Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton, Singapore, 2011

Smedley told Massa to ‘destroy Hamilton’s race’

F1 Fanatic round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

In the round-up: Felipe Massa was told to “destroy” Lewis Hamilton’s race before they collided.


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Singapore Grand Prix race edit

The Singapore Grand Prix race edit video from FOM reveals some interesting comments at Ferrari.

It appears that before the collision between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa, Rob Smedley was goading his driver to “hold Hamilton as much as we can. Destroy his race as much as we can.”

After the contact Hamilton lamented to his team “of course I have a drive-through”. Watch the video via the link above. What a shame none of this was broadcast during the race.

Nico Hulkenberg on Twitter

“Just texted Adrian to see if he’s really on Twitter or if its just a fake. No surprise, Adrian is not on Twitter, just a fake. See, that’s why I don’t like fakes. Fakes are OK only if they clearly say that they are a fake.”

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Comment of the day

Fer no.65 on Carlos Reutemann after F1:

Carlos Reutemann is still enigmatic. After F1, he was elected governor of Santa F1 and did quite well. He was tipped as candidate for the 1999 presidential elections but he kept saying nothing about it and never postulated himself. Then again in 2003, 2009 and 2011.

Every journalist went to him asking: “what are you going to do for the elections?” And he always found ways to avoid the question and be anything but clear about it.

People here don?t consider him that good in F1, sadly. He?s always tipped as “an eternal second”. Odd considering he won 13 races, and was at the top of his game against such a strong opposition. He?s always maintained in some way Williams prevented him to take the title, but to be honest, from what I read and listen, he just imploded mentally.
Fer no. 65

From the forum

Check out Douglaswebster’s map of F1’s best corners.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Scribe and Stacy!

On this day in F1

Jim Clark won the United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen 45 years ago today.

It was the only victory for a car fitted with BRM’s radical and distinctive H16 engine.

In second place was Jochen Rindt, who ran out of fuel on the final tour, followed by John Surtees.