Farmers plan protest at Indian Grand Prix

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In the round-up: Indian Grand Prix organisers pour scorn on a threatened by local farmers.


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Farmers threaten India’s debut F1 race (Bangkok Post)

“‘This whole thing is a big joke,’ said an executive from the company who did not want to be named. ‘People should not be taking these threats seriously. There is so much riding on the race for the company and the country, do you think we will allow a handful of farmers to spoil it?'”

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“Writing an article for the FIA’s Institute Quarterly magazine. Look out for it in their next issue.”

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Schumacher?s battle bus goes under the hammer (The Daily Telegraph)

“Designed by Pininfarina, this Iveco Domino HDH coach is offered at no reserve, with an estimated price of between ??200,000 and ??300,000. The high-roof coach was used by the F1 team during the Schumacher/Barrichello years of 2001?ǣ2005, when Schumacher won the last four of his seven world championships.”

Mark Webber via Twitter

“I’m hearing about a misquote about my plans to fight for the title next year, always possible to miss/add a few words for a good story…”

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Interview with Sam Michael (, PDF)

“The low-line gearbox and extreme driveshaft angles were certainly the benchmark if you’re pushing the design in that direction. I expect to see some elements of the design on other cars in 2012, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t a big enough differentiator to make the Williams a strong car this year. the design was to enable the rear lower wing to work most effectively.”

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Anthony Davidson via Twitter

“I reckon to make things harder for himself, Vet should drive the entire race with ‘that finger’ in the air.”

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Williams F1 Confirms Attendance at Aspire 4 Sport Congress (Williams)

“Sir Frank and at least one of the Williams F1 drivers will attend the conference.”

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Comment of the day

Journeyer on Jenson Button’s debt to Ross Brawn:

Man, he should be thanking Ross Brawn a million times over for saving BAR/Honda/BGP/Mercedes. That was the difference between: 10 GP wins, a long-term McLaren deal, and being a world champion; and a Renault F1 drive with a handful of podiums and an utter lack of success.

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Part discussion point on the British Car Championship, part excuse to show off one of my favourite new features on the site – video embedding in the forum:

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On this day in F1

Emerson Fittipaldi won his second drivers’ championship title on this day in 1974.

But the season finale at Watkins Glen was marred by a crash that claimed the life of Surtees driver Helmuth Koinigg.