Robert Kubica, Renault, Valencia, 2011

Renault extend deadline for Robert Kubica

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In today’s round-up: Eric Boullier has extended the deadline for Robert Kubica?s return to F1 until mid-November, saying ??they are very confident that Robert will be back??.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Renault set to extend deadline for Kubica F1 return (Autosport)

??Renault team principal Eric Boullier is willing to give Robert Kubica more time to prove his fitness for a possible Formula 1 return next season.??

HRT fined for unsafe release of Daniel Ricciardo in Korea (Autosport)

??The HRT team has been fined 5,000 Euros for the unsafe release of Daniel Ricciardo during the Korean Grand Prix.??

Red Bull cast doubt on future of FOTA (Reuters)

??Formula One world champions Red Bull cast doubt on the future of the teams’ association FOTA on Sunday after a meeting at the Korean Grand Prix to discuss two key agreements. ??I think that FOTA has reached the crossroads where it needs to deal with some of the key issues moving forward or we’ll stop. It’s as simple as that,? team principal Christian Horner told Reuters before the race.??

Pirelli to meet FOTA Sporting Regulations Working Group to discuss 2012 tyre rule tweaks (Autosport)

??Pirelli has been invited to meet Formula 1 sporting directors at the Indian Grand Prix in a bid to forge an agreement on tyre regulation tweaks for 2012. Following recent controversy about teams electing not to run in Q3 in a bid to save tyres plus the implication of unused rubber and a testing plan going forwards, the teams and Pirelli have had varied opinions about a way forward that satisfies both them and the fans.??

Korean Grand Prix from the pit lane with Ted Kravitz (BBC F1)

??BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz with the behind-the-scenes gossip from the Korean Grand Prix, where Sebastian Vettel’s victory helped Red Bull wrap up a second consecutive constructors’ championship.??

Infiniti and Red Bull deepen relationship (Joe Saward)

??The partnership between Red Bull and Infiniti is to be expanded in 2012. The cars next year will feature more prominent branding on the cars, drivers, team staff and equipment. In addition the two companies will increase the global and market leverage of their alliance. There will also be more involvement between Infiniti/Nissan R&D engineers and the team.??

Lewis Hamilton Q&A: I am not ecstatic, but I?m happy (

??I have always felt confident in myself, regardless of how much negative talk there was around the world. I still rise above it. And that is key. Every sportsman around the world has tough times – in fact every human being. And even if I finished one place down from the win, which makes me first of the losers, it?s a better position to be in than finishing anywhere else. I have to say that my fans always supported me – on facebook, on twitter and so on – and I this helped a lot and felt really special.

Heikki Kovalainen on Twitter

??In Tokyo again, flew with [Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber, David Coulthard and Jenson Button], now off to hotel, good night sleep then off to fitness/golf week in Thailand! Can’t wait??

Vijay Mallya on Twitter

??Next Formula One race is the highlight of the season. The Indian GP -finally…a truly proud and emotional moment coming up.??

Formula One title race could be blown wide open by diffuser ban in 2012, says Red Bull’s Adrian Newey (The Telegraph)

??Red Bull wrapped up their second consecutive constructors? title in Korea on Sunday where Sebastian Vettel claimed his 10th win of the season just a week after sealing back-to-back drivers? titles. But Newey, who was not in Korea after returning to Milton Keynes to work on next year?s machine, says the perception that the current status quo will be maintained could well be misguided.??

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Comment of the day

Vitaly Petrov was handed a five-place grid penalty for the next race following his collision with Michael Schumacher yesterday. Steph said:

I like Petrov but it?s hardly surprising. He ruined Schumacher?s race in a completely avoidable accident. I wonder though now, given some incidents whether penalties are given because of the amount of damage someone inflicts rather than it being avoidable given Hamilton and Massa. But then again, Hamilton didn?t get a penalty for what happened with Kobayashi (I don?t mean to pick on Lewis it?s just his incidents are by far easier to remember) or maybe it?s because of how daft the incident is and Petrov?s was easily the stupidest.

Actually, I?ve realised I have no idea what the stewards think the majority of the time and would love to be a fly on the wall or see the footage they get to see. It won?t be great if the stewards gave more of an insight into their decisions rather than just giving out a verdict as then it would be easier to judge especially when it comes to consistency.

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Hamilton vs Vettel in 2005

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On this day in F1

Nelson Piquet won his first world championship 30 years ago today.

He did so by finishing fifth for Brabham in the Las Vegas Grand Prix at the Caeser’s Palace circuit. Principle championship rival Carlos Reutemann slumped to eighth in his Williams in a mysteriously off-colour performance.

Bernie Ecclestone, who was the Brabham team owner when Piquet won the championship, recently made some frank admissions about how the team operated:

Back then, at the times of Brabham, I had a significant advantage. We were the masters of cheating and never got caught. That?s not possible nowadays!