Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Hamilton accepts blame for India grid penalty

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton told the stewards “I accept whatever penalty I get”.


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Hamilton punished again (Daily Telegraph)

“Told it was his sixth penalty of the year, Hamilton replied: ‘Is that all? It feels like a lot more than that.'”

That’s because it is. Hamilton’s had five penalties in races this year, but he also had a time deletion penalty in Monaco in addition to his latest punishment. On top of that he was given a reprimand in Belgium following his coming-together with Pastor Maldonado and another for failing to slow sufficiently for yellow flags in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Indian GP – Conference 2 (FIA)

Vijay Mallya: “The name hasn?t changed. The chassis name remains the same. It?s like Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. So there?s no change of control, there?s no change in the chassis name, so I don?t require any permissions. Out of courtesy, we informed the FOM and the FOM have acknowledged our communication in the affirmative.”

Senna amazed by dog issue (Autosport)

“When I arrived at the track I saw that exact dog walking around the entrance of the paddock. It shows that no one really paid attention to it and the fact that it got into the track is difficult to believe. In the drivers’ briefing I will be sure to raise the point.”

Vijay Mallya via Twitter

“Wonder why our Indian TV channels should highlight dogs on track n dusty off track corners. Where is National pride for a great circuit?”

Teams fly out back up mechanics to India… just in case (James Allen)

“This unprecedented situation has arisen after stories emanating from the Commonwealth Games, held here in India last year, where many key workers got ‘Delhi belly’ and were incapacitated.”

Martin Brundle via Twitter

“Mr Ecclestone kindly called meeting with commentators and agreed to fix comm box situation for next year. Definitely like this track though.”

James Allison ?ǣ “It has been a fun first day” (Renault)

“The track itself is very good; not bumpy, and packed with interesting corners, changes of elevation and with a decent main straight. It is, of course, extremely dusty. The track evolution during the two sessions was very high, although this was compounded by drivers finding their feet at a new venue.”

Paul Hembery via Twitter

“Good session, track improved again, lots of work as we wanted on the soft tyre. Hard to evaluate degradation with track improvement. Great track.”

McLaren’s 50 Greatest Drivers no.22: Jochen Mass (McLaren)

“After [James] Hunt’s arrival at McLaren as Fittipaldi?s successor, Mass gradually found himself slipping into a subordinate role alongside his new British colleague. His inability quite to match Hunt?s sheer speed seemed to wear him down.”

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Comment of the day

Snobeck supports the stewards’ decision to penalise Hamilton and Sergio Perez.

Very clear cut. This is not about someone being out to get Lewis; this is all about the safety of the marshals, nothing more.

Coming from a racing/instructing background, when you see a double yellow, you slow down significantly (think roughly 70% pace ?ǣ give or take), regardless of whether it’s during practice, qualifying, or the race (a marshall can die just the same in any of those sessions).

Further, it is the drivers’ responsibility to watch for the flags; even if the dash is reading “green”; a waiving flag (especially combined with a marshal in close proximity to the track) takes precedence.

I’ve heard many fellow drivers argue “they just didn?t see a flag” but that?s still no excuse; it doesn?t change the fact that the marshals were in danger.

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