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BBC/Sky F1 deal ‘took 48 hours to arrange’

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In the round-up: Sky Sports managing director reveals how quickly they arranged their F1 deal.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

F1 Sky deal done in 48 hours (Sport Industry Group)

“[Managing director of Sky Sports Barney] Francis revealed that the rights package agreed from next season for Formula 1 was a done deal within 48 hours of the first phone call.”

Stefano Coletti via Twitter

“I’m happy to finally announce that I’ll be testing with Toro Rosso in Abu Dhabi.”

A postcard from India (ESPN)

Keep an eye out for the misspelled Pirelli sign.

Michael joins McLaren for final races (Autosport)

“His original deal meant he could have been forced to sit out until March next year, which would have left him with very little preparation time ahead of the 2012 season.”

F1 diary: Indian Grand Prix (Daily Telegraph)

“Jarno Trulli is out on the track, too, and laps us about three times on his pushbike, but we complete our tour more quickly than Sebastian Vettel: we overtake the world champion between Turns 11 and 12, where he’s busily making notes about kerb heights and suchlike ?ǣ evidence of his boundless appetite for detail.”

Tamara Ecclestone banned by dad Bernie from using his F1 name for business (Daily Mirror)

“No amount of pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top could stop some footage being binned for her new reality show, and plans for a new shampoo, after it was deemed unsuitable for association with the F1 brand.”

James Allison – “This is the first Driver in the Loop Simulator at Enstone” (Renault)

“Although there are a host of problems with using a real driver in place of a mathematical driver model, the real driver brings a capability to the simulation that cannot be matched by a computer model. The reasons for this are complex, but a simple explanation for this is as follows: It is not yet well understood precisely how a racing driver controls a racing car when the car is close to the limit of tyre grip.”

The return of the Formula 1 posters? (PJ Tierney)

“After much thought I’ve considered the option of putting some F1 posters back in the store, and am wondering what you all think.”

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Comment of the day

Guilherme is not impressed with claims Yas Marina is “one of the best circuits in the world”:

While I think the hotel looks quite nice and is a impressive engineering work, I can?t help but think that it is completely out of place. In fact, this whole aproach of staging a race near or around marinas and impressive buildings turns me down. Some years back the only race to have these features was Monaco, and know we have Valencia, Singapore (ok, we can barely see the water at night, but still), Yas Marina and Yeongam was supposed to have a marina too and a entire city built around it. And know we will have Port Imperial, and if I?m not mistaken the Sochi track will be quite close to the Black Sea.

Only Monaco used to have these features, and it is valued because of its history, setting and uniqueness. Trying to despearetly replicate that classic scenary in every new track is not only boring, but makes it look ordinary.

I don?t even look forward to these tracks anymore, and with every year my love for Spa, Suzuka and Interlagos grows bigger and bigger.

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The shortest ever F1 race took place 20 years ago today.

The 1991 Australian Grand Prix was red-flagged after just 14 laps due to heavy rain: