Hamilton: “I put it down to myself”

2011 Korean Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Montreal, 2011

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Montreal, 2011

Lewis Hamilton says the problems he’s experienced this year are mainly of his own making.

Speaking during today’s press conference he said: “I think it?s a combination of things. I put most of it down to myself and of course, there are times that you find yourself a little bit unfortunate.

“But whether it could be a yellow flag or something like that or traffic, it?s not really any excuse, we all have to do it, we all have to do the job.

“Others are able to do it, so I think it?s just been a lack of some pace, a lack of some being in the right place at the right time so that?s what we?re working towards improving.”

Despite several incidents between him and Felipe Massa this year, Hamilton maintains he still respects his rival:

“The situation has not been great for some time now. I?ve always had respect for Felipe and still do today, regardless of the negative comments that he?s constantly coming up with.

It?s easy, in this sport, when you?re competitive and in the heat of the moment, to say things that perhaps you don?t mean, whether or not he does mean them.

“But regardless, I?ve tried to show respect, particularly in the last race, I?m very, very sorry for that. I really didn?t see him. I?ve just seen the replay today and he was quite far up the outside of me but out of my mirrors, I can?t see a thing, and I was looking to the right and I couldn?t see him, so by the time I realised he was on the left it was too late.

“I think I?ve been in the wrong place in the last few races. We?ve had the car to be quite a bit further ahead as Jenson [Button] showed and so perhaps if I was doing the right job I wouldn?t be in this situation with Felipe but again, just all due respect and I hope that in the future we can put our guards down and he can be cool with me again. I?m cool with him, so I have no problems with him.”

2011 Korean Grand Prix

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51 comments on Hamilton: “I put it down to myself”

  1. Ignacio said on 13th October 2011, 16:10

    I think that is down to the fact that he is not more the first driver.
    My impression is that it is a confidence problem. He has been always hyper-protected in McLaren and now with Button outperforming him, it isn’t that he is not a great driver, but he needs to be reassured constantly to outperform.

    Welcome to adulthood, where you have to deal with your hideous, obscure demons.

    If he survive to Button next season, he will become a better driver!!

    • sklal79 (@sklal79) said on 13th October 2011, 16:41

      If you look at the season, Button has simply capitalised on races where Lewis crashed or had tangles. Button went on to win @ Canada by arguably crashing out his team mate. @ Spa an accident with Kobayashi put him out of a podium. Japan was altogether amystery re tyres. Point is Button is in a good place and much more mature now than he ever was but due to Lewis’s performances is not under immense pressure to perform. Given an accident free race and no bad luck he will always outperform Button, fact.

      • dirgegirl (@dirgegirl) said on 13th October 2011, 18:46

        @sklal79 – Unfortunately the accidents and the “bad luck” are part of his current run of performance, as LH says himself in the article.

      • Mads (@mads) said on 13th October 2011, 20:53

        I also believe that on a good day, even for both of them, Hamilton would outperform Button.
        Sadly, Hamilton is having nothing but bad days, at least on race weekends and it is his own fault, so right now Button is outperforming Hamilton.
        But I think that, when Hamilton get his head straight and start doing what he is best at which is driving super quickly, he will have Button covered most of the time.
        At least when it stays dry.

  2. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 13th October 2011, 17:44

    Finally he agreed that he has made the most mistakes this season.I think FIA should have had Massa also in the press conference.

  3. dennis (@dennis) said on 13th October 2011, 19:34

    If this was 1999, the FIA would ban the McLaren for irregular mirrors.

  4. Robbie (@robbie) said on 13th October 2011, 20:39

    Not a huge LH fan but I have no problem with him really…good to see him own his actions this year…I predict better years ahead for him and that he will have learned some things from this year.

  5. It’s the earrings. Men shouldn’t wear them. All his problems started when he put them on. It affects your balance and your spatial awareness, look at how women drive!

  6. kenneth Ntulume said on 14th October 2011, 11:09


    The implication is, ONLY if Lewis underperforms, thats when he is in the same league with Felipe…..VERY MEAN

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