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Virgin tipped for Marussia name change

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In the round-up: Virgin may change their name to Marussia for the 2012 season.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Marussia in pole position to displace Virgin (The Times, subscription required)

“The team are to ask the Formula One Commission, the sport’s commercial ruler, for permission to erase the Virgin title and replace it with Marussia, the Russian car brand that is providing financial backing.”

Martin Brundle column: India a huge success for F1 (BBC)

“Massa was penalised for the subsequent contact because he was looking in his mirror and so was deemed to have seen the other car. That is nonsense – at 180mph, you have to look in your mirror and make a split-second judgement call as to whether it is your corner or not depending on exactly where the other car is.”

Justin Wilson via Twitter

“I liked that the stewards penalised Felipe Massa for Sunday’s crash with Lewis Hamilton. Massa left the door open then turned in like Hamilton wasn’t there. If Massa turned in earlier and gradually, that would be signal to Hamilton to back out. Race craft is all in the subtleties and it’s hard to see outside cockpit.”

F1, India style (FT, registration required)

“Besides the stray dogs, things went smoothly. The protests planned by farmers whose land had been acquired to build the track ?ǣ allegedly under the guise of building industry that could employ locals ?ǣ were cancelled.”

The posh and the poor: F1 brings out the deep divide (The Tribune India)

“Labelling F1 a ‘misplaced priority’ for a poor country like India, former Sports Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar dubbed the sport as ‘vulgar display of money’. Sociologists say that the sport will only increase the disparity among different sections of the society and increase the gap between ‘haves and have-nots’.”

Vicky Chandhok via Twitter

“Sickening to hear Mani Shankar Iyer’s comments on the F1 Indian Grand Prix! Its time people like him accept that this event has done India proud!”

Ecclestone hails Indian GP a success (Autosport)

“They only need to work on bits and pieces. But this is a prototype, as soon as they get down and have a good look they will find things to improve and I am sure they will improve them.”

Ecclestone backs Qatari bid (Daily Telegraph)

“The deal would reportedly see The Alpha Group pay an annual rent of around ??2.5m [on Silverstone], while taking on BRDC debt of ??23.5m and committing to spend at least ??50m developing the circuit.”

Motor racing-Alternating races could ease crowded F1 calendar (Reuters)

Martin Whitmarsh: “I think 20 races and a lot of flyaways (long-haul races) is pretty hard on the team and I think we are at tipping point. You are getting close to the point where you do need to alternate (staff). It’s the NASCAR approach where you alternate crews.”

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Comment of the day

Adam Tate warns over a possible return for customer cars:

This issue of customer cars is the Pandora’s box of F1.

If it is done right and highly limited, it could be a nice way to close up the field. If manipulated and under-scrutineered, it will be an unmitigated disaster.
Adam Tate

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An interesting discussion on the rules of racing.

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