Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Indian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the first ever Indian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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319 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Indian Grand Prix”

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  1. sid_prasher (@)
    30th October 2011, 14:30

    Not an auspicious start to the Indian GP – it ll probably be ranked the lowest. I don’t think the track is bad – all the drivers had nice thing to say about it.

    Blame the tyres partly for the dull racing – should have been super softs and softs here.

  2. Clean up the track of the insurmountable amount of dusk for God’s Sake. If the Track is little more cleaner and Non-Slippery apart from the racing line, the drivers would think of alternative approaches and take risk. They will be more innovative not having to risk their races. Even the Pits and Pit Lanes seems to be dusty. Hope this is taken care of next yea to yield a better race.

  3. The most exciting part was Vettel going for FL at the end!

  4. I gave it a five. Probably the most boring race of the year (yes, worse than Valencia!).

  5. I thought it was a pretty dull race overall so I only gave it a 6.

    It’s a shame the race wasn’t very good as I especially hope it is an entertaining race when F1 is going to somewhere for the first time to help establish the sport, otherwise people who have given it a chance the first year may think is that it and not come back again.

    The drivers all seemed to like the circuit, but the dust seemed to be a problem, it was mentioned that some corners allowed multiple lines but because it was so dirty offline I don’t think we got to see this as much as possible. Hopefully the track will be in better condition next year.

    I also hope the track is used all year round and doesn’t suffer the same fate as some of these other new circuits where the only action they see all year is over the Grand Prix weekend.

  6. 6/10.
    A bit Suzuka-esque in the terms of, great track, not so great races.
    For next year I hope they get the dirt cleaned up, I think that would make it all work better. But not a very exciting race this time around sadly.

    1. Indeed. Suzuka is great driving, but its been quite a while since we last saw a great race there.

  7. I expected a lot, and it was a big flop !
    Long boring straights, too wide of a track (safe for sure), no real possibilities for battle, I interrupted several times the watching, which is something I usually never do…

    A big bravo to the Indian crowd, and of the organizers to have put up a very nice track, too bad the show was not at the party…

  8. Six from me.

    Seems a Pirelli are getting more conservative as the season goes on and combined with the teams getting better at making them work, these last few races have been nowhere near as exciting as earlier in the year.

    What we need now is a big ol’ racelong rainstorm. Maybe we’ll get it next time out in Abu D…. oh, wait, never mind…

  9. Think this race showed for sure that its been the tyres & not DRS & KERS which have provided all the excitement this year.

    So hopefully we can drop DRS now & get back to real racing.

  10. Something I would point out about the circuit layout is that this track was designed with some input from drivers.

    It was mentioned during practice that the wide entry’s into some of the corners was influenced by the drivers & not something which Tilke came up with. The section through turns 5-9 was also designed with some help from Karun Chandhok, was originally meant to be a simple left hander with a straght to the Istanbul turn 8 type corner.

    Drivers all genuinely seemed to like the circuit & many of the Ex-Drivers who now work for broadcasters also seemed to be impressed with it.

    In terms of DRS, I noticed a couple worst case scenarios happening with the 2 zones on the bbc in-car feed. That been a car passed a car due to DRS in the 1st DRS zone only to be re-passed in the 2nd. Happened once between Sergio Perez & Paul Di resta on lap 15 for example & I saw it happen at least 2-3 times more.

    If we still have DRS here for 2012 (Which for the record I hope we do not), It should be limited to 1 zone with an activation point which doesn’t penalise a legitimate pass into the corner before the straght.

  11. Mable Mable arms off the table
    30th October 2011, 16:20

    BOOOOOORING! The RBR was gapping at 15 seconds which made the race processional, additionally there were big gaps from 2nd to third and I’d like to see some camber and elevation changes IN the corners. Only exciting thing was Massa/Hamilton and even that was a non-event.

    1. Mable Mable arms off the table
      30th October 2011, 16:23

      Also this will probably be the rest of the season being that RBR is so much faster than everyone else and the other teams are more concerned with next season unless someone e.g. Hamilton or Alonso wins pole it’s just going to be Vettel for the rest of the year.

  12. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring. Why did i bother to wake up at 2am.

    This is racing? Seen better standing on a bridge over the 101 freeway.

    Seriously wonder if I’ll bother to watch the rest of the races.

    If this is the show, F1’s in real trouble.

    1. Mable Mable arms off the Table
      30th October 2011, 16:30

      tough call because vettel and RBR won the season I doubt anyone will actually invest in developing their cars for this year so unless it rains or someone else wins pole its going to be boring.

  13. Is anyone else feeling that this season is turning into a bit of a stinker? The second half of the season has just been a total yawn-fest.

    5/10 – get rid of DRS, take away about 50% of the downforce and bring back some of the challenge because this isn’t winning F1 new fans.

  14. P.S. Keith, can I give DotW to Rowan Atkinson? For being the most entertaining person there.

    1. Maybe FotW… :) (Figure of the weekend)

  15. 5/10

    It wasn’t the most exciting race but not the least either. Just a mediocre race.

    I won’t go into the Massa/Hamilton thing – I’m getting tired of discussing that.

  16. IT was OK. It could have been much better if the track was cleaner. I give it a 10 because Hamilton finally got justice.

  17. Vettel gets pole – check
    Vettel leads race – check
    First corner tangle – check
    LH and FM tangle – check
    LH gets drive through – NO !!!
    I almost gave it a 10 for that alone. One of the stewards finally recognising that a driver shouldn’t just turn into a corner on the normal line if there is another car alongside.
    But then I replayed the race in my mind and gave it the 4 it deserved.

  18. I’m afraid I knew this was going to be a bore from First Practice – the track is simply not exciting. It follows the same design language as Abu Dhabi, Korea, Bahrain etc. Wide enough to land an Airbus, massive runoff areas that don’t penalize a loss of control (save Massa :)) … This allows Vettel to get a 3 second gap and he’s gone. It’s so wide and ‘safe’ that he can go flat out through many corners, hit apexes with 50′ of track width and just pump in qualifying laps the rest of the day. Easy for the Red Bull. I gave it a 3 simply because HAM finally had a call go his way.

  19. From all the comments, tweets, reports and general feeling, it seems to me that the best part of the Indian GP were the 4 days prior to the race and the multitude of events supporting the race, loosely termed a race, more of a driver parade for 60 laps.
    In the spirit of F1 thats good, from a TV spectator viewpoint it was quite enviable, I would have been better to be at the venue than sat watching the race at home.

  20. 6/10 because of nice track layout and Indians warming welcomes, smiles, good food and beautiful girls.

    I guess rating could be much higher IF they had washed all that dust off the track, so drivers could actually use wide corner entries thus overtake more! Driving only on 1 racing line is booooring unless it’s saturday and qualification runs!

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