Adrian Sutil, Force India, Korea, 2011

Sutil wants Force India decision before December

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In the round-up: Adrian Sutil says he can’t wait until December to learn if he will be staying at Force India.


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Sutil in a hurry to know future at Force India (Reuters)

“I can’t wait till December. I will speak to [Vijay Mallya] very soon and see what his ideas are. I don’t need to wait so long for a seat. I think I know what I can do, so I don’t feel insecure.”

News channels threaten F1 boycott (Hindustan Times)

“[Jaypee?s vice-president of communications Askari] Zaidi added that even the organisers couldn’t get a race feed for a promotional documentary they were shooting on the making of the circuit. ‘We requested them (FOM) to allow us to bring in cameras, but were refused. Even after we asked them to look into the matter, they refused, saying we could only buy a one-minute feed of the race.'”

Mumbai planning Formula One circuit (ESPN)

“With the inaugural Indian Grand Prix taking place outside New Delhi this weekend, interest in the sport in India has been growing, and now a consortium has been appointed by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) to investigate the possibility of a Grand Prix circuit development in Mumbai.”

Brundle on the verge of Sky move (Daily Telegraph)

“With Brundle ? by some distance the UK?s highest-profile F1 pundit ? on the verge of moving to Sky for a sum believed to be in excess of ??1 million per year BBC chiefs have a conundrum.”

Changes (Joe Saward)

“The most interesting is the news that Jorg Zander is not going to design cars for HRT. This would appear to be an indication that the German engineer is not really interested in getting mixed up with a team that does not seem to know where it is going.”

“See-saw” Splitter, FIA issue a Technical Directive (ScarbsF1)

“The FIA’s response was a technical directive, coded TD35. It’s not surprising that it confirmed such an splitter would not be legal. But, crucially the FIA confirmed that they reserve the right to alter the test to ensure the deflection test procedure isn?t being exploited.”

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Comment of the day

An interesting thought on track design from DaveW:

A missing element of track design is connection of the track and design with the surrounding space, with context. Spa addresses its surroundings elegantly. Same for the Nordschleife, Fuji, Elkhart Lake. Suzuka weaves through its landscape like bird. Look at Turkey, it could be anywhere on earth, or the moon. Same for Shanghai. Making the track in the shape of a character is not context.

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On this day in F1

Jack Brabham started his final race in the Mexican Grand Prix on this day in 1970.

When Michael Schumacher led at the Japanese Grand Prix earlier this year he became the oldest driver since Brabham to occupy first place in a race.