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Rate the race: 2011 Japanese Grand Prix

2011 Japanese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Japanese Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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172 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Japanese Grand Prix”

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  1. An 8 for me because it was Suzuka. A 10 for Alonso, he was incredible.

  2. Fitting that the three best drivers of the season filled out the podium, plus so many great performances over the weekend.

    It was Button’s best overall weekend this season, pretty much flawless today, and only denied a first Mclaren pole by quali-king Seb. Fernando superbly fought to the end, proving like Seb, why he’s such a worthy double champ.

    The two Mercs and Perez were the other standouts. Schumi beat Massa’s Ferrari, when 7th should have been the best possible result. Rosberg took a well deserved point from 23rd, while Perez got his head down and got a great result despite the attention on his teammate. Honourable mention to Sutil for the overtakes, almnost made me wish the points went down to 11th! :P

    9/10 for me, thanks to the close battle between the top three teams, plus numerous battles down the field.

  3. 9/10

    Only China and Canada were better this year.

  4. Less actions that you would expect from the cars being so close. But good race, I give it a 7, but the last laps were worth of more of that.

  5. It.has.been BEAUTIFUL


  6. I gave it a 10.

    The most exciting race this season. And with the pit strategies, it was like watching a race from the late 90’s! Simply incredible!

  7. 5/10. One of the most boring races this year. After the SC period nothing happened. DRS was too much sometimes (Hamilton passing Massa), and didn’t work at all at times (Vettel vs Alonso). A couple of good moves due to the tyres.

    1. Errr? Didn’t you watch the race? :P

    2. Agreed the SC was a bit over the top… but that was a solid eight on the scale.

    3. You must have watched a replay of Valencia.

    4. How can you complain that DRS was both too much and not effective – just an excuse to complain?

      1. Well, obviously it should be adjusted as the race unfolds to create potential but not allow for easy overtaking all while not being artificial. :D

        Of course. I’m being sarcastic. DRS was good.

    5. I gave it very harsh 6 due to the TV production, but you’re on a whole new level here!
      It wasn’t boring in the least bit. No overtakes? I’m not sure what you watched..

  8. Brilliant race, great stuff from Button, Alonso and of course Vettel

  9. I gave an 8. Entertaining, but no overtake on track for lead. Hm, maybe should’ve given à 9.
    Oh and good stewarding!

    1. A solid 8 is better than a maybe nine. Martin must have a dog in this fight ;)

    2. I think that the stewarding was good – generally the stewards this year seem to be too happy to give out penalties and fail to understand that sometimes in F1 cars are going to come together, drivers make mistakes, and drivers don’t want to lose places. I think a more hands off approach and let the drivers get on with it is the best way.

  10. 9 For me, as a Jenson fan… All these years of following are really paying off!

    Now, where’s Massa mouthing off when you need him? Probably waxing Alonso’s daily run-about before sweeping out the Ferrari garage, no doubt…

    1. Brutal! I love it!

  11. Fantastic race, one of the best this season. Drivers of the day: JButton, FAlonso, Schumi, Rosberg, and Perez.

  12. 9’s and 10’s??? it wasn’t bad, but i’ve seen better for sure

    1. @f1yankee wasn’t last years Suzuka a snoozer on a beautifull track? Compared to that it really was a 9!

      I had a thoroughly good time with the mid field battle to switch back to at any time when the top were just chasing each other. The director might have done a better job of catching all of it though. Still I think it deserves a 7-9/10 rating.

    2. I agree, and for the fourth race out of the last five, both Brundle and Couthard have said something along the lines of ‘this is going to be a cracking finish’ and then it’s a completely unchanged procession to the flag. Disappointing.

  13. The people giving this a 9 or a 10 surely had some kind of emotional investment in Button winning.

    There wasn’t very much for the non-McLaren fans. Everything was decided in the pits, with no memorable passes at all. Vettel was extremely cautious and was never really going for the win.

    The alleged “battle” for the lead at the end was seriously overhyped by the commentators. Button cranked his engine mode up a bit and it was over before it began.

    Remember Canada: Button was at the back of the field and fought his way through to 1st on the track. Now think of Japan: Button started second and slotted into 1st after a cautious pitstop from Vettel. Same score? Not even close!

    1. Fans of particular drivers like to see them winning? Hmm… interesting theory… work hard on that one?

      It all depends on what you enjoy about F1. Remember, anything can happen, and as Ferrari boy was catching Button, it was incredibly exciting for me! I agree that Button’s fight to the front in Canada was monumental, but I detect a degree of bitterness that your man didn’t win today…

      Don’t forget that Vettel fans may also be happy about something or other…

      1. I voted nine because webber beat hamilton.

  14. I think everybody must have seen something I didn’t! Nice result and great to see a champion crowned, but an average race I thought. 6/10.

    1. I completely agree.

      I think that this enthusiastic rating is influenced too much by the result of the race. Some Vettel victories were far better than this race.

    2. I gave it a 6, and I say that as a McLaren and Button fan. It really wasn’t THAT interesting…

      Canada and China were 9s / 10s, not this.

  15. Button can’t win in the dry. Button can’t beat Hamilton in the dry, oh wait.

      1. Ditto… I used to have a cat named Mini Button, she loved Jenson of course.

    1. He’s being MURDERED by Hamilton this year.

      1. Let’s give the stale Button fan versus Hamilton fan a rest, everyone…

        2011 has been the year, if any, where Button has proved he has the raw pace as well as the mind and measure. He’s become a very, very complete driver.

  16. I don’t agree with the 9s and 10s either.

    For me, 10 is an absolute miracle, one that stands out as an all time greatest drive. The best. I obvoiusly can’t choose one.

    9 are absolute cliffhangers. Monza 1967, Donnington 1993, Spa 1995, Silverstone 2008. Or a last lap championship decider (Interlagos 2008), or last-lap win (Monaco 1970, Montreal 2011).

    8 are the very good races in a year. I gave a lot of 8 this year. China, Monaco, Hungary, Belgium comes to mind.

    7 are the good races, kind of like some nice tactical battle, some close, but not so adventurous races, etc.

    I gave it a 7.

    I know I’m strict, I use a similarly strict inner value system judging movies on IMDb too.


    1. That’s a good rating system you have. I gave it an 8 because my favourite driver drove a 10. That would be Alonso.

      1. And that would correlate up to 100% with my favourite driver. :)

        And indeed Alonso again got everything out of his car – as usual. I adore his consistency since midterm last year. The 2010 Belgian and this year’s Malaysian errors were the notable exception. I used to wonder if he would oust Vettel given the same conditions.

        Despite Button’s recent revival since Hungary, I still think Alonso is at least the 2nd best driver this year.

        But that’s pretty much out of topic.

  17. excelelnt race, well done Jenson, another fabulous performer. Vettel World Champion, but for a very heavy percentage of the year, Button’s performance has shone! As for his team mate, ah well, messed up last run in qualifying and the Beeb as usual tried to blame Schumacher and then Webber – were they supposed to back off because wonderboy was in front of them? Am fed up with the Beeb commentary team’s Hamilton bias…

  18. 9 from me, very enjoyable race.

    Seeing Schumacher in the lead certainly brought back memories!!

    1. Ahhh, but enjoyable is like a cold pint on an hot afternoon. Can do that any day ;)

  19. 7 from me. The best races are the ones which you don’t want to end and I certainly felt that today. Even though it didn’t have a significant negative impact on the race, I felt the safety car was a bit unnecessary and smelled strongly of “improving the show”.

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