Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Singapore, 2011

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2011 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Daniel Thomas

Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Singapore, 2011
Hamilton chases after Rosberg

F1 Fanatic readers gave the Singapore Grand Prix one of the lowest scores of the season so far.

It was only the third race of the season to be rated lower than seven, which again shows the high standard of races this season.

Here’s what F1 Fanatic readers had to say:

Daykind summed up the general view of the races expressed by several commenters:

The start was very exciting, as was everything leading up to the safety car. After that, it went a bit quiet.

Even so, it was a good race, but by 2011 standards, maybe not brilliant. That shows just how good this season?s been; a race which was very exciting is probably going to be voted as one of the worst this season.

JamieFranklinF1’s assessment was more positive:

Despite the championship being all but over now, I think that Singapore was a great race.

Some very good action on track, the strategy kept me on the edge of my seat and I really enjoyed watching Di Resta do so well too.

2011 average race
ratings so far

China 9.241
Canada 9.095
Germany 8.43
Hungary 8.344
Britain 7.96
Malaysia 7.775
Belgium 7.772
Monaco 7.684
Italy 7.494
Spain 7.319
Turkey 7.306
Australia 6.751
Singapore 6.39
Europe 3.871

Once again there were claims the Drag Reduction System made overtaking too easy during the race:

DRS again makes passing too easy, it?s a complete joke to watch; easy, dull & boring push of a button passes.

The fact that the most exciting passes all happened outside the DRS zone shows just how much of a joke that system actually is.

PSynrg was full of praise for the champion-elect, and defended him from questions over his overtaking ability:

2011 has been the crowning not just of the ninth consecutive world champion in F1 history but also the youngest.

I think his critics are confusing passing ability with the ability to drive flawlessly in both qualifying and race consistently from the front.

They underestimate the level you have to be at in F1 in order to do this.

Prisoner Monkeys and Gerald Carpenter would like to see some changes to the track:

Not particularly exciting. I still maintain that the circuit needs work. I appreciate that it?s hard on the drivers, but it?s too stop-start in places for me.
Prisoner Monkeys

It really is a boring track and this is coming from someone who has lived there for 24 years.

They should look into whether the track layout or configurations can be tweaked.

As it stands, only turn seven allows any overtaking at all and the rest of the circuit only aids a procession race, hardly what fans want to see.
Gerald Carpenter

As sumedh noted, the race contained several themes that have recurred during 2011:

Vettel winning, Button conserving tyres, Hamilton getting a penalty, Webber messing up his start, Alonso driving the wheels off his car.

Does the Singapore Grand Prix deserve its place near the foot of the rankings?

Have your say in the comments.

2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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