Hamilton: Yas Marina will suit McLaren

2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Lewis Hamilton says the characteristics of the Yas Marina circuit should suit his car.

The McLaren driver said: “I think we?ve got every reason to be confident for Abu Dhabi.

“This circuit should really suit the characteristics of our car ?ǣ we should be able to capitalise on the layout to maximise the benefit of DRS and KERS, both of which are very strong on our car.”

Hamilton scored his last victory in the German Grand Prix in July.

Team mate Jenson Button expects to see more overtaking in the third Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: “It?s usually been quite difficult to overtake here, especially last year, but I think that DRS will change all that.

“The back straight is one of the longest in Formula 1 so I expect to see a lot of action there. It would be great to see the new rules turn this circuit into a place where overtaking is more common and more exciting.”

2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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60 comments on Hamilton: Yas Marina will suit McLaren

  1. rdpunk (@) said on 5th November 2011, 14:27

    I still don’t see him winning the race over the Red Bulls. The KERS and DRS are strongest on the Mclaren like he said, but I just can’t see past a Red Bull win. Is there a double DRS zone or did I just imagine hearing it?

  2. Mr. Zing Zang said on 5th November 2011, 15:04

    There are 4 straights so there is a good chance of 2 DRS zones.

    • gwenouille (@gwenouille) said on 5th November 2011, 16:50

      Hmmm I can see 2 long straights and the start/finish, but where is the 4th ? Do you mean just before the chicane ?
      I hope there is no DRS in the long backstraight.
      They could put it at the start line and toward the end of the 2nd straight, so that they are closer through the dull sector 3.

  3. My prediction, Button will beat Lewis again and there may be an incident involving Massa! Too soon?

  4. Alonsomatic (@the0506alonsomatic) said on 7th November 2011, 16:23

    It’s not because I am not Lewis fan but hasn’t Lewis been saying this for the past 3 years?

  5. The problem with McLaren at the moment is not their car as such. It’s how they set it up. They have had woeful tactics this year. They changed the rear wing so that they would be able to run higher wing angle and get great benefit from DRS. Which is great for Saturday, but it’s totally unbalanced on Sunday.

    They SHOULD be very fast on straights, a long time strong point of McLaren, but they aren’t. Why? Because they set the car up to make the most of their ‘fancy’ rear wing. But it doesn’t work when you can’t open DRS every 3 seconds. They would be fast if they could get tucked up behind another car and run their wing in the DRS zones but they have forgotten that they have to get there and stay there first WITHOUT DRS.

    This is exactly the kind of track that will show that up again.

    I also am interested in the fact that both drivers (but especially Hamilton) complain about front wing angle during the race quite often. I get the feeling that the over aggressive rear wing is fine in quali when you aren’t looking after the tyres and can throw the car around a bit to counter the understeer with a dab of throttle but on race day when they are trying to look after the tyres they get too much understeer and have to dial in more front wing which then exacerbates the straight line speed issue. Hamilton has so many tyre issues because he doesn’t like a front leading car and aggressively compensates for it. It suits Buttons style MORE but it’s still wrong.

    Red Bull on the other hand set their cars up for the race – they can afford to lose some pace in quali to run a skinny wing and sail past on the straight even with a slightly weaker engine.

    The other issue that McLaren will have this race (and Mercedes and Red Bull might do well with) is traction. You NEED good traction out of the slow corners on this track to make an overtake, the bulls seem to have good traction and can probably afford to run a bit softer at the back, McLaren have been struggling with this.

    To sum up, I can’t see a McLaren win this race. They have been poor all year with setup and tactics. I love them dearly but they need to go back to school for next season and get the basics right.

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