Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Hamilton and Perez given grid penalties

2011 Indian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez have been handed grid penalties for the Indian Grand Prix.

Both drivers will be relegated three places on the grid for Sunday’s race.

The stewards judged both had failed to slow sufficiently when passing double waved yellow flags at the end of the first practice session.

The explanation for the two drivers’ penalties differed slightly. The stewards said Perez, “ignored double waved yellow flags at turn 16 whilst a car was being recovered in close proximity to the track.”

Hamilton’s penalty was for, “ignoring double waved yellow flags at Turn 16 whilst marshalls were in close proximity to the track.”

Both were deemed to have broken appendix H, article of the International Sporting Code. This says that under double waved yellow flags a driver must: “Reduce your speed significantly, do not overtake, and be prepared to change direction or stop. There is a hazard wholly or partly blocking the track and/or marshals working on or beside the track.”

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224 comments on “Hamilton and Perez given grid penalties”

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  1. Its interesting that with todays technology, they rely on what time they set in the sector.

    Surely it would be fairer to get the telementry from that moment to judge it someone did not back off.

    Didnt both Button and hamilton get penalised for the same thing in Spain even though their telementry showed they both backed off.

    1. It’s not just whether they backed off, it’s whether they backed of sufficiently. If they go on to set the best time, then it’s pretty hard to argue that they backed off sufficiently.

  2. To all the people who are enraged that Hamilton got a penalty: how would you feel if this infraction had been committed by, say, Narain Karthikeyan? A recent amendment to the FIA sporting code – for all FIA-sanctioned championships – states that double-waved yellow flags will be shown if and when marshalls are on the circuit. When double-waved yellow flags are shown, drivers should slow down and be prepared to stop without warning. Instead, Hamilton (and Perez) set his fastest lap time when those flags were shown. How could the stewards not penalise him for that? Every other driver managed to respect the flags, so why should Hamilton be any different?

  3. Hamilton and Maldonado had different incidents. In Maldonado’s case it happened much earlier no arguments. But in Hamilton’s case, the car had been recovered and he had got the green lights then he suddenly met waved yellows which is rather odd.
    Now I am not saying Lewis doesn’t deserve a penalty, but one driver completely ignored the flags while the car was still unrecovered, the other driver got the all clear green lights with no car on te track then still met yellow flags.

    1. Maldonado didn’t have an incident.

      1. You are absolutely right. I had it in mind that it was Maldonado’s car that was being retrieved and just substituted his name for Perez some how.

  4. Haha,Lewis gets the news, runs out into the pitlane ,drops to his knees,rips open his racing suit to show a t-shirt”y always me” then gets another penalty for obstructing the pitlane..haha.. lol come on Lewis u and JB for the win.. love the Hamilton.haters and supporters, you all make this the best f1 forum on the net.. love.all your.comments.

  5. kenneth Ntulume
    28th October 2011, 10:15

    Its VERY VERY clear, Lewis Hamilton will more likely to be penalized for a mistake, than any other driver on the grid, why????several possibilities…..
    But u cant rule out a form of prejudice……………
    So many mistakes are made, but more often other drivers are likely to get the benefit of doubt, consideration, understanding and kindness.
    Lewis should take no chances, make no mistakes because no favors from stewards. Stop this nonsense that luck is not on his side….

    1. Perez has had almost as many penalties as Hamilton and I don’t see you complaining about those.

      Hamilton clearly deserved a penalty here. And I don’t think there have been many instances this year where he’s got a penalty and not deserved it.

      If you’re going to make accusations of “prejudice” you better have something to back it up, and I doubt you do.

      1. kenneth Ntulume
        28th October 2011, 10:39

        Prejudice is an act that is both overt as well as passive…
        In this case the prejudice towards Hamilton is, not receiving as much understanding and “forgiveness” or favorable investigations, as other drivers that make mistakes or go against rules and get away with it…..

        1. The stewards are prejudiced against Perez, as they gave him a penalty as well. In fact, they are prejudiced against Schumacher as well, as he got a penalty for passing under yellow flags in Hungary, 2006.

          Or maybe passing under yellows is just a punishable offence?

        2. Kenneth – So who are these mystery other drivers who’ve been speeding past double waved yellow flags and getting away with it?

          1. Keith,
            Hamilton’s incident is very different from Perez.
            Perez had his incident about 2mins before Hamilton.
            If a driver receives the all clear, and races out of a corner, he meets a yellow flag at the end of the road, way off his line of vision.
            The FIA should take some responsibility for this also, why show a driver a green light when the very incident that brought out the yellow flags, hasn’t received the all clear.

  6. Question, has this situation popped up in say the last three years?

    Seeing as we had too fairly similar incidents (perez & ham) in one session then one would presume we see this thing occasionally. As such i would expect if the penalty is fair as people suggest that this penalty has been implemented on other prior occasions.

    So, is this the first time this has ever happened? I doubt it, what happened the last time this took place?

  7. Suzuka 2009, Both Rubens & JB got penalties during Q3 I think. Didn’t slow down enough between 130R and Spoon.

  8. why was the light on green at the last corner? and watching it, it seems that
    flags weren’t really waving — hard to see from the TV, it seems halfway from
    being withdrawn.

    1. Because the green light was signaling the end of the yellow flag zone.

      The yellow will be displayed at the marshall point before the point of incident & the green flag at the marshall post at the point where the track is clear.

      The green light was been displayed at the marshall post at the final corner which was the point at which the track was clear.

      1. But the Yellow flags were being waved at the end of the straight where the driver is already braking and from an angle even I with a birds eye view found difficult to locate.
        In waving the yellow flags, I assumed the flags were to be waved before the point of incident, to alert the drive to approach with caution, and not to to be waved at exactly the point of an incident, when a driver has already met whatever it is he should be made aware of.

  9. I haven’t seen it but it does sound deserved for both drivers. Doesn’t matter that much with DRS anyway. We have seen starts become less dramatic and important this season because drivers play the long game.

  10. Rules are there to be obeyed, not flaunted nor ignored, especially where on-track Marshalls are concerned. Lewis took it on the chin with brevity, so should the posters and ‘conspiracy-theorists’. Lewis for the win on Sunday!!

  11. Lewis agrees with the penalty, as does the team. He used DRS in a yellow flag zone and set a fastest lap time. The rules are there for a reason, ie safety of Marshalls, and hence the penalty is correct.

    Sorry but thats the way it is.

    1. half way through the season I would have agreed with you

      Lewis and Mclaren are now too wise to disgree with the stewards

      so that counts for nothing

  12. Lewis is DOTW this weekend for sure.

    1. @bearforce1 For speeding under yellow flags?

      1. Sorry I was being facetious…

  13. I think the rules are stupid. Getting a 3 grid penalty on race for something that happened on friday seems grossly unfair. . They are just ruining the sport.

    1. So drivers should be allowed to break rules on Friday without penalty?

      Ignoring double waved yellows is one of the more serious things you can do as double waved yellows specifically means that marshall’s are over the barriers or on the circuit.

      Ignoring double waved yellows unnecisarily puts marshall’s life’s in danger. Pastor Maldonardo ignored double waved yellows in practice at Monaco in the renault world series one year & ended up hitting a marshall. Believe he got banned from racing at Monaco for a year as a result.

      Jaques Villeneuve was excluded from the 1997 japanese gp as a result of ignoring yellows & several drivers suffered grid penaltys for the same thing at suzuka in 2009.

      hamilton & perez ignored the double waved yellows, broke the regulations & thus got the specified penalty. penaltys for both is completely fair.

      1. “hamilton & perez ignored the double waved yellows, broke the regulations & thus got the specified penalty. penaltys for both is completely fair.”

        Pretty sure they didn’t ignore the yellows, just didn’t slow down _enough_.

        Setting the fastest time half way through first practice is hardly solid proof, though. I’m sure, or, i hope, the stewards looked at telemetry to find out they were going too quick rather than just basing it on them setting PB’s.

        1. “slow down enough…”

          Erm, Lewis did set his fastest lap on that one. No way out of that one really. You do the crime, you do the time!

  14. Why on earth is everyone getting so worked up? If anything should be debated its the fact hat this is probably the most clear cut penalty of the season.

    Apart from a speeding ticket in the pit lane I can’t see how this one could be more clear? Double waved yellows and a best sector/best lap time? Regardless of circumstances, penalty…

    1. I think Hamilton speeding in the pit lane would still be put down to the bias of the stewards

  15. Reading this made me cringe for two reasons. The first reason being how much stick the stewards would get for it! Secondly, how much people would jump to defend Hamilton.

    Fair enough, people support certain drivers and of course there will be an element of bias, but come on people, surely you want your driver to play by the rules?! Where’s the charm in an unfair advantage?

    Sounds like a fair enough penalty to me.

    Makes predicting pole a hell of a lot easier too.

    1. try watching it before commenting…its on freeview chnl 301

      1. @mcmclaren, lol, I think you just proved AndrewTanner’s first point.

      2. I don’t need to. The facts were laid bare. Fastest lap on a circuit with double yellows? No excuse.

        1. @AndreTanner .. It’s not a fastest lap on a circuit with double yellows. its fastest lap on a circuit with conflicting flags. like @mcmclaren said, watch the clip and judge for yourself.

  16. what is the max speed you can do under double yellow flags?? is there any??? or is it just somebody, maybe the marshall himself, that says.. “wow thats fast, thats fast, wwooo hang on, that is just too fast, you scared the life out of me there…
    i do agree that safety should always be put first, and the penalty is right, but maybe people get the feeling there is something weird about this because there are no actual facts. who is it that judges lewis and perez didnt slow down SUFFICIENTLY??

    1. forget my comments. i got the 2 hamilton laps messed up. he set a faster time. i am sorry. watched it again. my mistake

      1. Setting a PB is not in itself proof though, since previous times could have been notably slower, if he was doind race-runs for example. I don’t know. But people need to stop saying ‘he set a faster time so yes punishment is correct’

        If we remember, Button set a faster time than previous laps in a race where there was yellows, and he didnt get punished on the grounds that he was lighter on fuel, therefore going quicker than before, but showed that he slowed down ‘sufficiently’

        So i can only presume Hamilton didnt slow down at all. In which case you can only presume he either didnt see double yellows, or was flat out given green flags but dosnt wanna argue over it, knowing how that usually turns out.

        1. Similarly, Hamilton and Webber talked themselves out of a penalty in Barcelona, where it seemed they had set fast times under yellow. There seems to be a certain amount of discretion and subjectivity to these penalties, probably stemming from the effect of DRS and the new style tires on lap time variation.

          In the end, 3 places seems like an weak slap on the wrist for what is ostensibly a foul of creating danger to marshalls. You get more slots for changing your gear ratios. One can only assume that under the facts here the crime fit the penalty.

    2. who is it that judges lewis and perez didnt slow down sufficiently?

      The stewards.

  17. I am a huge Hamilton fan even to a fault but ignoring yellow flags shouldn’t go unpunished. having said that, something definitely doesn’t add up. Why would he ignore the flags in P1 when he clearly has nothing to gain. Miscommunication between him and then team?

    That’s my bet with my wife gone down the pan.. now i have pay for an expensive meal because Hamiton’s chances of beating Button is slipping away :-(

  18. This will hand RBR the record for most pole positions in a season.

  19. It appears as though most ppl here weren’t following the session or never even watched it based on their comments. At the time of the incident several corners were yellow and also the track status. All the drivers out at that time were obeying the rules. Lewis and Perez were also, but as the corners started to go green as they were cleared, a local yellow remained however, the track status became green. That I believe confused the teams to inform the drivers that the track was green hence causing the drivers to resume. I blame the teams and Lewis wouldn’t say it’s the team’s misleading that led to the penalty. It had nothing to do with the season or his attitude, just a mistake by the teams involved.

  20. Actually my Soft Pauer reported the Jenson had overtaken on the yellow but so far I haven’t heard anything on that.

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