Red Bull aim to get second for Webber

2011 F1 season

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner aims to get Mark Webber into second in the drivers’ championship.

Horner said: “Our priority is to get Mark up into second in the drivers’ championship. It’d be great to see him win a race this year before the year’s out.

“We’re just going to be going for it every race between now and Brazil. And, of course, what we learn in in the remaining races only stands us in good stead for next year.”

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Korea, 2011

Webber is 13 points off second

Webber is currently fourth in the championship, 13 points behind second-placed Jenson Button.

Speaking at the team’s constructors’ championship victory celebration earlier this week, Horner said the team had many highlights to reflect on from their dominant season.

“There’s been so many,” he said, naming their wins in Monza, Melbourne and Monaco as among the most memorable.

“To win for the first time in Spa and achieve a one-two there,” he added. “After the problems we had in Istanbul last year, to go back and get a one-two this year in the manner that we did. So it’s hard to name one.”

But chief technical officer singled out one race win as being particularly special: “If I had to say a single stand-out in many ways it would be Monza.

“That’s not been a happy hunting ground for us the last few years. We’ve been off the pace. We went into that race fearing that it would be a damage limitation race, that we wouldn’t really be competitive. So to qualify on pole there and far Sebastian to disappear in the race was a great surprise. And I think it’s those surprises that always become most memorable.”

Newey said the team’s emphatic championship victory was one to savour after last year’s last-gasp win:

“I think the circumstances are slightly different. Last year we made a lot of mistakes. We had some unreliability problems, one or two driver mistakes. We chucked away a lot of points so it was a very difficult year where we had a quick car but didn’t seem to be able to make that work at times.

“The result was that certainly the drivers’ went right down to the wire and we really went into the last race on the back foot, Fernando [Alonso] looking really strong. So to actually come away with the drivers’ championship in Abu Dhabi last year was an amazing feeling. We’d come as the underdogs and don e it at the last moment.

“This year we come out of the blocks strongly in Melbourne, we’ve led the championship throughout. It’s been nip-and-tuck at times – we haven’t always had the fastest car – but we’ve managed to keep our nose ahead. So to demonstrate that we could do that has been satisfaction. Last year was sort of ‘wow, amazing’, but this year has been real satisfaction that we’ve just managed to keep it there.”

2011 F1 season

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59 comments on Red Bull aim to get second for Webber

  1. The Edge (@the-edge) said on 21st October 2011, 15:43

    I didn’t think putting Vettel in Marks car was permitted…I cant think what else they must mean

    perhaps vettels going to crash into both Mclarens and Alonso

  2. Fixy (@fixy) said on 21st October 2011, 18:02

    He has the possibilty to do so, but if Button resumes his pre-Korea formit’l be hard (he was good in Korea but Webber was better).

  3. Joey-Poey (@joey-poey) said on 21st October 2011, 20:40

    I think no matter what happens or what they say, Red Bull will still be catching flak from people. Webber’s a likeable driver and I admit that even I prefer him over Vettel. And though I’m not Red Bull fan, all I can do at this point is go by what I see and hear them do and say. And already I’ve heard them say “we don’t do team orders” and then give team orders -twice this year- which has not done much for making them seem trustworthy.

  4. sid_prasher (@) said on 21st October 2011, 20:54

    I would assume RBR might be more supportive of webber in terms of strategies and setup…but I dont think Vettel is going to get off the pace – he wants to win them all and will go for it – after all you never know how good the car will be next year…
    Webber has been poor this year for the car he has had…

  5. Those 13 points look so hard to shorten if you compare points between Webber and Button such as the start, the average performance in race and (why not) the bad luck Webber sometimes has in pits.
    Besides that, let’s not forget Alonso and Hamilton are on the run for it as well

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