeing Lewis and grow up, you do not see Michael tittle tattling to Ross do youon his radio. well done Michael, lets be hoping the next race will be so exciting like you were in Monza and Canada.

  7. What did they expect Michael to do, he wasnt at monza for sunday afternoon drive! The old dog showed the young pup a few tricks today.

    1. I agree Ernie,I enjoy watching Michael has he makes the pulse race and heart beat a bit quicker, he maybe a old timer but his magic is still with him, Hamilton needs to grow up and face the music.

  8. Hamilton can’t complain if he does then I should ask him to look at Malaysia last year where he was blocking I guess Petrov on the pit straight where I think he changed direction 4-5 times.Schumi may have crossed the limit but he was doing things in Schumi’s way.

    Nice to see the old master back in action in the last two race where you do need more of a driver’s capability then a car’s he showed he still have the fire in him.He positioned his car in a place where Lewis have nothing to do,he was defending from a guy who I think alone with Alonso & Kobayashi is one of the great attacker who will go if given gap,the last two race we have seen the old Schumi this should boost his & the team’s confidence.

    1. “Hamilton can’t complain if he does then I should ask him to look at Malaysia last year where he was blocking I guess Petrov on the pit straight where I think he changed direction 4-5 times”

      Erm, no.

      Hamilton had a better run out of the corner and was moving to break the tow, Petrov was just moving to keep in his slip stream, to keep up with him.

      In Monza, Hamilton had the better exit behind MS and tried to go by, but got squeezed out. They are 2 completly different scenarios.

  9. Firstly, I’m neither a Lewis nor Schumi fan but the question I have for everyone is; it was stated that Schumi was quite close to doing an illegal double move, which presume was the move on the front straight when he moved to the from the right, then back to the right from the left to take the inside line to the first chichane. My question is, is it considered a double move if the both drivers are on the limit (engines hitting the rev limiter) and the pursuant is not only unable to make the overtake but can’t get his car side by side to the car in front. Is the car in front, knowing that he’s given the pursuant more than enough time to make the pass realises that the pass can’t be made because of the rev limiter, allowed to then chose a different line?
    I would presume that once the opportunity was presented and couldn’t be taken because of limitation in the car then surely the overtake challenge is reset, and hence the car at the front can chose a different line.
    Bottom line is that Lewis was presented with several opportunities to overtake but couldn’t make is stick because McLaren geared his car slightly too short. Schumi yielded a few times but managed to take the spot back leading into the second set of chichanes. As for Schumi putting Lewis on the grass, well they weren’t side by side and Schumi had every right to defend his line – you could argue it wasn’t gentlemen like, but are we here to race or are we here to play lawn bowls?
    To say that Schumi gifted the pass for Button is ludicrous – what would be benefit from it? Schumi still needs points to beat his team mate and it makes no sense whatsoever to generously lose a place (and points for that matter). Both he and Lewis had destroyed their tyres in their battle with each other and Button with the better set of tyres merely got a better run coming out of Lesmo II, then got tow, and with DRS and KERS got past Schumi before Ascari. Without a doubt if Button couldn’t make it past Schumi it would’ve been another battle up to the Parabolica. I think Button would’ve still taken Schumi given he had better grip than both Lewis and Schumi.
    Good and fair race from Schumi I’d say. Lewis was a little timid as he was set on finishing the race in one piece – which he needed to restore any reputation from being the crash king of 2011.

  10. To be honest, after Vettel dusted off Alonso, the Hamilton/Schumacher fight made the race for me. Both men pushed each other hard, then to add insult to injury, Button comes along in the sister McLaren and passes them both. I bet Jenson loved that one, I know I did.

    1. Honestly, by the time Button caught up with the duo, their tyres were pretty much gone from constantly fighting eachother. Button took advantage and got a bit lucky but still awesome job. In saying that, Button is very clean and calculated and consistent driver, always has been and that is what I love about him. On top of that he respects everyone on track and never talks rubish – which is amazing. But for me, I am not yet sure he is as good as Hamilton though. However, if Button beats Hamilton in points this year (and next year as well) then ill have to re-think about that…

  11. MSC driving was hard and pushed to the absolute extreme allowed . Glad the stewards saw it the same way , as we have seen before , too many rules can potentially destroy the most exciting racing . I hope Merc can be up to McLaren level next year , then we will see what both MSC and LH can really do in an F1 car.

  12. – Lewis was a little timid as he was set on finishing the race in one piece – which he needed to restore any reputation from being the crash king of 2011. –

    That was the reason for this hole fight!
    Schumacher knew this and took advantage.
    Great respect for the patience of Hamilton.
    Alonso would have crashed Schumacher out of the race, but Schumacher would have never done this to Alonso.

    OR is Schumacher replacing Massa in 2012.. :)

    1. Schu certainly would have done that to Alonso. Just the way he drives and always has done.

      I thought Lewis showed immense restraint and contrary to several eccentric remarks here did not even remotely whine after the race. Bravo.

      Button drove a great race too, but let’s not get giddy and say he is ‘team-leader’ until he consistently can go quicker than Hamilton. Let’s face it, that is extremely unlikely to happen.

    2. Try 2013!! Ferrari for his last year(s):)

  13. 170 comment so far. i’m wondering what would happen if he wins again!!!
    Gooooo shumi!!!!

  14. Brilliant! so hamilton moves across in spa to take his line on koby an because koby didnt move on the grass out of his way hamilton went off and got the blame, so if when shumi moved to defend then back on the racing line if hamilton had put his wheels beside im on the outside line and hit him whos fault would it have been???

    1. if when shumi moved to defend then back on the racing line

      Sorry, you lost me.

  15. Errr it was when schui moved across to defend the inside then back to the racing line, cant remember what corner. I think shumi is well entitled to do this i just didnt understand how in spa it was hamiltons fault with kobi? Bit confusing i know but it hard to explain.
    Basically to explain i will make up a situation, a driver heading round a long corner that has a late apex moves to the inside early to cover the inside line but the car behind already has his front wheels up the inside, whos fault would it be if they collide? I think its the driver infront because its to late to defend if the car has his wheels there otherwise they will collide. same as on a straight, if a car has managed to get his front wheels beside you its to late to defend, you cant just run them off the track which is what schumi did on hamilton? But i think everything else shumi did was pefectly ok just not the putting ham on the grass.

    All in all i think the stewards have to stop cars squizzing cars off the track, if the car has wheels beside you then its to late to defend that line.

  16. um, is it just me, or did that “please leave room” mean let hamilton go? he left him room after the first time he got the message, then he got the same, more forceful message….

    1. it could be!; but i prefer to think that MSC’s tires were gone, so that is why he couldn’t still keep LH behind him. On the last 2 laps before though, LH was consistenly faster on the exits of, almost, any corner on the circuit.

  17. Hamilton seems the olny driver with pace to beat vettel at moment but he’ve been doing so many mistakes all of the season. Anyway, I think without him maybe things would be a little boring in F1, but he must win races (sometimes at least).

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