Fireworks at the end of the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix

From Kovalainen’s fire to fireworks: your Singapore videos

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Fireworks at the end of the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix
Fireworks at the end of the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix

Whether peering through wire fences at close quarters or gazing down from the towering skyscrapers, Singapore offers fans a distinctive perspective on F1 racing.

Some of those great sights are captured in this collection of videos shot by fans during the race weekend.

Kovalainen on fire… again

Heikki Kovalainen’s Lotus catches fire for the second year in a row, during the first practice session.


These two videos shot from the same place show how the scenery transforms as the sun goes down during the first session. The first also shows Kovalainen’s smouldering Lotus:

Close to the action

The street track allows fans to get right up close to the cars.

View from above

Alternatively, Singapore’s skyscrapers offer a stunning view of the city and circuit:

Lotus pit stop practice

Lotus practice their pit stops:


This video gives an excellent impression of what it’s like to be in a city where a street race is taking place:

A close shot of the cars at speed during qualifying:

Drivers’ parade

A very close-up view of the drivers lapping the track in a collection of vintage cars:

The start

A great shot of the start from the grandstand opposite the pits:

Near the end of lap one and Vettel is already streaking away:

Safety car

The field form up behind the safety car following Michael Schumacher’s crash:

Finish – and fireworks

Fans turn their attention from the track to the sky as a huge fireworks display marks the end of the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix.

2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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