New Jersey confirms 2013 F1 street race plans

2013 F1 calendar

Keke Rosberg, Williams, Detroit, 1985

Keke Rosberg on his way to victory at Detroit in 1985

Plans for a second Grand Prix in the United States of America were formally announced today.

A street race at New Jersey will join the F1 calendar in 2013 with the title Grand Prix of America.

It will join the Unites States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas which is due to join the calendar next year. It will potentially increase the number of races on the F1 calendar in 2013 to 21.

The event organisers confirmed a ten-year deal to hold the race and revealed the revised 5.15km (3.2 mile) clockwise street circuit:

The USA last held two F1 races in 1984, when street races in Detroit and Dallas were held within two weeks of each other.

F1 in New York

Image ?ι?® Williams/LAT

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169 comments on New Jersey confirms 2013 F1 street race plans

  1. I’ve read only a few of the comments here and I must say to those who believe the USA don’t deserve an F1 race because there is no interest….well, let me tell you something: I’m from the USA and I’ve been an F1 fan since 1999. The F1 fanbase in the USA may not be as big as those in Europe, Asia, etc, but nevertheless, there are F1 fans in the USA.

    The USA was basically put to shame after the events of the 2005 USGP at Indy (which I attended) and many fans here wondered if F1 would ever come back to Indy or any other city after that year. We finally got our wish when the announcement came that F1 is coming back to the USA in Austin, Texas.

    Some fans say the USA doesn’t deserve a second race. Well, for now I have to agree. The USA has much to do to redeem themselves in F1 after the nightmare of a GP in 2005 and the disappointment of the USF1 team and we hope the redemption will start with the 2012 USGP.

    I think it was a very brave move from Bernie to establish 2 races in the USA now. I think he should have waited a few more years once Texas gets settled in and then decide if the USA is ready to host a 2nd race.

    I do hope both races are successful and we shall see what happens! And I don’t want to read another comment saying “There are no fans in F1!”. We are out there; just have to look a bit harder to find us! ;)

    • Kris H. said on 27th October 2011, 3:14

      Indy did come back to F1 after the 2005 disaster – in 2006. And the fans showed up too – tons of them. Bottom line is that there are plenty of “racing” fans across the US – enough to support both races in Texas and NJ.

      The Middle East and Asian countries have had their run of glory so to speak over the past 10 years or so – and all I see are empty grandstands everywhere.

      • I didn’t attend the USGP in 2006, but I was there in 2007 and the crowd was not as strong as how it was when they first came to Indy.

  2. Small error in my post. Meant to say at the end “There are no F1 fans in the USA!” My bad!

  3. Catersam said on 27th October 2011, 11:51

    I reckon there are enough circuits of F1 standard now that we should have a two season rotation, with the ‘classic’ circuits (Silverstone, Monaco, Spa, Monza etc.) every year, and everything else on swapping every year. That way we still get to see soon-to-depart circuits like Turkey, and maybe some recently departed circuits like Imola and Magny Cours.

  4. Flokkie said on 16th December 2011, 14:36

    Apartment for rent with track view.
    Anybody interested ?

    Galaxy Condeminium Towers
    West New York, NJ

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