Vettel expects Indian circuit to be second-fastest F1 track

2011 Indian Grand Prix

Buddh International Circuit

Buddh International Circuit

Sebastian Vettel expects the new Buddh International Circuit to be the second-fastest track on the F1 calendar after Monza.

The Red Bull driver said: “We?re expecting the track to have the second highest average speed of the season after Monza. That means that we?ll be completing a lap at an average speed of 235kph, so there should be plenty of good opportunities to overtake.”

F1 cars lap Monza at an average speed of around 250kph (155mph), making it by far the fastest circuit on the calendar.

Vettel said the circuit also has a lot of elevation change: “The altitude difference is extreme, rather like in Spa or Turkey, which will give the driving an additional element.”

He added: “I?m really looking forward to India; I always do when we drive on a new track.”

Team mate Mark Webber said: “We have completed some good simulator work, but in terms of the kerbs and other subtle final details, these will obviously come into place right at the end, so I?d say we have an 85% understanding of what the track is going to be like.”

Webber describes a lap of the track in this video from Red Bull

2011 Indian Grand Prix

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47 comments on Vettel expects Indian circuit to be second-fastest F1 track

  1. Dave (@dworsley) said on 22nd October 2011, 4:19

    Having done work in my own simulator, likely using the same track data as Red Bull is, the average speed is very high that surprised me when first driving it. It’s not ‘massively high speed’ like Silverstone, or in another way like Monza, but almost all the cars are medium speed, with a couple low speed and high speed corners.

    Generally, a real fun track to drive on, although I’m sure I’ll see many comments for years saying “another Tilkedrome, so boring, bring back ‘”.

  2. ooleeep said on 22nd October 2011, 7:34

    I dont think it will be the second quickest,the average lap speeds will be quick,but probably less than 220 kmph.

  3. raymondu999 (@raymondu999) said on 22nd October 2011, 7:44

    I despise turn 3 here. I tried it on F1 2011. The wide exit just invites you to go on the power so early and once you get to the exit; your car is still pointing off the road.

  4. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 22nd October 2011, 23:01

    It really surprises me that it could be the second quickest!

    For me the track is a hell of a lot of fun on F1 2011. And it is just me or does it have a real European feel to the track? it feels like a fast Hungary in parts, with the ‘fast’, wide hairpins and elevation changes of the Nurburgring.

    Another reason it feels more traditional is because it seems to be more enclosed than the likes of Turkey, or Bahrain for example.

  5. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 23rd October 2011, 14:35

    This does indeed look like a bit of a nightmare set-up wise. Quite tight in places as well which is cool.

    Looking forward to seeing it in action and of course the pole lap.

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