Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Red Bull, Barcelona, 2011

Horner says Red Bull have not overspent

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In the round-up: Christian Horner denies Red Bull broke the Resource Restriction Agreement.


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Red Bull denies breaking the RRA (Autosport)

“It’s false, absolutely false. We agreed the scope, we worked within the scope. Job done! We’ve worked within the RRA, within the regulations that exist. It saved us money, saved the teams money. Unfortunately the consequence of success is people will throw stones.”

Grand Prix provides little traction for UBS (FT, registration required)

“The decision of UBS to hold a crucial board meeting on Friday in the city state on the eve of this year?s race, at which directors will discuss the $2.3bn loss it revealed last week due to an alleged rogue trader, seems strangely inappropriate.”

Lewis Hamilton: “I just kept my mouth shut…” (Adam Cooper)

“I?m very, very passionate, and I think I?m very open and very blunt with the things that I say, and I?m not scared to say what I feel. But it can be used against me. So I just won?t… And at that time I was able to control myself, and that?s what life is about, being in control.”

Sebastian Vettel deserves to win title says Fernando Alonso (BBC)

“He’s been the best driver, [with] the best team. They deserve to be where they are.”

Barrichello eyes 20th season with full tank of fuel (Reuters)

“The [Williams] team is changing engines, personnel is changing so… I think I have a lot to give to the team.”

Red Bull ?ǣ Monza Diffuser Analysis (ScarbsF1)

More on the images of the Red Bull floor seen in the video in this article from last week:

Singapore GP – Conference 1 (FIA)

Sebastian Vettel on Fernando Alonso’s defensive driving at Monza: “It was borderline but I know that if I want to get past, I have to try something. Actually, the lap before was more critical, when I was on the right, on the outside for the second chicane and he moved a little bit under braking to the right side and there wasn?t much room for me. We talked about it after the race and I think it?s fine.”

What next for Kimi Raikkonen? (Who Are You, Anyway)

“Kimi has been a good earner for his management team, David and Steve Robertson, but now the udders of this particular cash cow are running dry. When you?re reduced to whispering in the ear of compliant pressmen that your charge is ?ǣ hush hush! ?ǣ making a visit to the Williams F1 factory, the game is nearly up.”

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Comment of the day

Over a dozen races into F1 2011 and DRS still hasn’t won over some people:

F1 is becoming too reliant on it, rather than looking at real solutions to make overtaking a bit easier there relying on DRS which as someone said above is nothing but an artificial Bandaid.

If DRS is carried over to 2012 and beyond and continues to work as it has in 2011 I can see myself just walking away from F1.

I love F1 and have done practically my whole life, however I hate DRS and what its done to the racing this year.

From the forum

Kingshark invites your thoughts on what’s the best corner on each track.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to TisoyJrIII and Paul Prinnel!

On this day in F1

Stirling Moss won the 1961 Oulton Park Gold Cup 50 years ago today.

This non-championship event was the only race run to F1 rules to be won by a four-wheel-drive car. Moss prevailed in the slippery conditions at the wheel of a Ferguson P99: