Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Indian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the first ever Indian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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319 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Indian Grand Prix”

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  1. I watched the first 30 laps, then fell asleep. I then woke up and read the results online. Very exciting!

  2. Hmm. Difficult to rate this one. Being the first race here, I’m reserving judgement about the track. It looked good, so I don’t think I can blame that for the dull race.

    Perhaps there was more overtaking going on at the back that we didn’t get to see, but apart from that the top teams now seem to rely on pitstop strategies to overtake, which is becoming increasingly dull now that there’s no refuelling and no chance of cars being set on fire (joking).

    Hamilton is one of the few drivers with the ability to be entertaining (now that Kobi’s lost his spark) – I’d have loved to have seen him slice through the pack, and I’m sure he’d have tried – but Massa’s stupid vendetta ruined that for everyone. Massa’s turning out to be a liability for the viewing public this year by a) refusing to fight within his own team and b) turning his frustration outwards and trying to ruin the races of more entertaining drivers.

    Last season everyone was still fighting. This season it’s as if they’ve lost the will to live because of the Vettel yawnfest, or because they’ve been beaten down by the media or by team dynamics. Apart from Vettel, they all look like they need a good dose of anti-depressants.

    There needs to be more joie de vivre in the sport. So unless there’s more drivers with spirit, like Hamilton and Kobayashi, or unless there’s more equality between cars so the drivers know they at least have a chance, I think I’ll lose the will to watch. It’s become predictable.

    Through no fault of India, who put on a good show, it was a dull race. F1 needs to find a way to cheer all their drivers up and to let them entertain us. Perhaps the emphasis on WDC is wrong, because so often it’s down to the car, not the driver. Maybe it should just be about the WCC?

    I’m giving 5/10 for the race, but if there was a vote for the race organisers I’d give them 9/10. BBC coverage was good apart from DC and Brundle spending too much time trying to predict penalties, because they really seem to relish it when drivers are punished. And .. where did DC go after the race? I do prefer it when there’s only Jake+1, but I missed the explanation.

  3. I gave 7. I think people have been a bit spoilt this year though, not enough overtakes on week, too many the next, not the right kind, reckless on another week ? Imagine the race without DRS ! Some peopele don’t realise their wants are mutually exclusive! Massa pen was plus for overtaking !! People forget f1 cars don’t run on a racing line rail ! Webber won’t win on the current tyres, heats them too much, maybe he should spend some time buttering bernie like his team mate to move back to “racing tyres” rather than “drive miss daisy tyres” that we have now !!

  4. Next to Valencia the worst race of the season,it’s a good track for qualifying not for race,the drivers said that it’s the best track by Tilke,I doubt.Now I am in wonder what will he make for us in Austin,NY & in Russia they all will be the same.

  5. I don’t have time to read through all the comments to see if someone else has mentioned it already, but how dirty the track was had an effect – drivers weren’t willing to try different lines through the wide corner entries due to only a narrow line not being dirty. Should be better next year once the circuit is run in a bit.

    Massa was providing comic relief over the weekend breaking the suspension on both sides, I’d be happy to see those things (whatever they are called) on the inside of every corner at every track. And the now mandatory get together with Hamilton lol.

  6. i would blame this on pirelli, they chose to go the safer route, it looked like another brigdestone era racing with little or no degradation. the ideal choice would have been Super soft & medium. The soft tires were lasting the half race distance & hard tires could have lasted 200 laps. Had we got supersofts instead of softs we would have had closer battle at front and some different strategy by midfield teams making it interesting.

  7. 6. Other than a few accidents throwing up some chaos, it was a rather processional gig.

  8. The very first time Keith agrees that Hamilton is not at fault for an inccident involving Hamilton and another F1 driver. i am so shocked reading his comments on Massa/Ham inccident in India.

    1. i think all journos including smiling james allan and @keithcollantine have realised that the witchhunt of Lewis Hamilton is no fun any more especially as FIA are not joining in too…what’s shocking about the crap Hamilton gets is that he risks his life for our entertainment and webhits !! Its poor journalism not to pick up on the poor performances of Webber no win and Massa no podium. Massa recked his car twice for god’s sake…I know there would be no website without hits , but I think things have gone too far…

      1. @dcjohnson So, when I wasn’t picking Hamilton as the driver of the year last year or defending him over the penalty in Spa in 2008, when was I perpetuating this “witchhunt”?

        Don’t make cheap, baseless accusations with nothing to back them up.

        1. @keithcollantine not really cheap, maybe you figured taking a positive slant was more beneficial back then, don’t want to get into an arguement with you because I like the site, I just think that all journos, particular you in recents times have benefited in the hamilton bashing, the hamilton stories are your most popular. In partcipating in the witch hunt, journos and websites are not providing balanced view of the sport. Hamilton’s a young man, who risks his life for something he loves and although rewarded and can handle some stick, also deserves some respect…journos have acted like school yard bullies and have not provided a balanced critque of the sport and other top drivers like massa and webber…but hey at least you impress @Coop

          1. maybe you figured taking a positive slant was more beneficial back then

            If you’re going to accuse me of only ever writing to pander to popular views then we are going to have an argument because I never do that. I write what I think.

            journos have acted like school yard bullies and have not provided a balanced critque of the sport

            I don’t care what other people say. If you disagree with what I’ve written, point out what and where and we’ll have a discussion on the facts.

            Until you do that I will continue to have no respect for your cheap, baseless accusations.

  9. Dull. The first race I’ve had without complaining about commercial breaks.

  10. The race was bore. The good part is things will be much better next year. Of the various upgrades I already know of some are:
    They stop construction around the track from FP days.
    They will fully landscape the place, those who go next year and have gone dis will see the difference.
    They plan to transplant trees at the borders of the circuit to act as a dust barrier.
    Commentators booth will have a view and Windoes from next year.
    Plumbing contractir pulled up works to redo the same in some team areas to begin next monsoon.
    Circuit will be used by Mercedes as experience centre, also dey plan a motorsport academy dere.
    They will have a meeting in Jan to see wat can be done about the dust.

  11. 6/10

    A good track, plenty of overtaking opportunities, even a surprise on the tyres. But not much in terms of excitement… Hopefully next year India will put a few brooms round the track and I’ll see no reason to not give it a 9 or 10…

  12. Another typical BORING TilkeTrack!

  13. The track looks like it might have potential for good racing, but this particular race was boring…

    1. Every circuit Tilke has designed has looked fantastic on paper yet they’re all mediocre to downright awful when it comes to racing on them.

      I’m sure it’s a lot of fun for the guys inside the car but for those watching “races” on these circuits it’s as dull as dishwater.

  14. The Race was only average…and only Martin Brundle said as for the Massa/Hamilton, as a ex Motor Racing steward(not sadly in F1) and without the benefit of their extra info, I thought it more down to Hamilton and would have called no extra penalties…Massa was obviously going to have to turn left at some point and lewis was the one doing the overtaking…and he had been penalised stopping for a new front wing…

  15. mike mcdermott
    31st October 2011, 10:53

    the biggest thing this race throws up is that a country with so many poor can spend an obscene amount of money for the entertainment of the few…….I love F1 but I,m starting to find this whole charade a worry

  16. Not exactly a classic as the beeb were saying it was. I gave it a 6 purely because it wasn’t awful but it wasn’t exactly exciting either.

    Shame the tyres were so conservative. I don’t understand why we aren’t getting races like earlier in the season with lots more degredation. It’s probably because the teams are so clever and have worked out how to manage the tyres better.

  17. Rated it a 5 as its was an average race with some action. Hamilton v Massa, Button v Webber in the early laps, battle between Schumacher and Rosberg. Oh and the Rowan Atkinson reaction.
    Cant help but think slow 1st,2nd gear corners onto long straights don’t work to aid overtaking. Guy in front always on throttle first and will always be going faster up to the breaking zone.

  18. 5/10 from me. Spent most of the time having twitter conversations as there was pretty much nothing happening on the track.

    Brazil can’t come soon enough. Lets go racing on a race track, not the result of a willy waving contest.

  19. There was 25 passes yesterday which is only 3 less than Silverstone.

    Funny how everyone always talks about how brilliant Silverstone is when it usually features very little overtaking.

    1. You can’t just use a stat like that.

      It depends who was passing who and when. If its people at the back end of the grid, or front runners out of position, or people with pit stops over-lapping, or front runners passing one another.

      Silverstone, there was battles at the front end, which is why people remember it for being more exciting

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