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Rate the race: 2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Singapore Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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155 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Singapore Grand Prix”

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  1. Stunning race from Vettel, never saw it coming.

    1. Singapore/Vettel/Pole….How could you not see it coming?

      1. He’s trying to be sarcastic.

        1. Beg pardon, I am succeeding

          1. Ah, sorry, I’m slow on sundays…

    2. In what direction where you looking

    3. Vettel ?? Who’s that :)

      1. Wow where have you been? It’s the name of the guy who’s kicking everyone’s **** at the moment in Formula 1 :P

    4. You didn’t see it coming because FOM also caught on and hardly ever showed Vettel! Near the end I was almost relieved to see a bit of him again.

  2. Seems to be mostly 6’s? But I really enjoyed that race actually, an 8 for me.

    1. I thought it was a normal race, but in the sea of excitement that is this year, it wasn’t spectacular.

      Vettel. Wow. No one touched him. DOTW for sure.

      1. I gave the race a 7. The start was very exciting, as was everything leading up to the safety car. After that, it went a bit quiet. If there were a few more laps, Button would have been with Vettel. But even so, it was a good race, but by 2011 standards, maybe not brilliant. That shows just how good this season’s been; a race which was very exciting is probably going to be voted as one of the worst this season.

        1. I found it ironic that Button had been one of the ones to complain about the length of the race, but then needed a few more laps at the end for a shot at winning it!

    2. 7/10 for me, because I liked it ;)

  3. Some good action from Alonso, Button and Webber. Good use of strategy by Di Resta and Perez who also made a few really good moves, Rosberg lucky not to get damage nor penalty.

    Hamilton did some nice moves as well, but most of it was just DRS zooming past. A 7/10 for Jenson giving it a try in the end. Without Rubens really getting into the way he might have a shot at getting Vettel nervous, but no one really had the measure of Vettel, again.

  4. Once again we see a late fightback coming to nothing. Still good to watch, but got dull when everyone was seperated a while after the SC 7/10

  5. Pretty dull. There were a few battles and some strategy but it just didn’t feel like it ever grabbed me. A 6/10

    1. Same here 6/10

      1. Same here. Plus a mild hangover didn’t help at 5am.

        1. Lol Scale! Hope you feel better now :)

    2. Ditto. The Safety Car provided a little bit of excitement but that’s about it.

    3. Basically this. 6/10.

  6. This is shaping up to be a great season… Button showing his class, and Red Bull showing the world why they’re top: Sebastain Vettel! Can’t understand the criticism of team orders in Force India though… thought the F1fanatic crew was all in favor of them?

    1. Nope, I think most of us are against them. Not me, however.

    2. Can’t understand the criticism of team orders in Force India though


      I think it’s a perfect example of why team orders had to be legalised for this year – there was a whole grey area around teammates with different strategies letting each other past. Fortunately teams can know openly make logical decisions without opening themselves to criticism or shrouding messages in code.

  7. Vettel was driving at least 1 second faster a lap than Button who himself was a good chunk faster than the rest… AND being the last of the frontrunners to pit. Mind-boggling. If he doesn’t get DOTW, I’m done. Could he even go on to match or even beat Schumi’s record of 13 wins in a season?

    Also, great result from di Resta.

    1. Made me wonder the whole race what Button, Alonso or Hamilton could do in a Red Bull car. When Vettel races you can see he’s pushing and pushing. Webber seems more and more like a product of a good car. He can’t even good a good start for crying out loud…

      1. Easy answer. Beat Vettel. That’s why they will never drive one, so unless McLaren and Ferrari put everything into next years car (maybe just copy Red Bull) then next year will be the same. If Ferrari and McLaren catch up then next year could be a classic.

      2. Was Vettel pushing? He repeatedly pushed for a 12 second gap then just held position. He never was threatened even remotely.

        His tyres were lasting longer than the other main guys as well.

        1. He came in with Button, both times….

        2. But that second time he got the 12 sec gap was a made largely by Button having been stuck behind Kobayashi for over a lap after the restart.

      3. folks are always saying that: what would “insert favorite driver” do in a redbull? Let’s see, Vettel’s average starting position on the grid is something like 1.3 (11 poles, 2 2nds and a 3rd), and his average finish is like 1.5 (9 wins, 4 seconds and a 4th).

        So Button, Alonso, or Hamilton in a redbull may be able to do better than Vettel, but if they did, it certainly wouldn’t be by much. Each of those drivers have been in the best car on the grid previously, and none have come close to achieving what Vettel has done. So I’d say, all things considered, I don’t think any of them (with the possible exception of Alonso), could do what Vettel has done in a Redbull.

    2. He has 9 wins and 5 races left so he can do 14 out of 19. That’d be 73.7% of the season compared to 72.2% by Schumacher. Someone has to win one more race (or two) for crying out loud!

  8. 7/10

    Nothing totally eyecathing to take the score higher but a good race non the less

    1. Maybe, but the drama after the race was highly
      amusing… Plus the firewoeks were really pretty…

  9. DRS again makes passing too easy, Its a complete joke watching there easy, dull & boring push of a button passes.

    the fact that the most exciting passes all happened outside the DRS zone shows just how much of a joke that system actually is.

    1. I don’t like DRS but I didn’t think it really did much this race at all.

      1. Younger Hamilton
        25th September 2011, 15:42

        I agree,I think the Strategies,Start & Tyres made what was a Good Race today.

      2. DRS did loads this race, Pretty much every pass lewis made today was because of DRS & I saw plenty of easy DRS passes throughout the race, Especially on the BBC In-Car feed on there website which shows the telemetry including when DRS is enabled.

      3. It didn’t do for Webbo, as he was as fast with the DRS open as Fernando ahead.

        For the rest, it did quite a lot.

  10. I’m afraid I will give it 5/10. Pretty dull to be honest but Vettel drove a cool and collected race.

  11. I placed VET-BUT-WEB-ALO-SCH prediction. Could have been perfect, had I sticked to my secret formula :) but at the last moment I thought “Schumi’s been quite good recently, let’s give him a chance” and replaced HAM with SCH (and for a good moment it looked promising). Oh well, the important thing is he wasn’t hurt.

    So, a pretty predictable race, I wonder how many perfect predictions we will see…

    1. I thought Schumi could have really hurt his back,so glad to see he emerged OK,but to me it seemed ages until he got up,probably stunned
      The race was boring,predictable,I don’t like street races anyway,so only gave it 1.Looking forward to Japan.

      Lewis was so pent up,and poor Massa took the flak again.

      Button is obviously the number 1 driver with Mclaren now,but he is driving as good as Vettel,just needs a better car.

      1. I thought Schumi could have really hurt his back,so glad to see he emerged OK,but to me it seemed ages until he got up,probably stunned

        He got straight out – you could see him taking off his racing overalls at the side of the track about a minute or two afterwards.

  12. 8 for me, would have given it a 9 had it not been for too much steward intervention. Very exciting race.

  13. i thought this race was worse than Valencia

  14. 7/10, considering it’s Singapore. Some good racing but not thrilling towards the end

  15. 6/10 from me.

    Schumacher’s crash was probably the only part that made my heart rate rise at all, unfortunately!

    1. I got the slightest flutter when Hamilton hit Massa.

    2. You must have missed:

      – Webber v. Alonso I
      – Webber v. Alonso II
      – Perez v. Rosberg (albeit short-lived)
      – Perez v. Schumacher (see Perez v. Rosberg)
      – Hamilton v. Massa I
      – Hamilton v. Massa II
      – Button v. Vettel feat. Lapped Traffic
      – Di Resta v. Tyre Life

      Quite a bit of action and interesting things going on throughout in my opinion, if you ignore Vettel largely running off with all his toys per usual.

  16. 5/10

    Not particularly exciting. I still maintain that the circuit needs work. I appreciate that it’s hard on the drivers, but it’s too stop-start in places for me.

    1. I’d agree with that. The chicane is just ridiculous and it’s causing more cars to go airborne than anything else!

    2. The ussual – Vettle wins, who is second ?

      Interesting the question what will who do in a RedBull, hows about what will any driver do if all are in a Ferrari or Mclaren or Renault or Lotus and even just who will out shine who if the grid is filled with HRT’s only ….. mmmm :(O

      Surely not the “boring/predicable” sort of races we saw this year?

  17. 7/10. Not as chaotic as I was expecting the race to be, very few crashes, but the action across the whole field was entertaining.

  18. My first 9 of the season. I have given all the other races a 10. Not sure why it wasn’t as thrilling as usual.

    I follow Seb and Jenson so I am thrilled with the result.

    1. You gave Valencia a 10?

  19. I said it in live chat too. This is the usual 2011 stuff.

    VET winning, BUT conserving tyres, HAM getting penalty, WEB messing up his start, ALO driving the wheels off his car.

    Like most 2011 races, I will give it a 8.

  20. 5/10, still don’t like this circuit… And i hate Safety cars !
    But we saw some OK action, a great effort from SV, JB and a special mention to MW too.

    I am getting a bit tired of Hamilton being involved in so many incidents…

    At least we have this sucky borefest of a track behind us ! Roll on Suzuka, yes !

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