New York 2013 F1 track plan

New Jersey Grand Prix expected to be announced on Tuesday

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New York 2013 F1 track plan
New Jersey 2013 F1 track plan

Formula 1 is poised to confirm a second race in the USA.

The Wall Street Journal reports a press conference will be held on Tuesday is expected to announce plans for a race in New Jersey beginning in 2013.

This would be the second American round of the championship alongside the Austin Grand Prix, which will take place for the first time next year.

Provisional plans for a circuit were revealed in August:

If the project comes to fruition it will realise Bernie Ecclestone’s long-held plans for a race in the New York area.

F1 in New York

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  1. Now, where to slide this race into an already crowded calendar?

    After Montreal in the spring? I can’t see it being held before/after Austin because of the chilly possibilities of November.

    Also doesn’t this only continue to hurt Montreal sales? East Coasters like myself would certainly have a very easy time of arriving in New Jersey/New York in the spring. Many fellow Americans I spoke to at the track this year mentioned they’d rather visit Austin in 2012. Another race only 600km away would seem possible to continue to deteriorate Canadian ticket sales.

    1. I am pretty sure that is exactly the idea @eastman, to have this one paired with Montreal.

      But I would hope having more races in better time zones helps getting American interest up again and actually boost the sport.

    2. yup, its rumored that it would be held in June in back-to-back weekends with Montreal

    3. It does not bode well for the Canadian GP, as it could be a slot-in replacement for Montreal.

  2. Hopefully someone gets out there and films a lap of the proposed circuit soon.

    1. Well, this proposal is two months old. Things could well have changed in the time since. Especially to the bottom end of the circuit; the above proposal looks awkward. Something like this would be viable. And it would be a little shorter that the standard 5.5km length for new circuits, so the race would be 61 laps instead of 55. Or they could go for a longer, Spa-like length.

      1. Spa-lenght option is great, but it seems to me there is a quick stretch of, say, a couple of miles. Absolutely difficult to accept for a street track, for safety reasons (well…even if at Korea they run a 1 km straight between two concrete walls…)

        1. I doubt it would happen, but it would be fantastic if it did. And Formula 1 is safe enough to be able to handle a two-mile blast along an arterial road – the drivers are the best in the world at what they do, so how about we stop treating them like they need to be wrapped in cotton wool?

          1. Yes, and Schumacher should have retired for good by 2013 – that will make the driving a bit safer…

  3. Something interesting that I’ve noticed: there’s not really a lot of space for the pits. I first thought they’d go along the Avenue at Port Imperial, but the pit lne would end up being over a kilometre long. A lot of the suggestions that I’ve seen online have been along the lines of this, with the pits squeezed along the Ferry Boulevard at the south end of the circuit. Here the lane would only be four hundred metres long, but I don’t think that it would be an appropriate place for the start/finish line. The old US Grand Prix West at Long Beach used to have the start and finish lines separate for “safety reasons” (which I have never been able to determine), so that the race was run over eighty and a half laps. Could we perhaps see that here?

  4. Support Formula 1’s return to the US..

  5. OOT. RIP Marco Simoncelli

  6. Pauly D chicane, Snooki hairpin and “The Situation” straight, anyone?

    1. @dennis – no thanks. The only reason I suggested the “Snooki Hairpin” is because the corner is right next to the sewage treatment plant. Because that’s where “Jersey Shore” belongs: in the toilet.

      If (heaven forbid) the show is still on the air in 2013, there will no doubt be an episode where they try to go to the Grand Prix (because they think they’re important) where Snooki gets into a catfight with Nicole Scherzinger; Pauly D mistakes his team headphones for DJ headphone and starts playing with the team’s monitors, inadvertently sabotaging mark Webber’s race so that Vettel can win; The Situation hits on Jessica Michibata and ends up in hospital with “helmet-shaped bruises”; and JWoww tries to get more downforce added to her implants before Bernie Ecclestone chases everyone out with a shotgun.

      Which would actually make for some fairly compelling viewing.

      1. And I swear that everything I know about the cast’s personalities came from Wikipedia. We don’t actually get “Jersey Shore” here in Australia.

  7. To be honest I am surprised by this news, considering that the Austin Gp still has not been held yet. In these difficult economic times, of which America has been badly affected, would it not be prudent to see how successfull the Texas race is first before committing to another one in the same country?
    Some may scoff at this, I know Austin and New Jersey are thousands of miles away, but lets look at the facts. Race organisers in Korea have already come out in public to complain at the poor attendance figures for this year’s grand prix, at a circuit that only opened in 2010. The grands prix in Turkey was scrapped earlier this year due to huge losses, the Chinese grands prix has huge sections of grandstands shrouded by advertisement hoardings during race weekends, and struggles to attract the crowds.
    To be realistic, all of American motorsports is suffering from poor attendances in the main due to the poor economy. Many NASCAR races in recent years have adopted Shanghai’s tactic of hiding empty stands with advertisement hoardings. I could not help but notice that the Indycar finale at Las Vegas did not sell out, an event that sadly will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. So as I say, I am surprised.
    At the same time though, I am also excited. The thought of seeing F1 race cars competing, with the Hudson River and Lower Manhattan as a backdrop, certainly gets the juices flowing. I hope I am proved wrong, and the events in New Jersey and Austin become huge success stories. The fact remains though that it is not easy for these new circuits right now, and for some of the established ones, to survive.
    When you also take into account that Formula One in America gets very little mainstream coverage, you begin to realise just how big a gamble this is.

  8. I’m so late to read this, but I actually think this would work better than a race in Austin. America is the place for a street circuit and this looks like it could be amazing.

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