HRT: Pit stop problems delay Ricciardo

2011 Indian GP team review

Daniel Ricciardo had to make an extra pit stop after a wheel hub problem.

Narain Karthikeyan Daniel Ricciardo
Qualifying position 24 23
Qualifying time comparison (Q1) 1’30.238 (+0.022) 1’30.216
Race position 17 18
Laps 57/60 57/60
Pit stops 2 3

HRT drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
Narain Karthikeyan 107.62 100.101 97.462 96.529 96.199 95.684 96.248 95.542 95.781 97.091 95.208 94.979 95.055 95.092 94.725 94.916 94.771 94.886 94.388 95.538 94.9 99.041 116.059 94.049 95.927 95.043 94.837 93.859 93.747 93.12 93.962 93.141 94.542 92.923 92.552 93.01 92.791 93.439 93.406 93.175 93.894 92.292 92.107 91.988 96.245 92.912 94.873 97.471 94.492 96.345 115.732 93.434 95.276 92.822 94.465 92.886 93.495
Daniel Ricciardo 107.867 98.942 96.79 95.859 95.523 95.358 95.29 95.134 95.163 94.891 94.624 94.661 94.578 96.618 94.872 94.861 94.537 94.325 94.313 94.079 94.155 94.045 93.555 93.736 96.847 116.043 94.015 93.781 99.014 97.435 96.567 97.714 136.312 93.042 94.664 92.772 93.489 93.498 92.5 95.331 94.062 92.06 92.018 91.955 91.765 91.797 93.047 91.818 91.674 94.607 91.966 93.19 92.563 93.334 94.297 94.838 122.112

Narain Karthikeyan

Start tyre Soft
Pit stop 1 Soft 24.046s
Pit stop 2 Hard 23.605s

The only Indian driver on the grid. He made a one-off return to the car at the expense of Vitantonio Liuzzi. But he took his old car number back, meaning Ricciardo drove number 23.

Karthikeyan moved ahead of his team mate at the start but hit the rear of Jarno Trulli at turn three, damaging his front wing.

He was passed by his team mate on lap two but ended the race ahead of him in 17th, half a second behind Jerome d’Ambrosio.

Karthikeyan said: “It?s an awesome feeling to have completed the first ever Indian Grand Prix and to have been competitive with our main rivals which proved a lot of points.”

Narain Karthikeyan 2011 form guide

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo, HRT, Buddh International Circuit

Daniel Ricciardo, HRT, Buddh International Circuit

Start tyre Soft
Pit stop 1 Soft 25.074s
Pit stop 2 Soft 42.529s
Pit stop 3 Hard 28.474s

Riccairdo pipped Karthikeyan by two-hundredths of a second in qualifying. He lost out to his one-off team mate at the start but re-passed him on the second lap.

He ran until lap 25 on his first set of soft tyres but a problem with the right-rear wheel hub at his first pit stop forced him to make a second visit just seven laps later. As well as the extra pit stop he was stationary for a further 20 seconds.

After a final pit stop for his mandatory change to hard tyres he finished half a minute behind his team mate: “It?s a shame because we had to do an extra pit stop and lost quite a bit of time with that,” he said.

Daniel Ricciardo 2011 form guide

2011 Indian Grand Prix

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41 comments on HRT: Pit stop problems delay Ricciardo

  1. Tyson Evans (@bobtehblob) said on 31st October 2011, 11:47

    Now I know why he finished behind Karthikeyan…

  2. Girts (@girts) said on 31st October 2011, 11:53

    So Ricciardo lost 42 seconds because of the pit stop problems but still finished right behind Karthikeyan. Daniel probably didn’t even try to pass Narain in the final laps knowing that this is a very special race for his team mate. Looks like it’s been another promising weekend for the young Aussie.

  3. Narain finished 30 seconds ahead of Ricciardo. In the end he would have been within a few seconds of him even if Ricciardo didn’t have problems. So I’d say he did a good job considering he was out of the car for so long .. he had pretty much the same pace as him.

  4. QuantumForce said on 31st October 2011, 12:00

    Still, Karthi had to pit for another wing..Wonder if the damage alter the balance of his car..Ricciardo only had a tiny tyre problem, the car was still drivable..

    However, Ricciardo does deserve a seat is STR by 2013….

  5. QuantumForce said on 31st October 2011, 12:05

    Having said that, STR seems to be doing well..I dont see any reason why they would change their line up for next year (2012)..Hence the reason i said Ricciardo deserves a seat for 2013

  6. Mahir C said on 31st October 2011, 12:12

    Dont know how Karthi managed to receive no penalty for blocking. He sure wasnt very popular with the drivers lapping him.

    • Its extremely difficult to let drivers pass on the fast infield section. And he did not break the rules he had 2 or 3 blue flags before he had to let them through and he did that.

  7. Btw just found out that Narain had serious damage to his front wing and Im sure that lost a lot of downforce and time.

  8. marco_ferrari said on 31st October 2011, 12:52

    Great job by Narain in matching Ricciardo! Thumbs up from me! :)

  9. On the contrary said on 31st October 2011, 12:56

    Having monitored the lap times of all the cars ahead and behind of the HRT cars, I am impressed with following things
    a) HRT seems to have figured out good car launch procedures, looking at the number of places their drivers are making up since Monza, Liuzzi was bit unlucky in Monza when he had no place to go after jumping as high as 15th. Narain and Daniel pretty much maintained 15/16 in the race after making up places on race start.
    b) for a guy jeered at (by almost all posters on this blog) Narain did impressive job, his lap times were consistently matching the cars around him throughout the race. Given the hype around Ricciardo and given the fact that RedBull thinks this driver is worth investing in, its interesting to see Narain whose only mileage after Valencia was 250 odd miles ( and 66% of them in wet conditions) he was competitive through out entire weekend, matching much race ready Ricciardo on pace in every session of the weekend.

    c) To those who are blaming Narain (and Daniel) for not obeying blue flags. The lap charts show a different story, both HRTs were losing 4 seconds in the laps where they had to let cars pass by.

    Looking at his lap times Narain can hold his head high, that he was getting maximum out of his car every single lap he drove over the weekend. Again goes to underline importance of having the right car under you in F1.

    RedBull and Helmut Marko will be re-evaluating Ricciardo for sure, after all the guy didn’t even win the feeder series he was racing this season. dropping Brendon Hartley may not have been such a good idea.

    • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 1st November 2011, 8:07

      I don’t thinks most of us thought Karthikayan was rubbish, but he isn’t clearly better than Liuzzi either, and thus putting him in the car for this race must have been purely a money issue. That’s what I at least objected to.

      You are right that HRT seems to be doing a better job with what they have got than Virgin manages.

      On their relative pace, those 4 seconds are an interesting bit of knowledge, and help put their relative pace in perspective: a lot of the time lost will be due to that, and differences might partly be explained by the place on the track where they have to let someone by.

      It also shows why now Lotus is able to do better: having enough pace to stay on the same lap as the leaders far into the race gains you several seconds of blue flag loss.

  10. OukilF1 (@oukilf1) said on 31st October 2011, 13:08

    Just found out Narain has a plastic bag stuck under his car’s airbox!! ..Wonder where that came from :P
    I think he was lucky it didnt get inside the airbox as im sure it will cause him some engine or gearbox failure

    here is the video

  11. ivz (@ivz) said on 31st October 2011, 14:14

    With all the talk which Red Bull driver should be driving for STR etc, wouldn’t the smart thing to do is hold a drivet test?

  12. ivz (@ivz) said on 31st October 2011, 14:16

    With all the talk which Red Bull driver should be driving for STR etc, why dont they just run a driver test? Put them all in the same car and go from there. Or is that too simple?

  13. ivz (@ivz) said on 31st October 2011, 14:19

    Sorry, first post shouldn’t be there, stupid phone

  14. smifaye (@smifaye) said on 31st October 2011, 14:36

    I was shocked to see Karthikeyan ahead of Ricciardo but I’m glad we know why know! Otherwise Ricciardo isn’t the driver I thought he was.

    • On the contrary said on 31st October 2011, 19:08

      Compare the lap charts between NK and DR right from FP1 through race, NK was at same pace as DR all through the weekend, including their qualifying lap times.

      While race performance one can have an excuse of extra pit-stop and everything that this blogger is trying imply to belittle Karthikeyan’s weekend, but the lap times in front stint when DR and NK both were running unimpeded are closely matched. The second half of race once they started to get lapped is not really a fair comparison for either of them, coz you can see both of them losing time by lifting off for the lead lap cars.

      So overall NK did put up a strong performance as compared to the more hyped Redbull Junior driver especially in the light that DR has had more recent experience in that car than NK.

  15. TED BELL said on 31st October 2011, 15:19

    I payed closer attention to the HRT team at this event mostly to see if I have been overly rough in my critique of them so far during the season. I wish I could say that I have been wrong about the performance level of these cars, but the truth is harsh and sometimes the truth hurts but they aren’t very good and for the most part are simply numbers filling out grid positions. They were so far off the mark that it was painful to see. It is beyond me how they can continue to exist. The sum of their parts, team , drivers , cars and their sponsors at this time seem to be in what must ultimately become desperation to continue to compete. Nowhere close to collecting points , even a single point and what they bring to Formula one is simply being a mobile chicane for the top teams. Often I am aggressive in my comments about how I see it in F1 but with HRT I feel bad for them and hope that someday some result will justify and reward those in the team who have given so much so far.

  16. tasimana said on 31st October 2011, 19:06

    The HRT is the worst car on the grid and Daniel or Tonio or anyone else aren’t going to be world beasters in it. Toro Rosso the nexr step to see him progress.

  17. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 31st October 2011, 21:24

    I thought Karthikeyan’s result might be a little too good to be true. That said, it looks good on paper and to be out of the car for so long and fair up slightly better than previous attempts is still alright.

  18. Doance (@doance) said on 1st November 2011, 3:01

    Remember how bad HRT were in Australia? They only had their car ready a week before. Then they couldn’t run it on Friday. So they only had a few laps in P3 before qualifying, where they were obviously going to fail badly.

    They’re doing better now I guess.

  19. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 1st November 2011, 3:11

    Karthikeyan should be proud & happy of what he has achieved in this race.

  20. charan said on 1st November 2011, 5:42

    here is a good comparision

    almost as fast as RD.

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