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F1 chiefs to debate customer car rules

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In today’s round-up: the future of technical co-operation deals between teams is on the agenda for Thursday’s Formula One Commission in Geneva.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Formula 1 set for new customer car debate (Autosport)

??Formula 1 chiefs are to discuss the future of technical co-operation deals between teams later this week, in a move that could open the way for full-blown customer car deals.??

Felipe Massa not planning truce with Lewis Hamilton (BBC F1)

??Felipe Massa says he is not going to do any more to heal his rift with Lewis Hamilton after their latest clash at the Indian Grand Prix. McLaren’s Hamilton, already punished for two previous incidents between them, collided with Massa’s Ferrari but it was the Brazilian who was penalised.

??When asked what he could do to end the feud, Massa said: ??Nothing from me.? Hamilton added: ??He hasn’t spoken to me in a long, long time. I made an effort and said good luck for the race.???

Q & A: Felipe Massa on Lewis Hamilton clash in Indian Grand Prix (Autosport)

??Q. He said he tried to bring an end to hostilities after the minute’s silence?
FM: No, he didn’t try. He didn’t try to do anything. When I tried to speak to him he passed through. He did not look to my face, so no. Not here. Here after the one minute silence he was at my side and then he just said, ‘have a good race’. So this is trying to what? Have a good race? Is that not part of talking, or whatever???

Martin Brundle (Sunday Times ?ǣ subscription required)

??As recently as two weeks ago, Bernie Ecclestone was convinced the Buddh International Circuit, near Delhi, wasn’t going to be ready in time, but somehow here we are, ready to race. The place is dusty and it has certainly been hurried in places.??

Jenson Button leads praise of Indian Grand Prix (BBC F1)

??The Buddh International Circuit welcomed a crowd of 95,000 on race day while drivers were united in praise for the track layout and facilities. Button said: ??It’s one of the circuits which definitely gets a big tick. I’m looking forward to coming back.???

Lewis Hamilton says mortal danger a fair price to pay for doing what he loves (The Telegraph)

??Everyone will have (their deaths) in their minds. But you have got to do what you do because you love it. It is a sacrifice and a risk that we all take. No one wants to be in those situations but, for me, if I was to pass away, I cannot imagine a better way, personally.??

Bernie Ecclestone admits ‘worst mistake’ (The Telegraph)

??The transfer put in motion a series of events which has also led to Mr Ecclestone being called to testify next month in Germany’s biggest post-war corruption trial. It began last Monday and concerns a $44m payment from Mr Ecclestone and the trust to a German banker, Gerhard Gribkowsky. Mr Ecclestone says it was paid after Mr Gribkowsky threatened that he would make unfounded allegations to the UK tax authorities that the F1 boss controlled the trust.??

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Comment of the day

The incident between Massa and Hamilton has brought lots of great comments. bosyber said:

I think that in Monaco, the earlier collision with Massa influenced the decision with Maldonado, and maybe that?s the way it should be: being in a collision is often both drivers fault to some extent, if you do it twice, maybe you should be more careful on track.

That?s the way it seems to have worked out for HAM during the rest of this season certainly in the view of most stewards, I think.

And maybe here it also caught up with Massa, even if he didn?t carry much blame for most of those earlier collisions. I think there is something in that too.

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What do you think are the biggest disappointments of the 2011 season?

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On this day in F1

McLaren started the 2009 season well off the pace but by the end of the year the MP4-24 was a front runner.

Lewis Hamilton took pole position for the last race of the season by over half a second.

This was the last occurrence of ‘race fuel qualifying’ in F1, and Hamilton’s margin over the Red Bulls was flattered slightly by his lower fuel load. Nonetheless, it showed how far the team had come in a season where they had failed to progress from Q1 early in the year.