New Jersey confirms 2013 F1 street race plans

2013 F1 calendar

Keke Rosberg, Williams, Detroit, 1985

Keke Rosberg on his way to victory at Detroit in 1985

Plans for a second Grand Prix in the United States of America were formally announced today.

A street race at New Jersey will join the F1 calendar in 2013 with the title Grand Prix of America.

It will join the Unites States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas which is due to join the calendar next year. It will potentially increase the number of races on the F1 calendar in 2013 to 21.

The event organisers confirmed a ten-year deal to hold the race and revealed the revised 5.15km (3.2 mile) clockwise street circuit:

The USA last held two F1 races in 1984, when street races in Detroit and Dallas were held within two weeks of each other.

F1 in New York

Image ?ι?® Williams/LAT

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169 comments on New Jersey confirms 2013 F1 street race plans

  1. Younger Hamii (@younger-hamii) said on 25th October 2011, 22:28

    Well its great to have not only another Grand Prix in USA but the fact that the track is another Street Circuit.

    But yet again Concerns that linger is would it turn out to be the failure Valencia currently is? How are Teams especially low budget ones such as Virgin & HRT are going to cope with Travel & other Expenses? Furthermore,How are we going to fit all other potential races that are currently stalemate or have ongoing plans such us Russia,Mexico,Return to France & i believe South Africa as well into a ever more expanding F1 season that ranges between March – November surely Drivers & Teams dont want to spend Xmas away from their families & relatives

    Unless of course we include more back 2 back weekends which refers back to my previous statement,Its going to be incredibly stressful for the Drivers & Teams and this rule about ‘a country not having more than 2 Grand Prix’ is slowly becoming distant & pointless with the confirmation of another US Grand Prix.

    • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 26th October 2011, 3:40

      How will the teams afford it? Same way they do in cities like Monaco and Singapore I imagine.

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 26th October 2011, 4:07

      a ever more expanding F1 season that ranges between March – November surely Drivers & Teams dont want to spend Xmas away from their families & relatives

      The calendar won’t spill over into December.

      Some races will be replaced. If Bahrain does not happen in 2012, it may not happen again for a long time (if at all). The contracts for Valencia and Singapore will expire before 2013, while South Korea has expressed dissatisfaction. So Russia, Mexico, South Africa and New Jersey could easily slide in, taking their places if all of them do not negotiate new contracts. As for France, it is believed that they will share with Spa the way the German Grand Prix alternates between Hockenheim and the Nurburgring.

      But even if all the current races remain on the calendar, and all the bid nations want to join, it’s possible to arrange a twenty-four or twenty-five race calendar. The season might start in march, but it does not actually start until the second half of March, so there’s two weeks lying around there. And the four-week mid-season break could be cur down to two. All it would take is a few strategic back-to-back races (ie Australia/Malaysia – Malaysia and Singapore won’t like being put together – Korea/Shanghai, Abu Dhabi/Bahrain, Montreal/New Jersey, Austin/Mexico, Argentina/Brazil, Spain/Monaco and Germany/Hungary – that’s sixteen rounds) and it is perfectly feasible.

  2. TED BELL said on 25th October 2011, 22:33

    Anybody notice the grandstands after the pits and how it faces ?? Seems like it is intended to view the run up to the top of the hill. Can anyone who knows the area comment on that?? Also could not tell where the pit exit is and wonder if its like Korea…who knows??

  3. Dave (@dworsley) said on 25th October 2011, 23:10

    Loving it.

  4. Err Bob said on 25th October 2011, 23:12

    Ho Hum here is my pennys worth. Another street circuit in an age where run off areas are the vouge, another circuit that has nothing to do with racing but money, another circuit that will deny a true classic a place in the racing calender, another circuit that will be composed off corners that dont make sense after we scrutinize them, another circuit like all the new circuits ie………..crap.

    • F1Yankee (@f1yankee) said on 26th October 2011, 0:07

      your complaints make no sense to me.

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 26th October 2011, 0:18

      Another street circuit in an age where run off areas are the vouge

      The only run-off will be along the waterfront. There is almost none up across the Palisades.

      another circuit that will deny a true classic a place in the racing calender

      By the time New Jersey is ready, Valencia will be up for a new contract. And we’ll all mourn that loss.

      • Err Bob said on 26th October 2011, 1:14

        How there are any reamaining tracks in Spain is a mystery to me, along with Hockenheim(whats that all about?)

    • TED BELL said on 26th October 2011, 0:36

      Much of what you wrote I agree with. Money is the key here and when I first heard about it I kind of had that “New Jersey ???” moment….why there of all places? Seems like the influence of the all mighty dollar is responsible for opening the idea and concept of what now appears to be the second American round in 2013.

  5. Alexandre said on 25th October 2011, 23:35

    Well, I really liked the circuit. But, where’s the space alongside the track to place all the security members and their stuff, so they can get faster to the place of a supposed accident?

  6. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 25th October 2011, 23:37

    I like the idea, and the elevation look epic – but I’m not a fan of the ninety-degree corners along the front stretch. Especially when there is another road the could have used that would have been faster.

  7. So for people that live in or nearby the area of the track.

    What’s it like for suitable accomodation, nightlife, safety, transport?

    • F1Yankee (@f1yankee) said on 26th October 2011, 0:15

      it’s effectively new york city. 24 hours a day, there’s an abundance of hotels, restaurants, nightlife and transportation. it’s far safer now than ever before – your mileage may vary.

  8. laird18 said on 25th October 2011, 23:57

    So Russia, New Jersey and (possibly) France look like joining the F1 calendar over the next few years… As 20 Grand Prix seems to be the de facto limit in one season what races are going to give way? Bahrain and Valencia seem like two obvious choices. What other circuits are considered threatened? Australia? Hungary? Korea already?

  9. Jeff (@thefightin) said on 26th October 2011, 0:16

    Ugh. Coming from a person who has been to nearly every major in the Northeast United States this is by far the worst location for a grand prix. New York is the most overrated city I can think of. Philadelphia would have been a much more scenic location with a fantastic set of roads around the Art Museum. Jersey and New York are just…well boring to put in blunt.

    Sorry, but I’m just not very fond of the New York and northern NJ area.

  10. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 26th October 2011, 0:24

    So, we know that the race will be named, but is there any word on the circuit name? The recent addition of circuits have all had fairly boring names, like “Shanghai International Circuit”, “Korean International Circuit” and “Bahrain International Circuit”. They’re all very uninspiring names, compared to the likes of “Buddh”, “Interlagos” and “Silverstone”, which have a kind of personality to them.

    Since the circuit is centred on Port Imperial, I think something like “Port Imperial Circuit” would be a good name. And overnight, I’ve learned that the cliff face the cars will race along is known as the Hudson Palisades, so maybe something like “Palisades Circuit” would also be a good name.

    • “Port Imperial Circuit”

      LOL …. yeah that sounds absolutely fantastic!

    • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 26th October 2011, 3:47

      Do they name temporary street circuits? I wasn’t aware of Monaco, Singapore, or Valencia as having circuit names. I know Montreal does, but that’s more of a semi-permanent circuit.

      • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 26th October 2011, 4:19

        They do. Monaco is officially known as the “Circuit de Monaco”. Valencia is the very imaginitive “Valencia Street Circuit”, while Singapore is “Marina Bay Street Circuit”. They’re just commonly known as Monaco, Valencia and Singapore, because they are the cities the circuits are located in.

        The reason why I was asking was because the Wikipedia page needed to be made. If there was an official name for the circuit, it would have made life easier. Since there isn’t (as yet), we just used “Port Imperial Street Circuit” for the title of the article, because Port Imperial was the nearest geographical feature to the start/finish line.

  11. The 7 right angles look sensational!

  12. TED BELL said on 26th October 2011, 0:39

    If I sail my yacht through the Panama Canal can I pull up to the Jersey shoreline and watch the race from there?? Will there be any waterfront restrcitions??

  13. Jarred Walmsley (@jarred-walmsley) said on 26th October 2011, 1:17

    I can’t believe nobody has thought about the implications this will have for the after race party, we might get Bruce Springsteen to perform after the GP. If thats happening, I am so going to be there!

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 26th October 2011, 2:23

      Thanks for the video, but it’s not quite right. The circuit turns off Port Imperial Blvrd. much sooner before looping around to the bridge over the highway.

      • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 26th October 2011, 4:00

        @prisoner-monkeys, if you look on Google maps, the actual circuit doesnt layout exactly over existing roads, so that’s probably as close as person can come to legally driving the circuit currently without doing a little offroading.

        @xmurrx thanks for posting, that video’s great, but what it’s the ’80s ski montage music? That needs to be slightly sped up and have the music replaced with F1 engine sounds, now that would be funny. The car in front on the uphill section made me immediately think “Fernando. Is. Faster. Than. You. Can you confirm you understood the message?”. Then I thought it might just be Jarno holding everyone up in a Trulli-train.

    • Kerbs need to be fixed for the race, though, right now one piece runs across the track :-)

  14. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 26th October 2011, 2:08

    I don’t think Bernie or FOTA will have 21 races to make way for the 2nd USA GP I hope they drop Valencia.

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