Sebastian Vettel in hometown demo run

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In today?s round-up: Sebastian Vettel takes part in a demo run in front of 30,000 fans in Heppenheim, Germany.


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Vettel’s Hometown Celebration in Heppenheim (Red Bull F1)

??Watch double world champion Sebastian Vettel?s homecoming celebrations as he meets and greets 30,000 fans in Heppenheim, Germany.??

F1 fan drives Lewis Hamilton?s F1 McLaren: Video (James Allen on F1)

??Here is my video of the day a F1 fan drove Lewis Hamilton?s McLaren F1 car at Silverstone. Djorge Simic works in a bank in Serbia, but for one day he got to taste the shattering performance of a 2008 F1 McLaren, the car in which Lewis Hamilton won the 2008 British Grand Prix.??

Race to India bypasses the poor (The Independent)

??Formula One’s glamorous, high-octane roadshow rolls into India this week as the country prepares to stage its first Grand Prix next Sunday. The multi-millionaire drivers will be accompanied by the usual retinue of models and high-profile extras, who will descend on the Buddh international circuit in Greater Noida, 30 miles outside New Delhi.

??Around ??3 million is being spent on next weekend’s entertainment around a race which is being entirely run and funded by India’s private sector. Ticket prices are exorbitant by Indian standards. The cheapest at ??30 is the equivalent of a manual workers monthly wage; the ??160,000 for an executive box is more than most Indians could earn in several lifetimes. Almost all the boxes are sold out with a capacity 120,000 crowd expected.??

Bernie goes to Bollywood… but not everyone is singing his praises as India prepares for F1 (The Mail)

??Chaos reigns daily on the roads of India’s capital. On Friday, it took more than four hours to travel less than 20 miles before our journey to the Buddh motor racing circuit – the venue for the inaugural Indian Grand Prix next Sunday – had to be abandoned.

??Our car was caught up in a gridlock on the highway between the sprawling metropolis, with its landmarks from the colonial past, and the circuit, a ??200million symbol of India’s fast-developing economy.??

I would have banned Las Vegas race, insists F1 chief Ecclestone (The Mail)

??In Formula One we do everything possible to secure the safety of the drivers and the spectators. I’m very happy the new circuit in India has been built to conform to our safety requirements.

??We would never have let that race take place in Las Vegas last week. With 34 cars racing on a 1.5 mile oval track, they were heading for disaster.??

Jenson Button on Twitter

??R.I.P Marco… Such an exciting talent lost. My thoughts are with his family, friends and everyone involved in MotoGP. Sometimes Motorsport can be so cruel…??

Martin Brundle on Twitter

??Death in name of sport is unacceptable, everyone works so hard to prevent. It’s the nature of motorsport. Three times I cheated death, feel guilty.??

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Comment of the day

There was a link to the Korean Grand Prix video edit in yesterday?s round-up. bosyber said:

Fun, Alonso trying the overtake Massa via radio again ?ǣ much faster and safer than even via pits, I guess, and interesting how that plays with his last lap ??give up?? comment. Clearly some ??teambuilding?? going on there.

More remarkable, in a way, was the way the edit failed to show the nicest bit of the HAM-WEB fight where they went side by side through S2. I did like the HAM: ???? much quicker than me?? followed by ??Lewis, you are doing great, still 16 laps to go??; great fight that was (I just finished re-watching the race).

From the forum

Just a week since Dan Wheldon?s accident, Marco Simoncelli has died of injuries sustained in a crash with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi at Sepang.

Read more: F1 community pays tribute to Dan Wheldon

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On this day in F1

Jo Siffert lost his life in a non-championship race at Brands Hatch 40 years ago today.

The World Championship Victory Race had been arranged to celebrate Jackie Stewart winning the championship for the second time.

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37 comments on Sebastian Vettel in hometown demo run

  1. mike-e (@mike-e) said on 24th October 2011, 11:26

    It’s sad, simoncelli was my current favourite motoGP rider. But racing is racing, if there was no fear, there would in turn be no excitement. It’s such a sad thing when something like this happens, but it mustn’t stop there being racing. The riders/drivers accept the risk and the true greats put everything on the line, right on the edge, which is spectacular to watch and admirable for the commitment. I am truly sorry for all the people who know Marco, and wish them all the help and support they need.

    I work as a marshal and dealing with similar events, its tough…. really tough, more so dealing with the people who are left alive then the actual fatality. But its part of it, people die all the time fixing electric boxes in peoples houses, fishing out at sea, working in construction…… but you wouldn’t stop these things happening would you.

    R.I.P. Marco, Dan, Ben gautrey, and all the others we’ve lost this year.

  2. RBAlonso (@rbalonso) said on 24th October 2011, 14:01

    What a tragic week for motorsport, I speak for everyone I know when I say that the families of Marco Simoncelli and Dan Wheldon are in our thoughts this week. Motor racing by definition will never be safe, but this is a tragedy. It makes me think of our great sport over the years. The gut-wrenching feeling of seeing a man die doing something you love is painful but, can you imagine if it was your best friend like in the 1960’s in formula 1? If one death happens it is too many and tbh I feel like I know all the drivers like friends because we get such great insight into their lives. One day our luck will run out too. Nothing can prevent accidents of the magnitude of Kubica’s or Coulthard and Wurz and while everything was fine there, watching Schumacher in Abu Dhabi last year was the fright of my life. I guess we can only pray for more time and that you die doing what you love. RIP Marco, RIP Dan, RIP Ayrtron, Gilles, Ronnie and to all of motorsport’s fallen.

  3. The Limit said on 25th October 2011, 14:04

    I must admit that I found Bernie Ecclestone’s comments in the Daily Mail totally out of order and to be frank, disgusting. We all agree that the Indycar series made mistakes over the events at Las Vegas, which may or may not have resulted in Dan Wheldon’s death, but Ecclestone’s track record is nothing to be proud of. Imola 1994 resulted in two drivers dead and a third in the hospital, and unlike Indycar, Ecclestone allowed the race to go ahead after all three accidents had occured. Despite that fact that he knew that Senna was, at best, in a coma if not dead already. Yes F1 has come along way, but please do not delude yourself Bernie that you put the drivers safety before turning a dollar!
    Brazil 2003 and Indy 2005 were both two races that did not exactly advertise F1 in the best possible light. Ralf Schumacher’s crash in 05 was not a surprise, it was known to everybody that the tires were vunerable at the last turn yet the drivers were still allowed out. When Ralf crashed there the year before, the whole field had to drive through the debris ‘BEHIND’ the safety car instead of through the pitlane for safety. I could go on and on.
    Using Dan Wheldon’s death as an excuse to boast about how good ‘your’ series is, to be honest, makes you lower than a dog in my opinion!

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