Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Monza, 2011

Sebastian Vettel named Driver of the Weekend for Monza

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Monza, 2011
Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Monza, 2011

Sebastian Vettel was voted the Driver of the Weekend by F1 Fanatic readers for the first time this year following the Italian Grand Prix.

The race saw his eighth victory of the season, won from pole position following a thrilling pass on Fernando Alonso.

Driver of the Italian Grand Prix Weekend poll ?ǣ top three

1. Sebastian Vettel ?ǣ 38.2%
2. Michael Schumacher ?ǣ 29.6%
3. Jenson Button ?ǣ 18.2%

Girts summed up why these drivers made the top three:

Schumacher again had a superb start, then drove a great race and was definitely the entertainer of the day.

Button proved once again that, in F1, calmness and maturity often count more than the raw speed. If he goes on driving like that, I wouldn?t bet against him winning the second title (not this year, of course).

But it?s Vettel who gets my vote. His pace was fantastic and he didn?t make any obvious mistakes.

His pass on Alonso was one of the most impressive overtaking manoeuvres that I have seen since the end of 1996 when I started watching F1. I guess Vettel has now silenced some of those critics who have previously pointed at his “inability to overtake”.

Vettel had never won the poll before this race. After the Italian Grand Prix, many readers were certain that his performance would finally earn him the top spot. They were right:

If Vettel doesn?t get this then I have no idea what he has to do?

If Vettel doesn?t win this one he?ll never win a driver of the weekend.

Sebastian Vettel

Vettel was once again untouchable in qualifying where he was faster than second Hamilton by nearly half a second.

His performance and overtaking manoeuvre on Alonso won over some of his doubters:

Has to be Vettel. I have to admit to not being 100% convinced he was the good but the last two races have confirmed his position as not just in the top three drivers but perhaps right at the top.

His pass on Alonso was special, very brave and vital at that stage of the race. Pretty much secured his second championship. Well done!

I won?t deny that I have been sceptical of Vettel?s race craft and bravery, but that would have to be one of the overtakes of the year, only behind Webber?s pass on Alonso in Spa.

Alonso made it very clear that he wasn?t going to let Vettel through, and the only reason he didn?t push him any further onto the grass was the fact it would have almost definitely caused an accident. But it surprised me that Vettel, with two wheels on the grass at over 300kphh, didn?t even think about lifting, and then managed to out-brake Fernando into the chicane.

For me, his last two races have cemented him as the driver of the season, and a very worthy double world champion.
Damon Smedley

After Saturday, Vettel firmly established himself in the very top tier of drivers over a single lap in the sport?s history. He didn?t get a brilliant start ?ǣ but that?s literally the one single thing he can be criticised for. His move on Alonso was sheer brilliance as well.

Special mentions for Alonso, Jaime Alguersuari and Button too. Alguersuari?s race was very impressive once again, but he should’ve been higher up on the grid after Saturday so he can?t really get my vote for ‘driver of the weekend’.

It?s all about Vettel. The kid?s making it look easy. Two world championships in no time at all. It?s frightening.
Magnificent Geoffrey

Michael Schumacher

Schumacher had a good start to the race and then fought a long and entertaining battle with Lewis Hamilton. He evoked controversy with his defending moves, but also gained many votes:

Schumacher?s drive was incredible. Yes, he was faster on the straights, but to keep Hamilton behind for so long was really impressive.

The old Schumacher (both good and bad) is back this year. I?ve never been a fan before, but all I can say is bring on 2012!

Jenson Button

Button overtook Hamilton and Schumacher with great moves in a single lap to catch Alonso and get third podium finish in a row.

I voted for Button. His overtakes are just perfectly smooth. Just like his driving. I really enjoy watching his moves as they are almost always very clean.

[…] Voted Button on his spectacular move on Schumacher and then his equally impressive move on Alonso.

2011 Driver of the Weekend results so far

First Second Third
Australia Sergio Perez (36.3%) Vitaly Petrov (32.5%) Sebastian Vettel (12.0%)
Malaysia Nick Heidfeld (38.4%) Sebastian Vettel (16.0%) Jenson Button (12.1%)
China Mark Webber (47.8%) Lewis Hamilton (42.4%) Felipe Massa (2.5%)
Turkey Fernando Alonso (37.8%) Kamui Kobayashi (25.8%) Sebastian Vettel (22.1%)
Spain Lewis Hamilton (39.6%) Sebastian Vettel (23.9%) Fernando Alonso (13.3%)
Monaco Jenson Button (33.1%) Fernando Alonso (18.8%) Sebastian Vettel (17.0%)
Canada Jenson Button (61.0%) Michael Schumacher (27.8%) Sebastian Vettel (2.2%)
Europe Fernando Alonso (32.6%) Sebastian Vettel (27.6%) Jaime Alguersuari (25.7%)
Britain Fernando Alonso (53.0%) Lewis Hamilton (22.3%) Mark Webber (8.0%)
Germany Lewis Hamilton (76.6%) Adrian Sutil (9.8%) Fernando Alonso (5.6%)
Hungary Jenson Button (50.7%) Paul di Resta (14.4%) Lewis Hamilton (11.8%)
Belgium Michael Schumacher (45.1%) Jenson Button (28.2%) Sebastian Vettel (14.7%)
Italy Sebastian Vettel (38.2%) Michael Schumacher (29.6%) Jenson Button (18.2%)

The results mean that Vettel has won the poll for the very first time this season and for the first time since last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

Yet, he has appeared most frequently in the top three of the poll ?ǣ this is the ninth time this year he is there.

Vettel, Schumacher and Button were chosen top three drivers for the second consecutive race. It is also the third time this season, they have appeared in the top three together ?ǣ each time in a different order.

Button was in the top three for the third time in a row.

The voting is still open for your choice of Driver of the Weekend for the Singapore Grand Prix. Cast your vote and add a comment here:

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