Sebastien Buemi, Toro Rosso, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Drivers laud “awesome”, “fantastic” Buddh circuit

2011 Indian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastien Buemi, Toro Rosso, Buddh International Circuit, 2011
Sebastien Buemi, Toro Rosso, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

The F1 drivers had many words of praise for the Buddh International Circuit after the first day of running at the new track.

Here’s a sample of what they had to say:

Nico Rosberg

“The new track here in India is awesome.

“It has some very interesting corners, and that’s why it takes a bit longer to get used to the layout than at some of the other new circuits.

“Turn two for example is very different; you come from downhill, then go up looking into the sky and so you see the hairpin very late, just before you arrive.”

Timo Glock

“It?s been a good first day here in India. The track is just awesome and really good fun to drive. It?s been an enjoyable day without any problems.

“I can?t wait to get back in the car again here!”

Karun Chandhok

“It felt great to finally be able to drive an F1 car here at the Buddh International Circuit, and it was a real honour to be the first car to set a timed lap in front of the fans.

“I want to thank the team for giving me that chance, and everyone at the Jaypee Group and all the people involved in helping create the first ever Indian Grand Prix for doing such a great job on the whole event.

“The track itself is really enjoyable to drive, particularly the middle section which is very quick, and as it evolves and the times keep coming down I think we?ll see some very good racing here all weekend.”

Narain Karthikeyan

“The first lap was very special; I felt so many emotions driving in India. I just couldn?t believe it and there were so many things running through my head.”

Lewis Hamilton

“The track is fantastic ?ǣ the organisers here in India have done a great job. It?s very fast and flowing, the grip-level is fantastic, the run-off areas seem to be good, and the kerbs are probably the best of any circuit we visit: nice rumble-strips that you can drive on.”

Sebastian Vettel

“It?s an interesting track, a good challenge. It was very dusty to start with, but the track seems fun, especially the wide entries which give a lot of options to all the drivers. It should be a good race on Sunday.

“It?s a good circuit for overtaking I think, with long straights and wide entries. The long run seemed good today, so let?s see how we go tomorrow.”

Fernando Alonso

“I like the track, even if it is very dirty and if you go just the slightest bit off line it?s like driving on ice: this could create problems during overtaking moves on Sunday, but maybe by then the situation will have changed.

“It?s very nice that the track is wide in some corners and I think it will add to the spectacle, because it means you can take different lines and I think even qualifying should be very exciting, given the rather high average speed, especially through the final sector.”

Mark Webber

“It?s a good track with good Formula 1 corners, there are quick left-rights and you can take a lot of the corners in fifth gear.

“Turn three is a unique corner, it?s very slow, but it?s uphill and quite extreme on the elevation. Turn four is also not straightforward, so they?re both challenging and I like the two quick chicanes ?ǣ they?re enjoyable.”

Kamui Kobayashi

“The layout of the track is really nice, and I have a good feeling driving the circuit.”

Adrian Sutil

“The circuit is good fun and very nicely done. It has some challenging corners and there seem to be plenty of opportunities to overtake. It should make for an interesting and exciting race on Sunday.”

Jarno Trulli

“The track is not too hard to learn but it?s interesting ?ǣ there are a few different lines you can take and I think that will encourage overtaking, so Sunday?s definitely going to be fun.”

Jenson Button

“I really like this circuit. It?s great fun to drive. There are some tough corners, like Turns Three and Five, but there?s also a lot of high-speed stuff and it feels a lot faster than we initially thought it would.

“What?s also been quite a surprise is the amount of grip out there, particularly in the faster corners where the downforce is really working for you. And, because the high-speed corners are pretty smooth, you can really carry a lot of speed through them.”

Michael Schumacher

“This is a very interesting track with a challenging layout, and it’s certainly enjoyable to drive.”

Vitaly Petrov

“The layout of the circuit is quite tricky. On some corners you can?t see the apex which makes it difficult to find your braking point and turning in point”

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