Ross Brawn, Mercedes, Hungaroring, 2011

Brawn: Resource Restriction Agreement is “at a crossroads”

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Ross Brawn, Mercedes, Hungaroring, 2011
Brawn: concerned about 'innuendo and accusations'

Ross Brawn says the Resource Restriction Agreement is coming under greater pressure and must be strengthened.

Speaking in today’s FIA press conference the Mercedes team principal said more must be done to ensure all teams are sticking to the spending limits.

Brawn said: “I think for us, we?re respecting the RRA but I think it?s at a crossroads, I think it?s at a crossroads because it?s now starting to bite to those three or four teams who have to control their resource to comply.

“I think there?s seven or eight teams for whom RRA means nothing because they?re always going to be below the limit.

“Now we?re at a stage where the targets that were set are starting to bite into the three or four teams and this is where it starts to get contentious and we haven?t structured it well enough yet to have the controls and checks and reassurances in place that gives everybody comfort and [that] leads to the innuendo and accusations that get thrown around.”

Mercedes has made recruited several major figures to its technical staff this year, including Bob Bell, Geoff Willis and Aldo Costa.

Following claims – none of which have been proven – that some teams may have broken the RRA, Brawn said: “We?re total supporters of the idea of RRA, but for us, it has to be much more robust in how it?s controlled, how it?s monitored, how it?s policed, because it is a performance differentiator.

“You can?t deny that a team spending five million more each year will have an advantage over a team that doesn?t do that, and therefore it has to be very well controlled, very strongly audited and it has to be done by a reference which is the same for all teams, otherwise we have no guarantee of parity, and I think for us, RRA is at a crossroads.

“We support it totally, but the teams have to come together to find a solution to make sure that we?re all comfortable with the way we go forward or else we will have a continuation of the problems that we?re having at the moment, all the comments, the rumour, the innuendo, the distrust that we have.”

Formula 1 Teams Association chairman and McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh said: “Each of the teams and team principals continue to assure FOTA that they are abiding by the limitations that are contained within the Resource Restriction Agreement.

“Bear in mind that although, clearly, there is a lot of media interest we are doing this for one reason. We are doing it for ourselves. We are doing it for the sustainability of Formula 1.

“It is not intended to be part of the show or the spectacle of Formula 1. It is an internal process, but I understand people are interested in it and like to speculate if there is some controversy behind it, but certainly my view is it isn?t perfect, there will always be challenge.

“I think we have got to improve it, I think we have got to work together to enhance trust and mutual respect in the process. Will we ever reach a stage where everyone is very comfortable, has no concern, no accusation? I doubt [that], just as there isn?t with technical regulations in my experience.

“But I think it has been the right thing for the sport and I think we have got to continue to persevere with it.”

Virgin team principal John Booth said the RRA is “very, very important” to his outfit:

“Remember we gave up a lot, together with the other new teams, we gave up a lot in the entry to the sport. We gave up the option B and we gave up the price cap and bought into the RRA wholeheartedly and it?s very, very important to us that it continues and we work towards the agreement.

“I think a spending formula where three or maybe four teams could thrive is not what people want and we must work very hard to avoid that.”

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