Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011

FIA steward Daly says Schumacher should have had penalty

2011 Italian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011
Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011

Derek Daly says Michael Schumacher should have been given a penalty for his driving at Monza.

The former F1 racer was the drivers’ advisor to the stewards during the Italian Grand Prix.

Schumacher was criticised for his moves while racing with Lewis Hamilton.

In a statement Daly said: “On lap 20, race director Charlie Whiting asked the stewards to look at an incident between [Felipe] Massa and [Jarno] Trulli at the second chicane.

“While looking at the slow motion video of this incident, I missed the Schumacher/Hamilton incident that happened at that moment.

“When I looked at it again at home, I believe that Schumacher should have been given a drive-though penalty. He was warned repeatedly and this style of driving is not what you want the future generation of drivers to perfect.

“We as stewards probably let Charlie down with this one.”

Hamilton overtook Schumacher on lap 27, and finished fourth with the Mercedes driver fifth.

2011 Italian Grand Prix

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  1. And what if Coulthard was a Steward!!

    Id imagine Schumacher would be given a drive through for not queuing clearly at the buffet breakfast and moving across the fruit salad in a matter unbecoming of a f1 racing driver. “rule 23.21 clearly states…” whined coulthard into his boiled egg

    1. Haha, though to be fair to the square chined one, him or Brundle haven’t been critical of Schumacher of late and even EJ is starting to mellow.

    2. Its interesting how coulthard was so adamant that you could ask any driver and he would agree that schuey was in the wrong,
      and the only driver that mattered {lewis} saw nothing wrong.

      1. To be fair it looked as if Hamilton was completely holding back in that BBC interview.

        I would like to have seen what he was saying behind closed doors.

        If Schumacher did get away with anything it’s the first time since his comeback, as he has had some extremely harsh penalties this last two years.

        1. Snowman is right. Schumacher has had some pretty harsh penalties for incidents which in my opinion should have been considered racing incidents, and which severely hampered Schumacher’s race usually costing him numerous positions.
          The 10 second stop-and-go penalty at Silverstone for example.

        2. I think he was also holding back in his usual agressive racing style too, this was probably the reason he didn’t get past him quicker than he normally would, it’ll be because he’s trying to make sure he finishes a race rather than crashing out like he has done a few times recently.

  2. I do agree with the general consensus here that Daly may have overstepped the boundaries by issuing such a statement. While I do think that they should speak up (I’m looking at you, Mark Blundell), there is a right way of doing it (think Nigel Mansell).

    That said, Daly also mentioned that: “On lap 20, race director Charlie Whiting asked the stewards to look at an incident between [Felipe] Massa and [Jarno] Trulli at the second chicane.” Yet we STILL haven’t seen it!

  3. I think it’s racing pure and simple. Lewis couldn’t get by because Schumi is a superb defensive driver. Lewis undestand this and accept it for what it is. Unfortunately, the rules are applied different to him. He would have been in the steward’s office straight from his car had he made even one of those move on anybody else.
    And this talk of Jenson making such a nice overtake is rubbish. He passed because even Schumi can’t defend a line against two cars. He was too tied up with Lewis to defend Button.
    Get out of formula one Lewis, it’s not worth the bother.

    1. and what should lewis do? Drive a cab around your city? :P

      1. If it’s a good fair cab race where he does not have to deal with FIA,yes. I’m sure it would be appreciated by true racing fans.

    2. We need an thumbs up button on comments, because I’d be clicking it here.

      I think Lewis is starting to feel that the whole ‘F1’ scene is against him and his driving style.

      1. Senna had the same problem and he did get by.

        1. The FIA is a bit more sophisticated than in Senna’s day. They are diffidently more anal retentive.

  4. This is why we can’t have nice things. The moment the racing drivers try to do some wheel to wheel racing, they get penalise. Michael made one move to defend, then he returned to his racing line, which he is entitled to do so.

    If you start penalising people simply for being good at defending, then why don’t we just all go home after qualifying on saturday?!

    1. Where in the rules and regulations does it say the driver is allowed to move back to the racing line to take the corner.

      FIA’s Sporting Code Appendix L, Article 2, para c states

      c) curves, as well as the approach and exit zones thereof, may be negotiated by the drivers in any way they wish, within the limits of the track. Overtaking, according to the circumstances, may be done either on the right or on the left. However, manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers such as premature changes of direction, more than one change of direction, deliberate crowding of cars towards the inside or the outside of the curve or any other abnormal change of direction, are strictly prohibited and shall be penalised, according to the importance and repetition of the offences, by Penalties ranging from a fine to the exclusion from the race. The repetition of dangerous driving, even involuntary, may result in the exclusion from the race.

    2. Drivers should not be allowed to push each other off track. That this is illegal is actually written in the rules. It’s hardly ever enforced though.

  5. I think it would make sense for the FIA to have a permanent driver steward that has raced in F1 the last 10 years and has plenty of experience.

    Having a guy that hasn’t raced in F1 since 1982 when rules and cars and everything were completely different trying to look at an incident from a drivers point of view is a bit of a joke.

  6. Question: I noticed there was some slight flexing in the front wings of mclaren at high speeds. and that they moved a lot when he went over the kerbs. Was/Is that normal?

    1. yes, that is pretty normal.

      The material bends, so it can “wobble” when hitting the kerbs. And all wings bend down a little (or a bit more in case of the top teams since last year) under pressure when driving at speeds.

  7. this style of driving is not what you want the future generation of drivers to perfect

    Perfect? Perform?

    1. He said perfect. Perfect is also a verb, it makes sense.

      1. Aha! English is still complicated language to some Asian such as me! :D

  8. It was a good battle but a clear double move across Hamilton’s line from Schumacher on lap 20 and he should’ve been penalised as per the current rules. Either you want the rules applied fairly or you’re a hypocrite. The BBC should apply more attention to the steward’s behavior instead of trying to provoke soundbites out of drivers. Stewards who think it’s Schumacher’s duty to set an example for “future generations” or that Hamilton’s obliged to accept their career advice need to be put in their place.

  9. The only incident on lap 20, that I can see, was two moves by Michael between Della Roggia and the 1st Lesmo corner.
    Watching this again, a couple of times, I can only say Michael was guilty. But part of the coverage of lap 20, of them, was interupted by Vettel stopping to change tyres.

  10. “While looking at the slow motion video of this incident”

    So they have a video of the crash! Why did they not show it in TV?

    1. Was wondering that myself. Maybe we’ll see it in the FOM race edit. Or the end-of-season video. Or never…

  11. If Daly was preoccupied reviewing ANOTHER incident it’s Whiting who let the fans down by not asking Daly and the stewards to review Schumy’s behavior.

  12. Why all this drama, Shumacher was going by the rules, but right on the limit. A reprimend would be acceptebale, anything harsher is just plain wrong.

    1. The point for me is that if it was the other way round Lewis would of been on the receiving end of a penalty of some sort!

  13. I thought it was a bit strange when Luizzi`s crash was deemed investigate after the race at around lap 22. F1 has surely reached its goal line technolgy moment, but it doesn`t need technology, it needs a goal line?.

    Without a fully independent set of Marshalls that travel between the races studying the rule book F1 will act and appear….well..crooked. There is no consistency in there desicions.

    For a sport that spends ÂŁ1500 on a single tyre I`am sure they can afford it?

  14. Derek Daly you are so boring!

  15. How about, in our hugely expensive Sky package next year, we get the following flick up on the screen should the situation repeat.

    Q. Should Schumacher be penalised for making more than one move?

    Press Red for yes, press Blue for no.

    Majority wins and the Stewards take action upon that.

    Tongue in cheek of course…

  16. besides the bickering whether it was worth a penalty or not, there are more important questions that should come out of this;
    1. How on earth is it even possible that the stewards panel, whose only responsibility is to look at race incidents ‘missed’ the most important and talked about incident of the whole race. It’s baffling really.
    2. If they have footage of the MAssa-Trulli incident, why wasn’t it shown!
    3.Charlie obviously was of the opinion Schumi did somthing illegal and warned Ross Brawn. Why didn’t Hamilton first get a warning in Malaysia, why did Charlie chose not to respond when Mclaren explicitly asked him for advise when Button cut the chicane to pass Massa in Melbourne

    This stewarding business reeks.

  17. Fair Both Mickael and Lewis.Lewis himself recognize it after the race.He was just frustrated with his car’s pace even with KERS. Mickael in the other hand seems enjoing fighting with Lewis, because he has an estime of him, and I remember him the first driver to defend Lewis after Monaco mess. I Think Mickael has a high esteem of L.Hamilton.
    Secondly, the Stewards should consider the 5 place Grid penalty forV. Liuzi, it was H. Kovalainen Fault at first!!! Does he has Balls to recognize it? I don’t think so. And Liuzi is a fair, serious and pragmatic racer, and some bit nice. But he shouldn’t in this circumstances, he should go for an Appeal.

  18. HounslowBusGarage
    14th September 2011, 21:15

    Lots of very perceptive comments here from BasCB, Snowman, F1er, TheVillainF1 and many others.
    So at the risk of sounding like a broken record, Daly’s publicised comments make the entire Steward panel and F1 stewarding in general look very amateur. So far this year, they have been imprecise, ignorant, indiscreet and indifferent.
    Not a good score sheet.
    A professional sport like F1 cannot rely on amateur Stewards, even if one of them actually raced once upon a time. In comparison to the minutiae of the technical regulations, the driving standards are as wooly as a flock of sheep.
    Who were the other Stewards at Monza?

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      14th September 2011, 21:16

      Missed out ‘inconsistent’ too!

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        14th September 2011, 21:37

        Thanks for that. So there were two Stewards, plus DD as the ‘driver adviser’. I thought it was a panel of four Stewards though; maybe it includes Charlie Whiting as well.
        The most interesting part of that FIA page was “. . . FIA trainee stewards’ program . . .”. So there is some kind of training or education program for F1 Stewards before they are accepted. It doesn’t say that the Swiss gentleman undertook the program; only that the Spanish lady did. Surely, every Steward should undergo training.

        1. Your welcome. As to Gutjahr, it does say that he has been an F1 Steward since 1995.

          On a side note, I was recently reading Mark Whitelock’s ‘1 1/2-litre Grand Prix Racing 1961-65’ ( Highly recommended BTW ) and came across a reference to the 1961 Yeoman Credit Team being “Run by respected former driver and Aston Martin team manager Reg Parnell from a base in Hounslow, West London”. Were you aware of this and know if the building they were located in still exists?

          1. HounslowBusGarage
            15th September 2011, 8:56

            Vaguely, but only vaguely. I remember my brother Chris telling me about this many years ago – after we’d both left Hounslow. He was ten years older than me and had certainly been around in that era. Unfortunately he’s not around any more so I can’t ask him. But as I recall, there were lots of little backstreet lock-ups and yards where a racing team could have lodged. Preobably between the yard selling ice-cream vans and the steam laundry!

    2. In the programme as always:

      Former F1 driver Derek Daly, a veteran of 49 starts, is the drivers’ advisor to the stewards this weekend.

      Daly joins Swiss auto club president Paul Gutjahr and FIA trainee steward programme graduate Silvia Bellot on the panel.

      2011 Italian Grand Prix programme

      I think Bellot is the first graduate of the FIA’s trainee programme to work as a steward in an F1 race. She has done lower-formula races including GP2, and worked as a steward at an F1 race for the first time in Turkey:

      2011 Turkish Grand Prix programme

  19. lewis didnt get punished for returning to the racing line in spa and crashing with kobyashi.

    was it beumi who did get a 10 place grid penalty earlier in season for doing same thing to nick?

    consistency is appalling it has to be said. i agree with JV that you should only penalised if you go out of your way to take someone off, or do something completely dumb.

  20. My advise: Derek Daly will never be a race steward advisor again.

    I seriously don’t understand why people complain. YEs Schumacher defended hard, but that’s how u supposed to defend your position. The Curva Grande incident where Schumacher supposedly pushed Hamilton on the crash?? Was Hamilton next to him? No. Did Schumacher make two moves NO
    Hamilton thought he saw a gap which wasn’t there plain and simple.

    1. not crash, but grass

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