A lap of India’s F1 track with Sebastian Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel introduces the Buddh International Circuit, home of the Indian Grand Prix, in this video produced by Red Bull:

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40 comments on A lap of India’s F1 track with Sebastian Vettel

  1. Nice :)

    Actually one of my favorite tracks in F1 2011 :)

  2. Antranik (@antranik) said on 15th October 2011, 12:30

    Imagine two drivers battling it out like that IRL. That would be the best thing EVER!

  3. Dan_the_McLaren_fan (@dan_the_mclaren_fan) said on 15th October 2011, 12:43

    Looks a bit like Sepang … in a better way.

    Not too much slow corners and chicanes, but a nice selection of fast turns. The big and long corners might like quite impressive with F1-cars. The fact that the track isn’t flat is also an advantage.

    Could it be a good Tilke track?

    • Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 15th October 2011, 12:53

      Another Tilkebore for me I’m afraid:

      – Long straight bookended by slow corners
      – Direction change just as you’re about to go full-throttle
      – Corner that tightens at the end, forcing braking whilst turning

      In other words, the usual Tilke tricks, just copy-pasted into a different configuration. Sector 3 is pretty decent though. It’s just yet another opportunity wasted on Tilke’s obsession with creating tracks that test all of a car’s areas. Turn 7 in particular looks like he saw the final thing and thought “oops, forgot to put a technical bit in”.

      • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 15th October 2011, 13:02

        What would you prefer? A circuit that only tests one aspect of a car? We had one like that – it was called Hockenheim, and it was always won by the car with the most powerful engine. I’d rather a circuit where the drivers had to play to their cars’ strengths, and hope that whatever advantage they had in two sectors would overcome their shortcomings in the third. We saw it in Korea today – drivers were setting similar lap times, but getting their speed in different ways and in different places.

        • Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 15th October 2011, 13:13

          What would you prefer? A circuit that only tests one aspect of a car?

          Yes, I would. Even Monza isn’t really a test of straight-line speed anymore, yet we still have Catalunya which tests aero and Monaco which tests mechanical grip, so I don’t see why straight-line speed is particular abnormal, unless you’d like to voice disapproval at the specialised nature of these circuits too. It would be nice to have something different and unique to put it on the map and give us a change once in a while. I dislike both the above tracks but at least they’re different. We have plenty of Buddh/Yeongam/Sepang cut-and-paste circuits already, no-one can really complain there’s not enough of them.

          • Lachie (@lachie) said on 15th October 2011, 14:12

            Hear hear! It’s time to get back some more unique circuits rather than a calendar full of autodromes.

  4. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 15th October 2011, 13:03

    That video was just showing off sponsors mainly…

  5. John H (@john-h) said on 15th October 2011, 13:04

    Crikey, a few Turkey 2010 moments there! Track looks promising, looking forward to it.

  6. Eggry (@eggry) said on 15th October 2011, 13:19

    in F1 2010 it’s quite enjoyable track. but it doesn’t mean it would be actually.

  7. Eggry (@eggry) said on 15th October 2011, 13:24

    Vettel, you should give Webber room! :D

  8. ScuderiaVincero (@scuderiavincero) said on 15th October 2011, 13:43

    Looks good to me, looking forward to seeing the Indian Grand Prix :)

  9. Seems like a great track, hope it delivers to be a great race.

  10. Younger Hamii (@younger-hamii) said on 15th October 2011, 13:58

    I can see it being another McLaren & RB Track,To be its more like a High Speed Circuit with elements from tracks such as Sepang & Turkey

  11. vjanik said on 15th October 2011, 15:03

    thats not a video of the track but of red bull cars. cant see anything but sponsors and helmets. an onboard lap is much better at showing off a circuit. next time without the fancy stuff please.

  12. TED BELL said on 15th October 2011, 17:19

    nice slick Hollywood version of the track….wonder what the surrounding area looks like?

  13. GameR_K (@gamer_k) said on 15th October 2011, 17:32

    Very good video. Hopefully the circuit is like as it was shown, minus all those yellow marked stripes. This is F1, not NFS

  14. Fer no.65 (@fer-no65) said on 15th October 2011, 18:23

    It indeed looks like a rollercoaster ride!

  15. Mahir C said on 15th October 2011, 18:27

    It is Mark Webber who is spinning in both of the videos. Just shows who the golden boy in Red Bull is :)

    I agree with the few others posters above, another boring Tilkedrom. Looks too much like Korea actually. 1st sector is all about slow turns and two long straights, then the windy fast bit starts. Just like Korea, nothing wrong with it when you look at it in isolation, but when you have a calendar full of them you have to say enough is enough.

    • GameR_K (@gamer_k) said on 15th October 2011, 19:33

      There are two cars, car 1 spins and car 2 leads. In the final corner car 2 spins and they both don’t cross the line. The reason the cars don’t cross the line is because there are people like you out there trying to prove a point over nothing

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