Paul di Resta, Martin Brundle, Silverstone, 2011

MPs to quiz BBC director general over Sky F1 deal

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In the round-up: BBC director general faces questions over Sky F1 deal.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

BBC’s Mark Thompson to face MPs on F1 deal with BSkyB (The Guardian)

“Mark Thompson, the BBC director general, is to face questions from MPs about the corporation’s handling of its Formula 1 TV rights deal with BSkyB.”

Russia will spend $200 million on Sochi track (Reuters)

“With prime minister Vladimir Putin backing the Formula 1 project, Russian officials have been optimistic that all the infrastructure would be built on time.”

Resort’s special arrangement for F1 drivers (YouTube)

Heikki Kovalainen via Twitter

“Been getting lots of questions regarding Lotus driver selection this coming weekend’s race. The team makes the decision based on performance, and in my opinion they made the right choice. Everyone’s got an opinion and that’s mine.”

Road to nowhere (GrandPrix)

“The problem is that the [Korean] Grand Prix has become a political football, a change in the ruling party putting into power a former opposition that was never in favour of the Yeongam venture in the first place. Cue cries of ‘Not my fault’ as questions are asked about the wisdom of placing an international event 250 miles from the vibrant city of Seoul. There is supposed to be a new city rising up around Yeongam. So far, the only thing springing from the ground is a Korean variety of weed unlikely to be trampled by excessive spectator traffic.”

Vijay Mallya Q&A: The biggest race in Force India?s history (F1)

“This weekend is a very significant moment and I?m extremely proud. It?s a major step forward for Indian motorsport and for sport in general in our country. We are all looking forward to it immensely.”

Nico Rosberg via Twitter

“Yikes! In market local comes and says ‘Very dangerous!’ I say ‘What?’. And he flicks a spider away from my neck and says ‘Red body spider dangerous!'”

Martin Brundle via Twitter

“Warning. Unless you’re very strong don’t follow Michael Schumacher around the weight stacks in a gym. He’s in amazing physical shape.”

Jenson Button via Twitter

“Spent the last couple of days in New Delhi training, chilling and eating! and I must say the food is amazing!”

Front anti-roll bar solutions (ScarbsF1)

“Typically most teams follow the same set up for the front suspension in terms of the placement of the rockers, torsion bars, dampers anti roll bars and heave elements. As unlike with rear suspension, the raised front end almost dictates a pushrod set up in order to the get the correct installation angle of the pushrod. However the McLaren anti-roll bar shows there is some variation in comparison to the norm and also highlights Ferraris similar thinking in this area.”

Ferrari targets strong start in 2012 (Autosport)

Nikolas Tombazis: “It’s not just Red Bull having interesting solutions: there are also slower cars with solutions worthy of consideration. You can’t hide behind excuses. I think, however, that next year’s car will have many different solutions, all ours.”

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Comment of the day

Is DRS in danger of discouraging drivers from making passes elsewhere on the track? Chalky suspects so:

The smart driver will use the start/finish straight just to get close to the car in front, but not to overtake. Then use the second DRS point to overtake. Thus preventing the obvious counter-attack.

If we start seeing this or drivers unable to defend once they have overtaken, then we have a pointless use of DRS.

Why not give us a chance of seeing at least one non-DRS passing zone? Is this a half hearted attempt to draw in more viewers with promise of an exciting race?

Quite frankly I found the Korean Grand Prix annoying when a non-DRS pass into turn 1 put the driver at a disadvantage due to DRS on the following straight. All the skill of a non-DRS pass wiped out by an unskilled pass.

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On this day in F1

Three years ago Ferrari and Toyota were threatening to walk over new engine rules in F1.

Of course, Toyota ended up quitting 12 months later anyway.