Jenson Button, McLaren, Korea, 2011

FIA sets new engine mapping restrictions

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In the round-up: New FIA restrictions aim to stop teams getting around 2012 ban on exhaust-blown diffusers.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

FIA in engine-mapping clampdown (Autosport)

“Although moves to outlaw blown diffusers have already resulted in teams being forced to run with periscope exhausts in 2012, there have been mounting concerns that some outfits are still trying to exploit loopholes in this area of the regulations.”

Kubica ‘months’ away from return (ESPN)

Robert Kubica is still ‘a few more months’ away from being able to return to Formula One, according to his doctor.”

Sauber?s mantra for Indian GP: Pujari to bless cars, drivers (Indian Express)

“The Sauber F1 team will have their Ferrari-powered cars blessed by a pujari at the team?s paddock next Friday ? the day before qualifying.”

Mercedes F-Duct Front wing (ScarbsF1)

“What are Mercedes doing with this wing? It seems the potential for the wing could be either to increase downforce, cut drag or alter a handling imbalance. This latter use might be to overcome problems with the 2011 chassis and the driving styles of the teams two drivers.”

Formula 1 to see ‘new’ Lewis Hamilton in 2012, says dad (BBC)

Anthony Hamilton: “You’ve not seen Lewis Hamilton yet, you’ve seen a young Lewis Hamilton. Now a new Lewis Hamilton is coming.”

F1 players set for a courtroom drama (FT, registration required)

“For Mr Ecclestone, the trial will mean uncomfortable public scrutiny of his unconventional deal-making methods and his substantial wealth.”

Lucky fan gets the drive of a lifetime (McLaren)

“Johnnie Walker today provided Djordje Simic from Serbia with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, when he took the wheel of the 2008 Championship-winning Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 car at Silverstone, after winning the Johnnie Walker ‘Drive of a Lifetime’ competition.”

Comment of the day

Not a lot of people were impressed by Red Bull’s zeal for getting Mark Webber second in the drivers’ championship:

There?s no way that this works out well for Webber. If he starts doing better, it could imply that the team actually weren?t fully behind him this season, and if he doesn?t improve then it?s a case of even with the team?s support, he can?t get the job done.

Are they trying to ruin his confidence?

From the forum

  • Vitantonio Liuzzi, Mika Salo, Jan Magnussen, Sebastien Bourdais, Christian Klien and Gianni Morbidelli are among the past and present F1 talent racing in the Gold Coast 600 this weekend

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On this day in F1

Fernando Alonso won the world championship for the second time by finishing second to Felipe Massa in the Brazilian Grand Prix five years ago today.

Michael Schumacher bowed out from Formula 1 with a battling recovery drive to finish fourth behind Jenson Button.