Your favourite F1 drivers & teams: November 2011

2011 F1 season

Jenson Button, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Jenson Button leads the popularity contest

One of my favourite new features on the site is the ability for F1 Fanatic to pick which drivers and teams they support.

With that in mind, I’ve had a look who you’ve picked so far and compiled this look at the most popular drivers and teams on F1 Fanatic right now.

Keep in mind these figures are not set in stone – they will change as more people join in on the site and others shift their allegiances between drivers and teams.


Which drivers F1 Fanatic readers are supporting - November 2011

Which drivers F1 Fanatic readers are supporting - November 2011

  • Jenson Button is the most popular driver among F1 Fanatic readers right now. Around one in eight F1 Fanatics (12.4%) who’ve used the site since the new version was launched picked him as a driver they’re supporting.
  • Kamui Kobayashi’s third place in the list underlines his reputation as a fan favourite.
  • Robert Kubica may not have raced this year but he’s far from forgotten and well inside the top ten.
  • Despite only having entered F1 mid-season, Daniel Ricciardo already had more than 50 fans
  • Some people picked only one driver, others picked as many as ten or more
  • To find out how many people support each driver, type their name into the search box and select results for members


Which teams F1 Fanatic readers are supporting - November 2011

Which teams F1 Fanatic readers are supporting - November 2011

  • McLaren are way out in front – Having the two most popular drivers probably helps!
  • Support is spread quite evenly among the remaining teams, with Lotus a surprise third. Will they still be as popular when they become Caterham?
  • HRT and Virgin have failed to win many fans here so far.
  • To find out how many people support each team, type their name into the search box and select results for members

What year you started watching F1

Year 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Number of F1 Fanatics who started watching in this year 4 0 0 2 1 0 2 1 0 1 1 2 0 3 5 4 3 5 2 1 6 3 4 1 1 3 12 6 6 7 12 8 7 4 13 23 24 14 20 19 34 27 35 22 55 35 49 41 53 45 44 16 20 23 25 30 29 60 34 29 27 12

Most of us started watching F1 in the last 20 years.

But there’s plenty of F1 Fanatics whose memories stretch back far further – some even as far as the first years of the world championship.

Over to you

This is a snapshot of which drivers and teams are the most popular at the moment – but how will it look in a few months’ time? We’ll take another look at who’s earning your support again in the future.

You can change your selections at any time. Just log in and go to go to My Account > Profile > Edit > F1 teams and drivers.

Are you in the majority or minority when it comes to which drivers and teams you support? Have you changed your allegiance recently? Have your say in the comments.

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165 comments on Your favourite F1 drivers & teams: November 2011

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  1. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 5th November 2011, 11:37

    Kobayashi-San 3rd favourite?

    I compliment my fellow F1Fanatics on their truly excellent taste in drivers.

  2. wow, Mclaren in general is owning!

    • Scribe (@scribe) said on 5th November 2011, 12:26

      At first I was suprised, but I think this might have a lot to do with R-Den leaving. Macca fans where not in a lot of company back then, all the brits supported Williams. The teams new found tendancy to be very silly and find new and interesting ways to shoot itself in the foot is sort of endearing.

      Still, we’ve also got Button now, everyone likes him, it’s literally impossible not to. He doesn’t crash into anyone, his victories tend to be a bit special and he’s just so nice.

      • BasCB (@bascb) said on 5th November 2011, 14:35

        I think its what you say @scribe, with Ron leaving but just as much Williams (the other truely British team) falling from favour for producing duds of a car in recent years.

        And another factor will be having 2 popular drivers, and even more so because up to now McLaren have really let the 2 of them race it out on track, as they promised. Something not every team can say of itself!

      • Fixy (@fixy) said on 5th November 2011, 15:33

        Despite liking Button, I didn’t pick him as I didn’t pick Vettel: I like them but they’re one level below the others. But they are ahead of the other drivers such as poor Narain.

    • f1geordie (@f1geordie) said on 5th November 2011, 17:15

      that massive rise in 2007 is due to one man: lewis hamilton.

    • Osvaldas31 (@osvaldas31) said on 5th November 2011, 17:27

      Mclaren and their drivers are so popular because most of F1Fanatic readers are brits!

    • TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 6th November 2011, 18:29

      Will be interesting to see how this changes. Every week depends on who does better JB or Lewis.

  3. Tyson Evans (@bobtehblob) said on 5th November 2011, 11:40

    I knew McLaren were popular but WOW!

  4. JustAnF1Fanatic (@justanf1fanatic) said on 5th November 2011, 11:42

    i find it a little funny that the same number of people who like Kovaleinen, like vettel

    • SVettel (@) said on 5th November 2011, 11:54

      I voted for both of them

    • Silverkeg (@silverkeg) said on 5th November 2011, 12:02

      Heikki’s time at lotus has done wonders fore how popularity and reputation alike. He is seen as calm, unfazed but fast, maybe not elite but he seems Luke he is committed to lotus and is really enjoying his time there. If this was done when he was at Mclaren I believe his popularity would actually be worse, he was underpetforming the car and getting trounced by his team mate.

    • Snafu (@snafu) said on 6th November 2011, 18:46

      i think the main reason that vettel is not very likeable is because of his boring wins….of course he does a pretty good job in getting a pole and win but its not comparable to what jenson did in canada for example

  5. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 5th November 2011, 11:49

    I do have a little bit of confusion? Given the fact I started watching F1 since 2000 but I was never regular in it & used to miss many races but since 2003 I am still to miss a race live but one (2005 UK),so should put the date on when I started watching it or from when I am a fan of it?

    • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 5th November 2011, 11:53

      @wasiF1 I would put the year you started watching it. I started in 2009 but missed most of the back end of the season. Clearly you must have some slight interest to start watching it. I don’t think anyone could call themselves a hardcore fan straight away.

    • Tyson Evans (@bobtehblob) said on 5th November 2011, 14:32

      I’ve been a bit unsure on how to put myself down for that one as well. I’ve got myself down for 2007, as it asks “When did you start following F1?”. Which I’m taking as reading F1 news, trying to watch all the races etc.

      Though I probably started watching F1 when I was 5-6 (2000-2001)

    • KeeleyObsessed (@keeleyobsessed) said on 5th November 2011, 16:13

      I started in 2002, I remember the first lap of my F1-watching career (as do most people, Australia 2002 lap 1)

      Of course, this also means I’ve seen all of Webber’s races, all of Massa’s, I remember Kartikeyan’s first season. I was even in the Toyota UK HQ when Ralf Schumacher crashed into the barrier heavily at Monaco. I remember both of Ralf’s US crashes,and some other brilliant moments..

      However, I missed MSC winning on a 4-stop strategy in France, and I’ve regretted that one!

    • xxiinophobia (@xxiinophobia) said on 5th November 2011, 22:48

      I didn’t answer that question in my profile because the answer for me is complicated.

      I was aware of Formula 1 as a young child (mid 1980s); I knew most of the drivers names and the teams and such from following F1 news in the papers.

      My earliest memory of an F1 race watched live was Michael Andretti colliding with Gerhard Berger at the start of the 1993 Brazilian Grand Prix. As an American who loved road racing, I grew up watching IndyCar/Champ Car, and had been a fan of both Mario and Michael in my formative years, and when Michael signed with McLaren I determined that I would watch as many races as I could.

      I watched F1 continuously until about mid-2001 when I’d grown tired of the dominance of Michael Schumacher and Ferrari. I’d liked Michael for a bit early on, but I stopped supporting him in the middle of 1994, and to this day I still believe he took out Damon Hill on purpose in Adelaide.

      I still peeked in on Formula 1 occasionally over the years, but not nearly with the same level of interest. It wasn’t until toward the end of 2008 that I started watching it in the newspapers again. In 2009 I watched about half of the races on TV, and from the first race of 2010 I’ve started watching every race live as best as I can, but it’s extremely difficult for me- staying up late is far easier for me than getting up early, and waking up regularly at 4 o’clock in the morning and trying to stay awake for two and a half hours is a right pain in the you-know-where.

  6. Silverkeg (@silverkeg) said on 5th November 2011, 11:56

    Turns out I am in quite the minority with my support. Oh well, all the better for discussion.

    I honestly thought Force India had won over more fans than that. I am still perplexed by the general dislike for Adrian Sutil as well.

    I am still relatively new to F1 which I believe explains my lack of connection to the historically evidently and popular Williams. I respect their history but have only witnessed them as a team struggling for results and direction.

    • snowman (@snowman) said on 5th November 2011, 12:25

      I used to think Sutil was the talented but the most boring man in F1 until recently actually heard a couple of interviews and he was really witty in them and not at all I imagined him.

      Not to get on the wrong side of the many Di Resta fans but I think rather like Webber, Sutil’s problems adjusting to the new pirelli tyres made his team mate look a bit better than would be usual.

      As for Force India, I don’t like Vjay much.

  7. damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 5th November 2011, 11:56

    I started watching in 2002 which seems to be around the time people weren’t becoming interested in F1! I started watching F1 because it was alternative and I was a bit of a hipster at the age of 8, obviously.

    And I’m surprised to see Webber has more fans than Vettel! That can’t be right, can it?

    • I’m surprised Webber’s not in the top 3, he is a very likeable driver, always give honest opinions and just seems like a stand up bloke. Vettel is a bit like Schumacher of old, difficult to warm to despite his undoubted brilliance.

      • F1fanNL (@) said on 5th November 2011, 14:05

        Schumacher didn’t want anything to do with the media in his first career.
        Vettel is the complete opposite of that.

        I think what makes people begrudge Vettel is the fact that Red Bull favor him over Webber. And now he’s also dominating the season like Schumacher did, that doesn’t help to get people to like you either.

        In terms of being open and honest to the press, Vettel is probably one of the best drivers on the grid. Maybe the best even.
        The BBC guys have pointed out numerous times how much and how long Vettel talks to the press, whether that’s UK press, German press or whatever.

        • I’m not disputing that, he does have a lot of time for interviewers but it still doesn’t make me like the man any more. British people tend to like an underdog and Webber is definitely that in comparison to Vettel. We also like straight talkers which is another plus for Webber.

          I have to say I don’t really know why I dislike Vettel, sure he’s running away with the championship but I didn’t feel the same way when Button was winning easily at the start of 2009. I don’t like the stupid finger thing he does; I also think he’s quite arrogant and not quite as good as his current record in F1 suggests. Guess I’d just like a bit of competition for him really.

          • Duke (@duke) said on 5th November 2011, 23:16

            Oh well we are British,and all our family have been listening (radio!!) & watching F1 since 1971.
            2 of us fanatically support Michael Schumacher,always have for 20years,one of us supports Alonso,and one Button with a bit of a liking for Webber.
            The 2 x MS supporters move teams with Michael Schumacher,although we always support Williams for GB,since 1971.One of us couldn’t forget Ferrari,so they are a firm favourite too.
            Out of all the drivers we have watched Schumi has been the best of them all to us through 40 years of following F1.He has the whole package such as endurance,technique,style,class & true grit and the killer instinct that many lack now.Senna was a favourite too,as was Mansell & Hill.

    • F1fanNL (@) said on 5th November 2011, 13:35

      Worldwide, Vettel probably has more fans.

      This being a UK site however I’m not surprised there are more Webber supporters here.

      The fact that Button is getting so many DotW votes for not doing anything spectacular at certain events whereas Vettel needs to dominate Schumi style to be even considered DotW says it all, doesn’t it.

      • SouthPawRacer (@southpawracer) said on 5th November 2011, 13:41

        The suffix can be very misleading. Just saying.

        • F1fanNL (@) said on 5th November 2011, 14:11

          True, but the fact that some of the biggest spikes happened in the years where a UK driver was in contention for the title (’94, ’96 and off course the biggest spike ’07) are big pointers towards the probability that most readers here are from the UK.

        • I know Keith is unbaised etc. I am from Malaysia. But quite frankly, the first impression people get upon landing on a suffixed website is that it’s a UK/British site.

          If ever Keith wants to dispel this doubt, he’s got to switch to .com but that’s not gonna be easy at all as F1Fanatic will most probably lose it’s first page ranking on Google.

    • sharmin. (@spartle) said on 5th November 2011, 13:45

      I started watching it around about that time as well. I was around the same age too. A different reason for watching it though. My brother’s a casual fan and of course I was annoyed at him for hogging the TV remote but by the second Sunday in succession I was hooked!

      I wasn’t surprised at all about the Webber having more fans. The British public seem to like him more for some reason. I’m sure that overall Vettel has more fans. I’m definitely a Vettel fan!

  8. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 5th November 2011, 11:57

    Good idea and good article!

    I am surprised by a few things…

    1) JB leading and leading so well. I would have expected most to support LH.

    2) HRT only have the same amount of fans as Virgin? I honestly thought more people warmed to HRT, especially this season.

    3) Lotus?! Nice.

    I have no particular allegiance but this is great nonetheless.

  9. raymondu999 (@raymondu999) said on 5th November 2011, 11:57

    Wow! There are 60/70 year old people on F1F? I’d imagine those watching F1 since 1950 would be as old…

    Keith; just wondering. How many people support a different driver and team? For example I’m actually a McLaren supporter; though I support Vettel. I’m the minority, I know; but I’m just curious.

    • STSCM (@stscm) said on 5th November 2011, 13:26

      What’s your point there Sonny? LOL. I honestly don’t know when I started watching (ABC’s Wide World of Sports) F1, but I was a fan in ’68. FWIW my mom’s nickname for me was “Fireball Roberts”… How many remember that guy?

      • raymondu999 (@raymondu999) said on 5th November 2011, 14:52

        Huh? I have no point. It was a remark of simple amusement. I didn’t realize there were people who fell into that category on F1Fanatic. If you started watching in the 1950 season; that was 61 years ago; you’d have to be at least 62. Probably something like 64 to really understand what was going on or even understand that you were watching fast things go zoom zoom

        • STSCM (@stscm) said on 5th November 2011, 18:55

          Sorry, meant it as a joke! I was amused by your remark, for me the internet has been a boon in knowledge and things that go fast have always had my undivided attention, F1 being high on the list. According to those who know, I’m not one of them, I was always looking at cars and planes from day 1.
          Again, just chuckling at your amusement. Sadly I am indeed above 60…

        • rdenatale (@rdenatale) said on 6th November 2011, 13:56

          Well I was born in the last month of 1951.

          I’m not sure when I actually started watching F1, probably some time in the late 1960s, and just the races which made it to US TV. I definitely remember watching Jackie Stewart racing. And I also followed it in print (Road and Track) earlier than that.

          But I put down 1974 since that was the beginning of a run of actually attending the USGP at the Glen.

  10. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 5th November 2011, 11:59

    As an Alonso fan, I’m pleased to see him so high on the list. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with the notion that he’s one of the sport least liked characters but this shows he has a decent following.

    • damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 5th November 2011, 12:10

      I like him as a driver, and I think this year we’ve seen more of the man himself. I loved that card trick feature he did with Lee in Germany. He really came across well and it was good to see the fun side of the man that normally isn’t so enthusiastic with the media.

    • W-K (@w-k) said on 5th November 2011, 12:15

      If I was to be pressed really hard, I would probably say Alonso is the best driver on the grid at the moment. But I have to say I don’t like his attitude, and I think that will be bad for Ferrari, because until he can partner a driver who can apply pressure to him and even beat him in the same car I don’t think Ferrari can win the WCC.

    • George (@george) said on 5th November 2011, 15:35

      I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but I like him. It’s pretty difficult though as my dad hates his guts, I have to do a silent cheer when he beats Hamilton :D

  11. andae23 (@andae23) said on 5th November 2011, 12:12

    I like the diagram that shows in what year people started watching. Not many people started watching in the Schumi-age, but many people did start watching when Hamilton made his debut in 2007 and almost won the title. Also lots of spikes in Senna-age and when Damon Hill won his title.

    • Harry Palmer (@harry-palmer) said on 6th November 2011, 13:57

      @andae23 There is a big spike in 1994 when Schumi won his first title… but hardly any when he won his titles with Ferrari. I imagine the figures for new viewers would look fairly similar in the future if Hamilton were to now win 5 in a row compared with when he nearly won in 07 and his title win in 08.

  12. Robdsgg said on 5th November 2011, 12:12

    Would be interesting to see what spread of users by Country, using their IP as the identifier. That would give us a better idea as to how well this represents the global fan base.

    I’m sure the majority of Alonso’s fans are Spanish, and thus dont visit an English language site.

  13. damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 5th November 2011, 12:13

    I’m not really surprised to see Jenson leading, although I thought there would be more Hamilton fans. He’s a great guy, always funny when interviewed and he seems to be getting better and better as a driver.

    I really can’t see how you couldn’t like him, actually. He’s just a fantastic and genuinely easy-going character.

  14. snowman (@snowman) said on 5th November 2011, 12:15

    The only 3 British drivers are in the top 4. You would never guess it was a British website!

    • Marucat (@marucat) said on 5th November 2011, 12:39

      Interesting statistics! It would be nice to see some kind of all-time favorite list too… although I did choose some of the current drivers as “favorites”, my actual No. 1 driver isn’t among them since he’s no longer active. I’m curious what a list that included drivers from all eras of F1 would look like, and how many current drivers would be on it.

    • Marucat (@marucat) said on 5th November 2011, 12:40

      Oops sorry, didn’t mean to reply to you…

    • Maksutov (@maksutov) said on 6th November 2011, 0:36


      The only 3 British drivers are in the top 4. You would never guess it was a British website!

      Well, although this is an interesting article, I must agree with snowman’s comment a little. I think Button (being my personal favorite) is well deserved to be in the top 2-3 and would be a close statistic that would be considered world wide (in the top 3-4 for sure), not only for his good driving, but his personality, honesty and respect to other drivers (I would put him in #1 also). But I seriously doubt McLaren would be the most favorite team in the World. That would probably be Ferrari due to its history and time in F1 and simply the world wide popularity they have. Hamilton (also a driver I follow) – I seriously doubt he would be anywhere in the top 3 as he is well hated by many World wide (ask the Brazilians and the Spanish) due to his colorful and ( I must say) blatantly obvious “forged” personality (fake). Meaning a person who says one thing but thinks completely another. HOWEVER, in saying that, without a question he is a great solid driver (no, not Senna legend and never will be, and not even any legend at this stage, yet) but I will never make other things (he says or does) overshadow my support for him.

      Also I think Sebastian Vettel is currently not well supported because some people might be getting sick of him winning all the time. But I am sorry to say he “is” the best driver of this season, he also has some fake personality issues though, and I think the year when he stops winning so frequently will be the time we really determine if he is the happy and friendly character he always appears to be

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 7th December 2011, 23:54

      This isn’t a British website. I should know, I run it.

  15. Scribe (@scribe) said on 5th November 2011, 12:31

    As one of 36 Timo Glock fans I feel our tastefull little group of slightly obscure German connoisseurs might be letting the little chap down, need to make a bit more noise. The man is absolutley wasted at Virgin.

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