New Jersey confirms 2013 F1 street race plans

2013 F1 calendar

Keke Rosberg, Williams, Detroit, 1985

Keke Rosberg on his way to victory at Detroit in 1985

Plans for a second Grand Prix in the United States of America were formally announced today.

A street race at New Jersey will join the F1 calendar in 2013 with the title Grand Prix of America.

It will join the Unites States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas which is due to join the calendar next year. It will potentially increase the number of races on the F1 calendar in 2013 to 21.

The event organisers confirmed a ten-year deal to hold the race and revealed the revised 5.15km (3.2 mile) clockwise street circuit:

The USA last held two F1 races in 1984, when street races in Detroit and Dallas were held within two weeks of each other.

F1 in New York

Image ?ι?® Williams/LAT

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169 comments on New Jersey confirms 2013 F1 street race plans

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  1. I took this screen shot during the press conference, in case anyone hasn’t seen it already (showing elevation changes of the proposed circuit):

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go back to being incoherently excited. :-D

  2. kajaja said on 25th October 2011, 20:54

    Dumb question: isn’t there some kind of rule against more than one GP per country?

  3. his_majesty said on 25th October 2011, 21:01

    The seating looks crappy, but for TV it looks epic. All of it is riverside. I don’t think it will allow for good viewing up on the hill from down there.

  4. Renner (@renner) said on 25th October 2011, 21:09

    Valencia out – New Jersey in

  5. BasCB (@bascb) said on 25th October 2011, 21:21

    And here’s a picture of the track map they presented – If it ever comest to that, @aka_robyn, how many of us could you have over at your place for a F1F meetup at that race ;-)

  6. javlinsharp (@javlinsharp) said on 25th October 2011, 21:21

    This is how I know there God Loves us. Its a long time since the COTD on this topic.

    Waves of justification, excitement, enthusiasm, and bliss cascade over my mind like the high tide.

  7. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 25th October 2011, 21:32

    Incredible news!

    I’m really, really excited by this. I’m almost certain I will go. Is there any particular website I should follow to keep up with developments?

    This would be like 2 birds with 1 stone for me. I’d live to visit New York and it seems that major attractions would be accessible enough too.

    The track looks good to me. Nowhere near as many right angles as Singapore and some nice elevation change. Remind me of Monaco dare I say it.

  8. taurus (@taurus) said on 25th October 2011, 21:36

    I was hoping it would be anti-clockwise, for some reason it seemed better that way.

  9. verstappen (@verstappen) said on 25th October 2011, 21:38

    For F1 as a whole this is good news. And for those F1F actually living in that area as well.
    For me as TV audience… I’m sceptic. I know there are contracts, but if they could stop Valencia and then have this, then I would be more excited.

  10. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 25th October 2011, 21:42

    It’s so surreal. I don’t quite think I’ve come to terms with the fact that there’ll be TWO Grands Prix in the USA in two years time – let alone a race at all!

    I thought F1 days in America may have been all but over, especially after 2007. I was very surprised and excited when news broke about Austin but I’m even more surprised an even more excited by this news. New Jersey? Really? It really is happening? Wow.

    I hope people in the area get excited by the news and I really do hope things all work out. The USA and all of her F1 Fanatics deserve a Grand Prix and deserve a good one at that. Two is a bonus. I’d love to go and watch it myself. Like @AndrewTanner says – New York AND F1? Two birds, one stone indeed.

    • Chalky (@chalky) said on 26th October 2011, 8:13

      Exactly how I feel. I’ve been to NYC once. Short trip for a couple of days in the winter. Despite the snow it was an absolutely fantastic city. This is a great opportunity. Take in the sights of NYC and a F1 Grand Prix. Nothing much gets better than that.
      Well maybe to expect a friendly smile off a New Yorker. ;)

  11. Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 25th October 2011, 21:56

    This is brilliant. The track looks good, which is hard for street circuits, the backdrop will be amazing and it will do what IndyCar has recognised is the best way to further the sport in America – bring it right to their doorstep, right next to America’s most famous city. This could really be the breakthrough F1 has been looking for for decades.

  12. Awesome that’s what im talking about, looking forward to 2013 already :). Anyway is there anychance for F1 to have a racetrack near-beach, overlooking the beach maybe Hawaii etc in the future?

  13. davidhunter13 (@davidhunter13) said on 25th October 2011, 22:09

    IT really does look like an Americanised Monaco… which to me is fantastic. Has some wide bits, some windy bits, a really nice looking hairpin, and a greta overall setting and backdrop. Much better than some random track in the middle of a concrete sprawl with nothing but right angles. Perfect! The Austin track looks like a great one too, even India I think has a good look to it.

    All we need now, as every other F1 fan/commentator has aid is to get rid of the hideous Valencia track which has brought absolutely nothing to the sport other than Webbers dramatic crash! We better not lose Spa cos Valencia won’t budge to accommodate this NY circuit!

  14. weehawken said on 25th October 2011, 22:10

    Im an F1 freak and I live in Weehawken. guess how I feel?

    The place its just perfect, I go out at night for a walk everyday and the view its simply unbeatable. I feel like they are going to race in my backyard.

    • montyny said on 25th October 2011, 23:29

      Hopefully there will be some info on places where we’ll be able to watch the events without having to pay exorbitant

      Maybe a little rowboat on the river :)

    • Warren2185 (@warren2185) said on 25th October 2011, 23:49

      In August I spent 15 minutes in that ferry terminal waiting for friends to pick me up. But you live there…cool. NYC is always great to visit. I was supposed to meet friends at Lincoln Harbor Sheratan and the closest I could get was that terminal (I kinda screwed up where I got off). So now I’m excited kind of knowing that area.

      • Spinmonkey (@spinmonkey) said on 26th October 2011, 1:26

        So we’re both kind of lucky. I live in Austin. What are the development plans around the track, if any? Is it completely surrounded by apartments and residential? I can’t really tell from the photos.

    • thepostalserviceisbroke (@thepostalserviceisbroke) said on 26th October 2011, 1:45

      I grew up in Palisades Park. I drove on River Road all the time and frequented the ferry port. For those who don’t know, the main straight will be right next to a cliff. It is going to look and sound EPIC! Imagine the roar of F1 engines echoing off the cliffs across the river into NYC!!!!!! :D :D :D

    • Steve C said on 26th October 2011, 13:02

      The same as I because I live just outside Austin.

  15. TED BELL said on 25th October 2011, 22:27

    I just watched the news conference and wish all the best those who have worked so hard to get this thing off the ground. Makes me wonder what current event will now fall into the history books as a former Grand Prix. Couldn’t help but think of Australia due in part to the complaints of local government and their financial situation. If not them, then who?? Valencia?? Germany, Hockenheim in particular??
    I also noted that this initial meeting with the press was kind of a mess in that no questions could be heard and the Governor sort of acted like he was at a comedy roast. The press asked many kinds of silly questions all of which made them out as lacking pretty much any knowledge of what Formula One is even about.
    The event was being paraded as not costing any money to be put on, very safe , little impact to the surrounding communities , crowds of 100,000 or more and surely to bring $100 million dollars in revenue and would do it year after year.
    No one asked the question ” How loud will it be??” Pretty damn loud and will certainly be underestimated. That is why we like F1…

    • rpiian (@rpiian) said on 26th October 2011, 19:04

      I remember walking to the island in Montreal a little late for FP1 and I felt like I was already standing next to the track. The cars were sooo loud. Little did I know my ears would be maxing out like a $10 microphone. Earplugs are a fantastic investment, just don’t buy them at the track :).

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