Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011

FIA steward Daly says Schumacher should have had penalty

2011 Italian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011
Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011

Derek Daly says Michael Schumacher should have been given a penalty for his driving at Monza.

The former F1 racer was the drivers’ advisor to the stewards during the Italian Grand Prix.

Schumacher was criticised for his moves while racing with Lewis Hamilton.

In a statement Daly said: “On lap 20, race director Charlie Whiting asked the stewards to look at an incident between [Felipe] Massa and [Jarno] Trulli at the second chicane.

“While looking at the slow motion video of this incident, I missed the Schumacher/Hamilton incident that happened at that moment.

“When I looked at it again at home, I believe that Schumacher should have been given a drive-though penalty. He was warned repeatedly and this style of driving is not what you want the future generation of drivers to perfect.

“We as stewards probably let Charlie down with this one.”

Hamilton overtook Schumacher on lap 27, and finished fourth with the Mercedes driver fifth.

2011 Italian Grand Prix

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  1. And here’s a current F1 drivers opinion on Shumi’s driving in Monsa……….Mark Webber

    Webber has weighed in on the matter, saying some of Schumacher’s moves were unacceptable.

    “It was a unique fight between Michael and Lewis because the McLaren was running up against the rev limiter, so Michael had a speed advantage on the straights. He could position his car very cutely to try to keep him out,” he wrote in his BBC column.

    “There were a few times when Michael returned to the normal line having defended. That’s the point of interest because it’s not what most drivers understand to be acceptable.

    “Once incident in particular stood out – out of the second chicane and into Lesmo, when Lewis had a clear run and Michael went across to defend and then came back again.

    “Moving that many times was pushing the boundaries.”

    Keith, note the point about drivers returning to the racing line after defending being – ‘not acceptable’. Webber is on the safety committee so I guess he should know what he’s talking about.

    1. He said “pushing the boundaries”, not exceeding them. I think that says it all.

      1. it’s not what f1 is all about. Pushing the limits, and sometimes exceeding them.
        And we mortals love them for it.
        Daly and people like that want them all to be equaly boring.

  2. Keith,

    “It’s not what most drivers understand to be acceptable”

    What he’s saying is your unwritten rule of drivers moving off the racing line then back on it to defend is not acceptable.

    I think that says it all.

    1. Except that every time we’ve seen drivers do the same thing in the past they’ve never been penalised. Nor was Schumacher this time.

      What else do you expect me to say? It’s not as if you can argue the stewards are being inconsistent on this one.

      1. but you have to agree with me. They were not inconsistent because daly was looking at some othe thing. If he was on it he would have penalised the german ace. He said so.
        So my question is. Why should we care what a steward has to say when he is ready to be inconsistent and hurt the fans and the racing.
        To tell you the truth he is not qualified to be a steward another time.

  3. Its nice to be talking about MS pushing the boundaries rather than pushing his zimmerframe.

    Lewis and MS are quite similar in some ways, both look at ways to exploit vagaries in the rules, are very quick brained and sometimes the rule makers have to scrabble around afterwards to inventing or reinterperating the rules. Lewis breaking tows or letting someone repass and then immedietley retowing and going past them spring to mind but there are others. MS career is littered with examples, some of them beyond the pale if not beyond the rules. Senna too had a similar mindset.

    The very best have a 2nd brain whilst driving on the limit and we should really applaud it rather than as per teachers pet David Coulthard, start putting our hand up to “tell sir on him”

  4. Keith,

    So the fact that Schumi wasn’t penalised means what he did was right does it ?

    Surely what your well written article tells us is Daly thinks he did something wrong and now Webber has stepped in, I applaud them for being honest and making these statements because if they didn’t, many younger drivers will think along those lines of ‘well he wasn’t penalised so it must be alright then’.

    Of course (and by Daly’s own admission) it should have been dealt with during the race but we are all human and make mistakes. What is important though is that other drivers get the message that it will not be tolerated in the future.

    1. So the fact that Schumi wasn’t penalised means what he did was right does it ?

      Not at all, but this is a completely different thing.

      I’m saying that Schumacher shouldn’t get a penalty because plenty of other drivers have done the same in the past and not got a penalty for it. That’s the ‘unwritten rules’ side of it.

      But do I think drivers should be allowed to, in effect, cross all the way to one side of the track and then all the way back again to defend their position? No. I think that gives the defending driver too much power.

      What’s ‘right’ and what’s ‘allowed’ are different things. Sadly in F1 it’s often so difficult to figure out what is ‘allowed’ that what’s ‘right’ gets too little consideration.

  5. Does it happen that often ? Do you have any info. on other incidents ? The only other one I can think of was Shumi pushing Rubens into the pit straight wall.

    Most of the time they are small moves of a few feet on the straight or in a braking zone, you don’t often see someone do what Schumi did in Monza.

    Hamilton weaving on the straight to break the tow was wrong but not a blocking move to cause petrov to brake or be pushed onto the grass…..and of course he was penalised for it.

    1. No he wasn’t. Lewis got a reprimand for that.

      Yes it does happen often without punishment and if you feel the need to ask the question you obviously have not watched many races,

  6. You’ve always been able to retake the racing line its the degree to which you do it and how aggressive it looks. It also of course depends if you are high profile and racing near the front. You dont get much more high profile than Lewis vs MS, they are both known to be hyper aggressive and so the magnifying glass is turned up. Rules and in fact most things are still an art not a science. If you are looking for an equation that gives you a 100% cast iron answer you are going to be disappointed

  7. antonyob,

    So how do you explain Webbers comments…..

    ““There were a few times when Michael returned to the normal line having defended. That’s the point of interest because it’s not what most drivers understand to be acceptable.”

    1. webber should focus on taking monza flat out, being worthy of the best f1 ever or retire and leave the wheel for someone else. Hamilton comes to mind. Then we would see how good the german realy is.

  8. that he was talking to the press, that drivers, especially Webber can be cute if they want to also, that throwing doubt can cause doubt in others. Ecclestone does it all the time and mostly everyone falls for it, its not beyond a driver to do the same!

  9. something i find amusing is that the sort of driving we saw schumacher do at monza used to be considered good racing.
    people complain everytime anyone moves to defend/block or anytime any contact is made & then also complain that there’s no good racing?

    something i noticed is that many of the moves schumacher pulled didn’t look nywhere near as bad from hamiltons onboard camera as they did from the trackside cameras on the world feed.
    the one going into lesmo 1 looked really close from the trackside shot but upon seeing the onboard channel hamilton was actually not especially close when schumacher moved back onto the racing line.

    point been that several of the instances where it looked like schumacher was chopping hamilton off from the trackside shots didn’t look anywhere near as close from the oncar shots.

    some of the onboard.

    1. can i just ask a question.

      if this moving back to the racing line is an unacceptable as some lewis supporters claim then why was there none of the outrage at spa when hamilton drifted back across the track when he collided with kobayashi?

      dont forget he moved right to defend the inside & the contact was caused because he then tried to retake the racing line, Incidently daviod coulthard didnt see anything wrong with lewis doing that & even said it was hamiltons right to do that, so whats different?

  10. I don’t think any penalty was necisary to be honest, I though that was a brillaint fight for position & the best on-track scrap we’ve seen all year.

    Schumi got close to the line but I don’t think he actually crossed it, I thought it was good, hard racing & the sort of racing I woudn’t mind seeing more of.

  11. Dave_f1,

    In my opinion what Hamilton did to Kobi was wrong, he should have stayed on his line in the braking zone but he DRIFTED back, he was punished for what he did by crashing out and then was man enough to admit it was wrong after the race.
    Did you think it was ok what Hamilton did to Kobi ? Did you think it was ‘good racing ‘?

    What cracks me up is we have one of the actual stewards of the race (Daly) and 2 very experienced drivers who were in the race…. Webber and Button (Button had a ring side seat) who are all saying what Schumi did was wrong but they are all wrong or just playing mind games.

  12. Dave_f1,

    Do you think what Alonso did to Vettel was just good racing ?
    Was Vettel therefore wrong to ask for the incident to be investigated after the race ?

    I guess Coulthard and Brundle are also wrong with their opinions of the Schumi/Hamilton blocking as well then.

    Why don’t we all ignore these so called experts……what do they know eh ?

    1. problem with brundle/coulthard’s opinions on it is that both have ignored the same sort of thing been done in the past.

      monza wasnt the 1st time a driver has done what schumacher did & i didnt hear any critisisms from anyone on those occasions & on at least 1 of them i remember brundle calling it hard but fair racing.

      if brundle & coulthard had made a point of calling that sort of thing out consistently then fine but the fact is they havn’t.

      as to daly, ive heard him cover many indycar races & he sees any deviation off the racing line as been blocking.
      i recall at the 2006 british gp he was commentating for the cbs coverage & when raikkonen defending the inside & then squeezed schumacher slightly he started screaming about how kimi should be penalised for something nobody else saw anything wrong with.

  13. What do you think of the Vettel/Alonso incident then Dave ? Do you think Alonso was just racing ?

    Do you think Hamilton was right to move over towards Kobi and therefore shouldn’t have given an apology ?

    1. lewis was perfectly within his right to drift across, i think where he made a mistake was not realising where kobayashi which resulting in lewis clipping him.

      when schumacher was drifting back onto the racing line at monza he made sure lewis wasn’t alongside him (watch the onboard clips i posted earlier) so that no contact was made. when lewis did get alongside he left him just enough room to avoid contact.

      i think the alonso/vettel thing was marginal but ultimately just about fair & something i think backs this view up is that i dont recall any drivers or stewards or anything saying anything different.

      going back to the schumacher/hamilton racing, i’d be saying the same if the roles were reversed or if any other drivers were involved. im not coming at it from a pro-schumacher or anti-lewis POV, I just thought it was great racing which provided the most exciting racing we have seen all year.

  14. Most of the Hamilton/Schumi stuff was great racing but there were a few occasions where he went over the line.
    When Schumi was drifting back to the racing line it was to MAKE SURE Lewis didn’t get along side him.
    Any driver can weave back and forth and then say afterwards that when he did it he didn’t have anyone beside him. It will certainly stop someone having a go.

    Re: the Alonso/Vettel incident, there was a comment about it by Brundle/Coulthard but as you say it wasn’t investigated by the stewards. Saying that it appears Vettel wasn’t happy with it and ask for it to be investigated.

    You may well be saying the same thing about the Hammi/Schumi thing if the roles were reversed and that is to be respected but I’d put money on the outcome not being the same……Hamilton would have had the book thrown at him.
    I like to see great racing too but not when it starts to get dirty. I loved watching Senna but sometimes he could overstep the mark as well.

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