Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011

Schumacher passes Alonso and more Monza moments

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011
Schumacher tries to pass Alonso at the Rettifilio

Michael Schumacher’s off-track pass on Fernando Alonso at the Rettifilio was not shown during the race

But footage of the moment was captured by a fan at the first corner.

See that and more in this collection of the best fans’ videos from Monza.

The banking

The past merges with the present at Monza. Spectators at the first turn look over the old banking towards turn one:

HRT pit stop practice

HRT have been losing more time in the pits than any other team. But they keep on practising:

The start

This side-on view of the top four cars shows how good Fernando Alonso’s start was and how poor Jenson Button’s was. The Ferrari was past the McLaren before they reached the starting line.

Alonso grabs the lead at the first corner, prompting a cheer from the crowd:

The first-lap crash

Heading to the first corner, Vitantonio Liuzzi makes sure the HRT pit crew don’t have to worry about changing his tyres:

The restart

As the race gets going again, Vettel chases Alonso into Parabolica but Lewis Hamilton has fallen into Schumacher’s clutches:

Webber’s Red Bull

Mark Webber crashed at the Parabolica early on in the race. Here’s video of his car afterwards

Schumacher (briefly) passes Alonso

While the TV cameras were showing replays of Webber’s crash, Schumacher briefly got ahead of Alonso.

As this video shows, he ran too deep into the Rettifilio chicane on lap six, cutting the corner and passing the Ferrari.

Having cut the corner he let Alonso past again. As the world feed cut back from replays Schumacher was attacking Alonso again at the della Roggia chicane:


Plenty of passing going on in the DRS zone heading to Ascari:

The podium

Monza surely has the best podium in Formula 1. Here’s footage of Alonso celebrating with the crowd:

From hospitality

It pays to be connected. Here’s some well-edited footage from the hospitality suite adjacent to the start/finish line. Includes some great close-ups of the drivers pre-race:

So far it seems no-one captured any footage of Felipe Massa, Jarno Trulli and Sebastien Buemi colliding at the della Roggia on lap five.

If you’ve found or shot footage of that, or any other action from Monza, please share it by email, using Twitter or leave a comment below.

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82 comments on “Schumacher passes Alonso and more Monza moments”

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  1. I had a suspicion that Alonso had slightly jump-started from the TV shots. You can’t really see if a guy is rolling a bit from the head-on view. But fromn this video, you can see actually got off the line a hair slower than the front three cars, but within 50 ft he was going much faster. Amazing.

  2. No need for the Red Bull mechanics to stand around the back of the RB7 during grid walks any more then……

    Pretty much all secrets revealed there in that vid!

  3. Question. Would the Italian stewards have ever held a ferrari car so perfectly in the air for so long such that many people could walk under and take video and photo’s of valuable car details as they did with the RedBull? Somehow I don’t think so. The Italian stewards should be investigated and fined heavily and strongly reprimanded with a threat to loose an Italian GP…

  4. Great videos, thanks to all.

    Despite checking fan footage I never did find out how Seb passed Webber after the restart at Spa. All I know is it was in or around Eau Rouge.

    Can anyone tell me?

  5. Watching these clips makes me reconsider wanting to see a GP in person. How the hell can you tell what is going on?

    1. It’s easier than you’d think. If you’re near a screen or hire a Kangaroo TV you get all the info you want. Even without, the racing isn’t so difficult to follow and tbh, you’d absolutely love being there for so many other reasons. You’ve never really seen F1 til you’ve seen it live – TV is good, but cannot really capture the speed, power and sound of the cars, it can’t make your head spin a little with the noise and you don’t see so clearly how the cars are being driven. The fans are great too. It’s totally worth it, every time.

  6. FOM do anoy me when they don’t show things manly when the timing graphic at the top of the screen goes yellow indicating a yellow flag, you wonder what’s happend and then you never see a replay or there’s a yellow flag and it’s because someone’s run slightly wide on a corner. FOM need a new yellow flag idea and they need to add more cameras so we see everything that goes on. If F1 could adapt something like the MotoGP coverage it would be excellent.

  7. @ Tom. Redlight is absolutely correct. The noise, the smell of burnt rubber, the braking in a dime, the fans, the beer, ….you should try it sometime at least once.
    Cheers !

  8. I realise that in these days of trackside advertising needing it’s TV time that can never be any ‘spectator cam’ angles on TV like the one before Ascari but it’s such a shame because that shot really shows the sheer energy of the things.

  9. This is a brilliant addition to the site. Only bad side it really makes me want to go to a race. Amazing sounds for these and the belgium videos

  10. streetfightingman
    13th September 2011, 22:21

    Seeing as Hamilton was waaay back on the restart, why didn’t he get the penalty Vettel got in Hungary last year?

    1. Because its only applicable to the leader of the pack

      1. Its not, the 10 car lenghts is for everyone.

        In Hungary last year Vettel (in 2nd) got punished for keeping to much distance to Webber leading the pack.

    1. Wow, that is a very nice one. Love them keeping track of Massa on the in-screen picture as well.

  11. I wonder if any of you guys are like me, spitting hellfire & brimstone at the tv director.
    When a car retires we have to watch while he finds a nice parking spot, has a conversation with the pits, slowly removes the steering wheel & gets out,slowly replaces the steering wheel, has a chat with the marshalls while he waits for his taxi & then watch him travel back to the pits or walks if it is convenient.
    If the retirement is in the pits, we have to watch while the car is manouversd in pit lane, slowly reversed into the garage, endure the same driver exit strategy & watch them have a debrief & anice cup of tea.
    In the mean time we’ve missed anything thats happened on track.
    My cardiologist is having night mares, says he’s going to have to redo the plumbing job he’s already done once.
    OK, I exagerate, but not by much.

  12. Wow, it looks like hamilton and vettel make good starts from that camera angle. The BBC broadcast looking down the main straight made it seem like they both got off poorly, however, alonso just shot off the line like a missile!

    1. The front perspective we get from the FOM footage doesn’t really give you an appreciation of the start. It’s a shame, but I guess it would be difficult to cover the entire field from elsewhere.

  13. I have a nice 10 minute video I could share of the pit-lane walk. I’ll sort it out tonight.

    Some fantastic footage above. Monza really is the place if you’re a fan!

    1. That would be amazing if you could post that Andrew!

  14. The approach speed of the cars to Ascari seen at this this level makes you realise just how special these guys are. The commitment had me awestruck.

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