Keke Rosberg, Williams, Detroit, 1985

New Jersey confirms 2013 F1 street race plans

2013 F1 calendarPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Keke Rosberg, Williams, Detroit, 1985
Keke Rosberg on his way to victory at Detroit in 1985

Plans for a second Grand Prix in the United States of America were formally announced today.

A street race at New Jersey will join the F1 calendar in 2013 with the title Grand Prix of America.

It will join the Unites States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas which is due to join the calendar next year. It will potentially increase the number of races on the F1 calendar in 2013 to 21.

The event organisers confirmed a ten-year deal to hold the race and revealed the revised 5.15km (3.2 mile) clockwise street circuit:

The USA last held two F1 races in 1984, when street races in Detroit and Dallas were held within two weeks of each other.

F1 in New York

Image ?ι?® Williams/LAT

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  1. I like the idea, and the elevation look epic – but I’m not a fan of the ninety-degree corners along the front stretch. Especially when there is another road the could have used that would have been faster.

  2. So for people that live in or nearby the area of the track.

    What’s it like for suitable accomodation, nightlife, safety, transport?

    1. it’s effectively new york city. 24 hours a day, there’s an abundance of hotels, restaurants, nightlife and transportation. it’s far safer now than ever before – your mileage may vary.

      1. Indeed. New Jersey is a major residential centre for Manhattan. Maybe nor as big as the four other boroughs of New York City, but there are twenty million people living in the Greater New York Metropolitain Area, which includes Hudson County.

        1. Five boroughs, not four. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

          1. I know. I said “the other four boroughs”, since I had already mentioned Manhattan. I’ve become very familiar with New York geography of late.

  3. So Russia, New Jersey and (possibly) France look like joining the F1 calendar over the next few years… As 20 Grand Prix seems to be the de facto limit in one season what races are going to give way? Bahrain and Valencia seem like two obvious choices. What other circuits are considered threatened? Australia? Hungary? Korea already?

    1. It’s difficult to judge what will go and what will say. The fans are naturally biased towards losing unpopular circuits, but there has been no real word on what will go and what will stay.

  4. Ugh. Coming from a person who has been to nearly every major in the Northeast United States this is by far the worst location for a grand prix. New York is the most overrated city I can think of. Philadelphia would have been a much more scenic location with a fantastic set of roads around the Art Museum. Jersey and New York are just…well boring to put in blunt.

    Sorry, but I’m just not very fond of the New York and northern NJ area.

  5. So, we know that the race will be named, but is there any word on the circuit name? The recent addition of circuits have all had fairly boring names, like “Shanghai International Circuit”, “Korean International Circuit” and “Bahrain International Circuit”. They’re all very uninspiring names, compared to the likes of “Buddh”, “Interlagos” and “Silverstone”, which have a kind of personality to them.

    Since the circuit is centred on Port Imperial, I think something like “Port Imperial Circuit” would be a good name. And overnight, I’ve learned that the cliff face the cars will race along is known as the Hudson Palisades, so maybe something like “Palisades Circuit” would also be a good name.

    1. “Port Imperial Circuit”

      LOL …. yeah that sounds absolutely fantastic!

    2. Do they name temporary street circuits? I wasn’t aware of Monaco, Singapore, or Valencia as having circuit names. I know Montreal does, but that’s more of a semi-permanent circuit.

      1. They do. Monaco is officially known as the “Circuit de Monaco”. Valencia is the very imaginitive “Valencia Street Circuit”, while Singapore is “Marina Bay Street Circuit”. They’re just commonly known as Monaco, Valencia and Singapore, because they are the cities the circuits are located in.

        The reason why I was asking was because the Wikipedia page needed to be made. If there was an official name for the circuit, it would have made life easier. Since there isn’t (as yet), we just used “Port Imperial Street Circuit” for the title of the article, because Port Imperial was the nearest geographical feature to the start/finish line.

        1. Okay, now that you mention those they do all sound familiar.

        2. Monaco. Spa-Francorchamps. Montreal. Valencia. Weehawken.

  6. The 7 right angles look sensational!

  7. If I sail my yacht through the Panama Canal can I pull up to the Jersey shoreline and watch the race from there?? Will there be any waterfront restrcitions??

  8. I can’t believe nobody has thought about the implications this will have for the after race party, we might get Bruce Springsteen to perform after the GP. If thats happening, I am so going to be there!

    1. Lol, MC’d by Snooky?

      1. I seriously hope not, although Bernie might like the idea of someone being there thats shorter than him

    1. Thanks for the video, but it’s not quite right. The circuit turns off Port Imperial Blvrd. much sooner before looping around to the bridge over the highway.

      1. @prisoner-monkeys, if you look on Google maps, the actual circuit doesnt layout exactly over existing roads, so that’s probably as close as person can come to legally driving the circuit currently without doing a little offroading.

        @xmurrx thanks for posting, that video’s great, but what it’s the ’80s ski montage music? That needs to be slightly sped up and have the music replaced with F1 engine sounds, now that would be funny. The car in front on the uphill section made me immediately think “Fernando. Is. Faster. Than. You. Can you confirm you understood the message?”. Then I thought it might just be Jarno holding everyone up in a Trulli-train.

        1. @us_peter – the organisers have said they won’t actually be building any new roads for the event; the whole circuit is made up of existing roads. I did, however, find this image online, a semi-hypothetical design based on a description on the planned route that appeared in another online blog. I think that image matches up perfectly with the route in the video.

          1. @prisoner-monkeys that doesn’t quite look like the supposed official rendering: which I think probably is real as it actually shows the pit entry/exit, runoffs, etc. Based on that I made a gmap to get an idea of elevation:

    2. Kerbs need to be fixed for the race, though, right now one piece runs across the track :-)

  9. I don’t think Bernie or FOTA will have 21 races to make way for the 2nd USA GP I hope they drop Valencia.

    1. Races cannot simply be dropped at will. New Jersey will replace a race that is either a) out of contract, or b) breaks its contract.

  10. How long will it be before we see #Occupy Pit Lane?

    1. Well, let’s hope some of those issues have been addressed before 2013.

    2. Come on down to Austin, they are already threatening to occupy the CotA because of this “No Tax Payer Money” quote in New Jersey

  11. Looks quite similar to the Macau circuit/Grand Prix, with the seaside low part and the uphill section…

    1. exactly my toughts! and i think macau its the best track ever!

  12. I think the most interesting corner on the circuit is going to be the natural chicane at the top of Pershing Road. It’s going to be right at the top of the the half-kilometre hillclimb, and opens out onto John F. Kennedy Boulevard; JFK is a series of sweepers and ends with a braking zone (and overtaking point) at Donnelly Memorial Park. So I think the chicane will be the most crucial corner on the circuit, the point where the most lap time can be found. It looks slow, but I think the drivers are going to take it at or near full throttle if they can.

  13. OMG almost universal love/approval from the F1Fanatics. This track must be good.

    Is it me or does is seem that elevation is the key to exciting circuits for most commenting here.

    Personally elevation including overpasses really do trigger my “that’s way cool” inner child.

    1. So true. As a kid I loved the game of Life for the little plastic hills that your little car would travel up and over around the board.

  14. Larger version of the map. Check out the first few corners: there’s grandstands on either side. I just wish they’d smooth the final corner out to be like the last corner in Melbourne. And Turn 3 looks like a nice, fast flick onto a very narrow bridge.

  15. Thanks for the photos and info about the JerseyF1 site. As the comments have come in , info provided is starting to clear up some details that I missed earlier…This might be better than I first thought…thanks to everybody.

  16. Well, the track seems to be very fast and demanding, those elevations could be interesting and I can appreciate two corners where overtaking could be possible. But the best part is that its really fast so it could be a good track. By the way, the views are excellent.

    I really hope that this GP will receive a huge support from the people of the area. And this is a question for the north americans of this blog, Do you really think that this race will be a success??

    The only thing I dont like is that some resources say that some years this race could replace Montreal, and being(in my opinion) the canadian track simply awesome this would be a blasphemy for me! :(

    1. And this is a question for the north americans of this blog, Do you really think that this race will be a success??

      @Alain It’s hard to say, but I’m going to stay optimistic. :-) When the promoters of the Senna movie partnered with SpeedTV to show the British GP at a bar in Manhattan — and this event started at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning here — that was a big bar, and it was packed. I think everyone was surprised by the huge turnout.

      I’m hoping that (a) the large number of people living in this metropolitan area who are from countries where F1 *is* quite popular and (b) the ease with which people from other fairly heavily populated cities nearby on the East Coast can get to NYC will result in this GP being a big success. Fingers crossed.

      That said, I hope this GP doesn’t interfere in any way with the Canadian GP, which is one of the major highlights of the calendar!

      1. There are twenty million people living in the Greater New York Metropolitain Area – the five boroughs of New York City, plus the New Jersy side of the Hudson River. In order to get a sell-out crowd, the Grand Prix of America would need 100,000 people, or just 0.005% of the local population.

        1. Well, that’s larger than the average attendance at a New York Jets or Giants game — but, then again, the GP will be only once a year, so I’m not sure what to compare it with around here. Hmm. Daily attendance at the US Open seems to hover around 27,000, on average.

          If only 0.005% of the people I knew here were F1 fans — or even had a good idea what F1 was! I’d be a happy woman. ;-)

          1. Oh, sorry, that US Open figure is session attendance, not daily attendance!

        2. *ahem* Don’t think 0.005% of 20,000,000 is 100,000

          I make it nearer to 5%… But I still get your point..

      2. @aka_robyn You can also factor in people travelling for the race. I’ll be coming from Seattle, and others here have already expressed interest in traveling from the UK and Europe, as they would like to visit NYC anyhow, and this doubles their motive to do so. So between out of towners and the large numbers of fans in the city, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they can sell out or come close. We’ll see!

        1. Yeah, it would be a good “excuse” to visit NYC, I have never visited your country, mainly because of the annoying “custom procedures” we have to suffer to enter in the USA.

  17. I thought I’d check the local news web site to see what sort of fuss was made of this news.
    Front page on and there’s nowt. News, even F1, is just yesterdays news for NJ. However, pop over to a more specific county ‘Hudson’ and there it is in all it’s glory.
    Fantastic track maps showing the proposed grandstands and pits complex in it too.

  18. i hope they make the 2 US races back to back. that way you can watch one GP and have a Top Gear style road trip to NY to watch the second. wow what a great holiday. l already cant wait.

    1. They did this in the eighties, trucking down from Montreal to Detroit. Later they extended it to include Mexico City. Quite a trip!

      1. Montreal to NJ to Austin would be great if they ordered it that way (Though I’d expect Montreal-Austin-NJ just to be awkard, if they did even have them back-to-back).

        Montreal to Mexico City would just be amazing, how about Montreal to Interlagos? :D

  19. Next to Hamilton Park! hahahaha

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